Market taps into fresh idea

DOWNTOWN — For Raphael Mawrence, it isn’t a strange sight to see plastic bottles floating on water as opposed to containing it. “I go to the beach and see a lot of trash in the water,” the surfing regular said. It’s for that reason that the Santa Monica High School student pledged to support public drinking... Read more →


Best seats in the house

The Santa Monica Pier and The Lobster restaurant have launched an eBay auction to benefit the Special Olympics of Southern California. In honor of the pier’s Centennial Celebration on Sept. 9, the auction features a dinner for six at The Lobster with exclusive VIP viewing of the centennial fireworks show. The Lobster’s premier... Read more →


Coming to a compromise on parking

11TH STREET — Parking is precious in Santa Monica, so when resident Daniel Davidsohn awoke one morning to find a new “No Parking” sign in front of his building, he was naturally upset. He thought City Hall had finally declared war against the gas guzzling SUV after examining the sign, which prohibited parking for vehicles... Read more →


Just passing through

The SMPD Traffic Enforcement Section conducted a DUI checkpoint in the 300 block of Pico Boulevard Friday evening, nabbing four suspected drunk drivers, issuing eight citations and impounding seven vehicles, police said. The enforcement, funded by a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, began at 9 p.m. and ended 1:30... Read more →

City Council

City Hall looks into honoring local figures

CITY HALL — When someone needed Herb Katz, they knew where to find him. There he would be every day, standing in the off-leash dog area at Joslyn Park, letting his two faithful companions run around with their tails wagging and tongues hanging loose as he caught up with his neighbors and constituents. It’s for this reason that... Read more →


Swimmer puts a strain on competition

DENMARK — Santa Monica resident Jana Strain is making waves across the globe as a top competitor in her sport: freediving. Strain, who is Canadian, set a new Pan American Women’s Freediving Record Aug. 21 with an underwater swim of 594 feet in one breath, breaking her existing record of 561 feet. Her swim lasted two minutes and... Read more →


Community Briefs

PUBLIC SAFETY FACILITY Send a (beef) salami to your boy in the Army Help the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan feel a little more comfortable with a care package filled with goodies from home, including batteries, baby wipes, dried fruit and People magazine. The Santa Monica Police Officers’ Association is collecting items to send to... Read more →

City Council

State reduces payments to cities

CITY HALL — The economic downturn continues to hurt businesses in Santa Monica where city officials are expecting to see less money come in from the state this month because of declining sales tax revenues. The California State Board of Equalization, which collects $53 billion annually in taxes and fees to support state and local... Read more →


Preparing for the next four years

DOWNTOWN — Jenny Saldana has a long to-do list for the next four years — join the crew team, drama club, engineering society and fight for social justice causes. And of course, finish college. Saldana is among the hundreds of high school graduates from Santa Monica who will begin college in the next few weeks, some going to... Read more →


Orcas swimming into big trouble

Dear EarthTalk How are populations of the world’s orca whales faring these days? Are we still in danger of losing them all in the wild? J. Witham Bangor, ME The largest member of the dolphin family and a major draw at marine parks, orcas (also known as “killer whales”) are highly intelligent and social marine mammals that,... Read more →