Saint John’s opens new hospital

MID-CITY — More than a dozen years of fundraising, planning and construction culminated in jubilation on Wednesday when Saint John’s Health Center unveiled what its officials deemed as the capstone of the new hospital. The completion of the Howard Keck Center is considered a landmark milestone in the medical center’s... Read more →


Not so many other fish in the sea

SM BAY — With sea life being threatened daily, environmentalists, fishermen and other interest groups proposed competing visions this week of a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) slated for establishment off the coast. “MPAs function a lot like national or state parks,” said Sarah Sikich, Heal the Bay’s coastal... Read more →


Wilmont residents eyeing church garage for parking

WILMONT — As the lack of parking spaces continue to haunt residents living in perhaps the most densely-packed neighborhood in the city, the focus is now turning to a church-owned garage to provide some relief. Located across from the Santa Monica First United Methodist Church at 11th Street is a three-level structure that holds... Read more →

City Council

City Hall trying to stop birds from pooping in surf

<i>Editor’s note: This story is part of an ongoing series that tracks the city’s expenditures appearing on upcoming Santa Monica City Council consent agendas. Consent agenda items are routinely passed by the City Council with little or no discussion from elected officials or the public. However, many of the items have been... Read more →

City Council

Rent Control chair resigns

CITY HALL — Just more than half a year into his second term on the Rent Control Board, Joel Koury, who commanded the most votes in the November election, resigned from his post last week citing the desire to spend more time with his young family. Such time with his wife and two children — ages 9 and 6 — has become even more... Read more →


Credit card fees wallop merchants

WILSHIRE BLVD. — Shopping for new shoes or groceries for tonight’s dinner? What about a birthday gift for a friend? It’s easy — just pull out the plastic. But what shoppers might not realize is that every time they swipe that credit or debit card, the merchant is actually incurring a fee. Franchisees of local... Read more →


Green from the jump

Dear EarthTalk: What are some things that children and families can do to be greener (and to provide life lessons for the kids in the process)? Cynthia Mosher via e-mail There are many ways to be green around the family that are sure to rub off on the littler ones in your midst — if they don’t beat you to it, that is. With... Read more →


EPA begins study on SMO lead emissions

SUNSET PARK — The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday began collecting air and soil samples at Santa Monica Airport for a new lead emissions study that could lead to stronger federal regulations. A team of researchers is expected to spend approximately a week gathering samples on airport property and conducting air monitoring at... Read more →


Homelessness told through a camera lens

VENICE — Through the lens of a camera, Rebecca Curry re-lived what it was like to be homeless. Armed with an SLR digital camera, the former client of OPCC’s Daybreak recently ventured back to the streets to capture the memories of a dark two-year-period, taking a picture of her son’s stuffed animals in their old room at the... Read more →


The lone ranger at work

PUBLIC SAFETY FACILITY — Det. Larry Nichols doesn’t have the luxury of calling for backup. As the lone investigator assigned to the Santa Monica Police Department’s Cold Case Unit-Homicide, it is Nichols’ sole responsibility to solve the 66 cases that fill a large, fire-proof filing cabinet located on the second... Read more →


Big Blue busing it

Editor’s Note: This is a series in which Daily Press writers overhear and observe happenings around Santa Monica. CITYWIDE — In the Big Blue Bus Transit Store on Broadway, a customer is surrounded by towels, beach balls, flip-flops, bags, T-shirts, mugs and rubber duckies — all emblazoned with the BBB logo — but all... Read more →


New hours for SMPD

PUBLIC SAFETY FACILITY — In an effort to put more cops on the street at a time when the majority of crimes occur, Santa Monica Police Chief Tim Jackman has instituted a six-month pilot program in which officers work three, 12-hour shifts instead of the traditional 10-hour sift, four days a week. The switch, which applies to all... Read more →

City Council

Shoe’s on the other foot now

CITY HALL — When Deputy City Attorney Gary Rhoades isn’t prosecuting scams, he’s creating them. While Rhoades, who works in City Hall’s Consumer Protection Unit, isn’t actually ripping off unsuspecting clients, he has embarked on a new creative venture that through a series of bogus Web sites tells the story of... Read more →


Stealing is in the air

Sunday, July 19, at 1:10 a.m., Santa Monica police officers responded to Main Street and Ocean Park Boulevard regarding a nuisance. When officers arrived, they made contact with the alleged victim, a taxi driver, who told officers that the suspect walked up to his taxi and kicked the passenger side door, creating a large dent. Officers... Read more →


Sweatshirts for charity

eBay guru Greg Kusch and his mother Eileen are encouraging their friends and associates to follow in their charitable footsteps — donating $100,000 worth of brand name hoodie sweatshirts to the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club. “I spent a good portion of my childhood at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica, known as the... Read more →