City Council

What the future may bring

CITY HALL — Facing a tight deadline to get financing matters in order, city officials have released a prioritized list of major construction projects that could receive a chunk of redevelopment money. The extensive list of projects, which was presented to the City Council last week, contains everything from affordable housing to the... Read more →



DOWNTOWN — While it may not be the ideal situation in which to meet a future love interest or your next employer, fitness fanatics are falling for Function Runs, networking events that unite bring the gym and the nightclub together for one sweaty night of conversation. It’s not networking, it’s sweatworking. Instead of the... Read more →


‘Books’ and ‘readers’ swap stories

When you read a book, the experience is always uniquely your own. No matter the author, what you get is always your interpretation of the language on the page. But at Santa Monica Public Library’s Living Library event, when an individual “checks out” a “book,” the circumstances are tremendously... Read more →


Parity at the pump

Dear EarthTalk I don’t understand why there are many European diesel cars with very high mileage ratings that are not available in the U.S. Can you enlighten? John Healy Fairfield, CT Different countries do have differing standards in regard to how much pollution gasoline and diesel automobile engines are allowed to emit, but the... Read more →


Local Good Samaritans foil carjacking

NORTH OF MONTANA — Polly Wilson was enjoying a late-night stroll in Palisades Park with her friend Ashley Olson and their dogs Kegger and Sol when they heard something that made them stop in their tracks. “We heard a woman screaming bloody murder,” Wilson said. She ran with her St. Bernard across Ocean Avenue toward... Read more →


Hard feelings take root over controversial trees

FOURTH STREET — Nearly a year since 23 ficus trees were uprooted in a controversial streetscape improvement project, some hard feelings clearly remain. In a gathering that was billed as a cooperation building workshop between tree activists and city officials about matters related to the urban forest, the discussion on more than one... Read more →


Video store told window paintings must go

PICO BLVD — For the past 10 years, a series of colorful painted window displays have greeted customers who enter a small mom and pop video rental store here, providing an outside preview of the eccentricities that await inside. Painted by a long-time store employee, those windows feature recognizable characters from popular... Read more →


Laughing in the face of tragedy

Believe it or not, there were actually things that took place at Nazi Germany’s concentration camps that survivors found humorous years later. That is the unlikely story that Santa Monica-based filmmaker Jon Kean tells in his poignant, yet surprisingly humorous documentary “Swimming in Auschwitz” that will air on local PBS... Read more →


Shriver will not run for state office

DOWNTOWN — While the challenge of being the state’s top cop was intriguing, Councilman Bobby Shriver said Thursday that he will not run for attorney general in 2010, citing concerns about being away from his newborn baby girl during the campaign. The brother of California first lady Maria Shriver and nephew of President John F.... Read more →


Detour on Fourth

A major on-ramp to the Santa Monica Freeway will be closed through Sunday while crews replace the pavement at the intersection of Fourth Street and Olympic Drive, city officials said. “The city will work very hard to minimize the disruption that this project may cause,” officials said in a statement. “Nevertheless, some... Read more →