The lone ranger at work

PUBLIC SAFETY FACILITY — Det. Larry Nichols doesn’t have the luxury of calling for backup. As the lone investigator assigned to the Santa Monica Police Department’s Cold Case Unit-Homicide, it is Nichols’ sole responsibility to solve the 66 cases that fill a large, fire-proof filing cabinet located on the second... Read more →


Sweatshirts for charity

eBay guru Greg Kusch and his mother Eileen are encouraging their friends and associates to follow in their charitable footsteps — donating $100,000 worth of brand name hoodie sweatshirts to the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club. “I spent a good portion of my childhood at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica, known as the... Read more →


Stealing is in the air

Sunday, July 19, at 1:10 a.m., Santa Monica police officers responded to Main Street and Ocean Park Boulevard regarding a nuisance. When officers arrived, they made contact with the alleged victim, a taxi driver, who told officers that the suspect walked up to his taxi and kicked the passenger side door, creating a large dent. Officers... Read more →


Big Blue busing it

Editor’s Note: This is a series in which Daily Press writers overhear and observe happenings around Santa Monica. CITYWIDE — In the Big Blue Bus Transit Store on Broadway, a customer is surrounded by towels, beach balls, flip-flops, bags, T-shirts, mugs and rubber duckies — all emblazoned with the BBB logo — but all... Read more →


New hours for SMPD

PUBLIC SAFETY FACILITY — In an effort to put more cops on the street at a time when the majority of crimes occur, Santa Monica Police Chief Tim Jackman has instituted a six-month pilot program in which officers work three, 12-hour shifts instead of the traditional 10-hour sift, four days a week. The switch, which applies to all... Read more →

City Council

Shoe’s on the other foot now

CITY HALL — When Deputy City Attorney Gary Rhoades isn’t prosecuting scams, he’s creating them. While Rhoades, who works in City Hall’s Consumer Protection Unit, isn’t actually ripping off unsuspecting clients, he has embarked on a new creative venture that through a series of bogus Web sites tells the story of... Read more →


Spirit of La Monica returns for concert

SM PIER — Shoes tap on the floor and the swish of skirts can be heard below the long arc of a trumpet and the quick beat of a drum. Young couples move gracefully along the hardwood floor, silhouetted by twinkling white lights overhead. These are the images evoked when the historic La Monica Ballroom is described, but now they are... Read more →


Pot plants destroyed in SM Mountains

SM MOUNTAINS — More than 3,000 marijuana plants in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area were destroyed this week after authorities raided three pot plantations. Rangers from the National Park Service were joined Tuesday by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, California State Park Police, CAMP (Campaign... Read more →


Pianist defies odds

BROAD STAGE — There was plenty of optimistic predictions and critical acclaim for Fuzjko Hemming in her early years as a concert pianist, even after losing hearing in her right ear from an inflammation at the age of 16. Despite fighting all odds after tragedy once again struck a few years later, this time in her left ear, leaving the... Read more →


Carpet cleaner pleads guilty to defrauding clients

AIRPORT COURTHOUSE — The owner of a Woodland Hills-based carpet cleaning company pleaded guilty on Tuesday to 10 criminal counts of defrauding nearly five dozen clients across Southern California — including one in Santa Monica — through bait-and-switch tactics. The owner of a business formerly known as Clean Dry USA,... Read more →