Commissioners pushing for bike improvements

KEN EDWARDS CENTER — Recreation and Parks Commissioner Phil Brock would like his 82-year-old mother to feel safe riding her bike down Arizona Avenue to reach Santa Monica’s Downtown Farmers’ Market. But with a dedicated bike lane that ends before reaching the market — not to mention inadequate signs letting motorists... Read more →


Other ways to save schools

CITYWIDE — Residents are constantly encouraged to donate to public schools, however it can be hard to write a check in the current economic climate. To account for this, the Santa Monica Malibu Education Foundation is giving people the chance to donate in another way — by having fun. The foundation has planned multiple... Read more →


City Hall seeks public input on new parks

CIVIC CENTER — Billed as possibly the last opportunity to create new open space for the public, City Hall is asking residents this Saturday to weigh in on two new parks planned for the Civic Center. From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., residents will get a chance to take a tour of the project sites, which encompass roughly 7 acres in the heart of... Read more →


CityTV receives four Emmy nods

The 62nd Annual Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards nominations were announced recently, and once again CityTV graces the nominee list. CityTV Santa Monica has received four award nominations, including nods for excellence in the categories of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and Public, Municipal and Operator Produced Cable. CityTV’s... Read more →


Get ‘Lost’

“Lost” may have ended in May, but fans will have one more chance to go back to the island with a live auction of more than 1,000 props, costumes and set pieces to be held Aug. 21 and 22 in Santa Monica Airport’s Barker Hangar. Profiles in History, a company that specializes in dealing and selling historical and Hollywood... Read more →


School board member under investigation

PICO BLVD — Following a four-month investigation, Santa Monica police believe they have enough evidence to charge school board member Oscar de la Torre with felony child endangerment in connection with a fist fight between two high school students. Police believe de la Torre, who runs a nonprofit organization that aims to reduce youth... Read more →


Artwalk a first for shopping district

It’s more art than commerce, but it may give a boost to the businesses that call Montana Avenue home. In the first of what organizers hope will become an annual event, merchants on the famous shopping street are transforming their stores and restaurants into Santa Monica’s longest art gallery this Thursday night from 5 p.m. to 9... Read more →

City Council

Davis draws broad-based endorsements

CITY HALL — Gleam Davis may not have Michael Jordan and Larry Bird on her side, but, at least in Santa Monica politics, she’s got a pair that’s just as potent: Former mayor and one-time Chamber of Commerce president Nat Trives and former mayor and Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights co-founder Denny Zane. They’re... Read more →


Judge increases Redding murder suspect’s bail

AIRPORT COURTHOUSE — A judge Tuesday increased bail to $3.5 million for a Thousand Oaks woman charged with murdering an aspiring model and actress in Santa Monica in March, 2008. Kelly Soo Park, 44, had been jailed on $1 million bail before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz made his ruling, according to Shiara... Read more →


Special ed parents upset over closure

LINCOLN BLVD — Parents of children with autism who attend Pine Street Preschool will tell people straight away that the collection of four makeshift classrooms is not the most aesthetically appealing learning environment in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. The true beauty of Pine Street is what happens inside. The... Read more →

City Council

City Hall wants Supreme Court review

CITY HALL — Hoping to overturn a court ruling they say would hurt affordable housing in Santa Monica and throughout the state, City Hall lawyers plan to ask the California Supreme Court to review the Embassy Hotel Apartments case, which an appellate court decided against the city last month. The move is the last available option for... Read more →


School board brings back counselors

SMMUSD HDQTRS — Despite severe funding cuts at the state level, education officials last week decided it was more important to bring back counselors than to save money. The school board chose to reinstate three counselors (one at Malibu High School, which previously lost two, one at Lincoln Middle School and one to be split between John... Read more →


Senior citizens feel the burn of budget cuts

SMC — Natalie Lewis can’t believe that at 78 years old she is able to do a handstand. She gained the strength and flexibility to accomplish the feat in a yoga class at Santa Monica’s Emeritus College; a class she has taken for 10 years and said she could not have done it without her teacher, Marsha... Read more →


Giving wind a boost

Dear EarthTalk I heard that some wind farms use fossil fuels to power their generators when the wind won’t. Doesn’t that defeat their whole renewable energy purpose? Why not let the wind power it or not? Also, I’ve heard that the low-frequency sounds generated by these turbines can harm people and animals. Is this true? Ryan... Read more →