City Hall earns top digital honors

The Center for Digital Government has awarded City Hall top honors in the 2009 Digital Cities Survey. City Hall placed first in 2007 and third in 2004 and 2008. The award is based on a comprehensive analysis of how cities are using technology to create a seamless environment between local government and constituents. Santa Monica has been... Read more →


City staff identifies measures to curtail paparazzi

DOWNTOWN — Paparazzi who swarm a local preschool — a favorite among celebrities — can expect to see more police officers and security guards as they snap away shots of children and their famous parents. Those are just a couple of measures suggested by city staff in a recent report to the City Council about the steps that... Read more →


Tenants demand tougher anti-smoking laws

DOWNTOWN — There are many days warm or cool when the windows to Mike Horelick’s Santa Monica apartment remain shut, keeping out ocean breezes, the fragrance of a neighbor’s dinner and cigarette smoke. It’s the latter that forces the local screenwriter to often seal his home, protecting his asthmatic 3-year-old... Read more →


Pier to be named official end of Route 66

DOWNTOWN — It seems locals and tourists alike will now be officially “getting their kicks” all the way down to the Santa Monica Pier. After years of being dubbed the unofficial end of the famous Route 66, the pier will be officially named the western end of the historic route by the Route 66 Alliance on Wednesday, the 83rd... Read more →

City Council

Spending eternity in Santa Monica isn’t cheap

CITY HALL — Not only is the cost of living considered high in Santa Monica, but so will the afterlife. A new rate schedule for interment at Woodlawn Cemetery will go before the City Council tonight for approval, raising fees in some cases to nearly six times that of current prices. The matter will be presented as part of the... Read more →


City Hall moves forward with AMC talks

DOWNTOWN — An exclusive contract negotiation between City Hall and AMC over the development of a new cinema is expected to commence soon after the movie house giant confirmed its ability to shut down one of its existing theaters on the Third Street Promenade. The question of whether the Kansas City-based company could shut down... Read more →


SMC no. 1 in transfers again

For the 19th consecutive year, Santa Monica College sent more students to the University of California system than any other transfer institution, college officials said Monday. The community college was also the leader in transfers to the UC-Cal State systems combined, as well as the number one transfer school for African Americans to the... Read more →


Community Briefs

COUNTYWIDE IRS wants to give you money   The Internal Revenue Service is looking for 4,606 Los Angeles County taxpayers who are due to receive a combined $5.2 million in undeliverable tax refunds. These are refund checks that were returned to the IRS by the U.S. Postal Service due to mailing address errors. Nationally, IRS is looking... Read more →


Easy on the eyes?

Dear EarthTalk I don’t understand why many people oppose wind power just because they have to look at the turbines. If you ask me, wind turbines are much nicer-looking than coal-fired, waste-to-energy or nuclear power plants. Michael Hart via e-mail Whether it’s a wind farm, a coal-fired power plant, a nuclear reactor or even... Read more →

City Council

Another round of budget discussions begins

CITY HALL — A popular series of neighborhood-centric budget meetings with City Manager Lamont Ewell will return for a fourth round on Monday when issues of parking, traffic and development are sure to make their way into discussions yet again. The annual “Can We Talk” meetings began when Ewell was hired in 2006 to determine... Read more →