City Council

City Hall expecting to ease hiring freeze

CITY HALL — When city officials in January began taking a hard look at the harsh economic realities facing local government, a decision was made to freeze 18 vacant positions they deemed would have the least impact on the general public. In the past five months, that number has grown to about 50 positions that are purposefully being... Read more →


Radio station launches three iPhone apps

KCRW now offers three applications for 99 cents each on the Apple App Store. The KCRW Radio app provides live streaming of the on-air, music and news channels with real time playlists and an events calendar. The In Studio and Good Food apps give users the ability to “watch” radio -- offering video highlights from performances on... Read more →


Kids tell parents ‘just say no’

GRANT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL — Usually it’s the job of parents to warn their children about the risks of smoking, but for Santa Monica’s elementary students the roles have been reversed. Fifth graders throughout the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District were offered the chance to compete in an art contest to raise... Read more →


Local doctor organizes Walk to Africa event

SIERRA LEONE — A trying week had just ended and Dr. Robert Hamilton was ready to go home. The trip to Sierra Leone had been an overwhelming experience to the small team of volunteer American doctors and nurses led by the Santa Monica pediatrician to the war-torn country, fully expecting devastation following a more than decade long... Read more →


Smoking-cession campaign offers free supplies at market

On Monday, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and County health officials teamed up with the Ralphs Grocery Company to launch an anti-smoking campaign. The effort includes the distribution of 30,000 two-week starter kits containing nicotine patches or gum -- California’s largest ever free distribution of nicotine replacement materials. The... Read more →


Judge: Simpson ‘acquittal suit’ to stay in storage

SM COURTHOUSE — O.J. Simpson’s former manager has been ordered by a Santa Monica judge to keep the former football star’s so-called acquittal suit in storage until it is determined who rightfully owns it. Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg heard Monday from a lawyer for Fred Goldman, who is seeking to sell... Read more →


Residents target vacant lot for community garden

DELAWARE AVENUE — There’s an undeveloped piece of land that lies unnoticeable in the shadow of Woodlawn Cemetery, sitting largely vacant except for a scattering of trash and a decrepit sofa. It is on that corner of 16th Street and Delaware Avenue where a group of residents are calling on city officials to build a community... Read more →


War and the gorilla

Dear EarthTalk: Has the recent violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo threatened the populations of lowland gorillas? How many are left? — Glenn Hammond, San Francisco, Calif. The short answer is yes, dramatically. Not to be confused with Western Lowland Gorillas, which are thriving in significant numbers in neighboring Congo... Read more →


New vice president selected

Robert “Bob” Isomoto, who has had 35 years of experience in community colleges in counseling and administrative posts, has been named vice president of business and administration at Santa Monica College. Currently vice president of administrative services at East Los Angeles College, Isomoto, who succeeds Jeanine Hawk, will begin... Read more →


The world is yours

Radio station KCRW, a community service of Santa Monica College, is partnering with the Los Angeles Philharmonic for the 11th season of KCRW’s World Festival at the Hollywood Bowl, kicking off on June 21. Highlights of this year’s line up include performances from Afrobeat superstar Femi Kuti & The Positive Force, soulful... Read more →