Vending venture gone bad

STEWART STREET One of the largest energy drink makers whose slogan promises to give its consumers “wings” is being called upon to refund millions of dollars for a failed vending machine venture that allegedly left hundreds out in the cold. Red Bull America, which is headquartered in Santa Monica, is the subject of criticism for... Read more →


hanging around

Leigh Wiley, 31, (left) and Rebecca Shipe, 35, hang on aerial hammocks at Santa Monica Beach on Wednesday. Aerial hammocks are made from fabric that forms a cocoon around the performer’s body creating beautiful shapes inside and fantastic tricks outside of the apparatus. The hammocks are commonly used as modern circus art and have... Read more →


Rocking the Civic

Haunting melodies, delicate harmonics, and an ethereal voice describe Irish singer/songwriter Gemma Hayes’ latest CD, “The Hollow of Morning.” Hayes has grown immensely as an artist and “Hollow” reflects this maturity. The track “In Over My Head” (which begins with the tolling of a bell and birdsong)... Read more →


Supporting hungry kids at the charge of a card

SANTA MONICA BOULEVARD A locally-based humanitarian aid organization is crossing its fingers that its project to treat thousands of malnourished children around the world will receive enough support from credit card holders to come out on top this month. The International Medical Corps. (IMC), which is headquartered in Santa Monica, is... Read more →


New medical center has some heart

15TH ST A heart attack can last just minutes, but damage to the organ is permanent. The good news is people in Santa Monica can do something about it. The California Heart Center Organization recently opened a new facility to help prevent such attacks and monitor the heart health of people in the community. “First and foremost we hope... Read more →


PTA endorses tax measures

DOWNTOWN A $295 million bond measure for Santa Monica College and an update to the Utility Users Tax continue to rack up support from the education community. The two ballot measures — the latter of which has been advertised as having financial consequences for schools if it fails — earned moral backing from the Santa... Read more →


Resident charged in drug ring

DOWNTOWN A two-year investigation into drug trafficking between Canada and the United States, dubbed Operation Candystore, ended Tuesday with seven arrests and brings to 18 the number of defendants named in two indictments, officials said. The seven arrested, including Santa Monica resident Michelle Enck, 39, are allegedly linked to a... Read more →


Deasy accepts position with Gates Foundation

DOWNTOWN Former Santa Monica-Malibu Superintendent John Deasy on Tuesday was named the deputy director of education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, officials with the nonprofit said. Deasy, who left the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District in 2006, is currently superintendent of Prince George’s County Public Schools... Read more →


On the hunt for a killer

Police are continuing their search today for a gunman who killed a man and critically wounded a woman at a street fair in Venice. The victims were shot about 9:20 p.m. Sunday in the 1200 block of Abbot Kinney Boulevard, as the festival was winding down. Adam Pacheco, 31, who was standing in front of the Otheroom bar when he was shot, died at... Read more →


Is nitrogen gas a viable option?

Dear EarthTalk: Is using nitrogen to inflate my car’s tires really better for the environment than using air? And if so, how? — Roger Mawdsley Abbotsville, BC Whether or not it makes environmental sense to inflate car tires with nitrogen instead of air is a matter of much debate. Proponents of nitrogen say the element is a... Read more →


Principal releases video promoting Samohi

SAMOHI On Santa Monica High School’s Web site, you can find a variety of things, from links to campus clubs to the daily Blue Bulletin. But this year something different has hit the Web: a new video called “Why Attend Santa Monica High School,” featuring principal Hugo Pedroza. Throughout the video, Pedroza flaunts... Read more →

City Council

The next generation takes over as leaders?

CITY HAll When Ken Genser was first elected to the City Council, John Blakely was in kindergarten. Today, the two men are among 13 candidates vying for four open seats on the City Council. A fairly recent graduate of Ohio State University, Blakely is part of a slate of young Santa Monicans who are waging campaigns this election season in... Read more →