Tune in and learn from the tube

Whoever said television rots your brain definitely isn’t familiar with CityTV, Santa Monica’s public cable television station. Thanks to a partnership between CityTV and the California State University at Dominguez Hills viewers can take a break from watching mind-numbing reality television and enroll in college classes simply by... Read more →


Motorcycle sting set

If you plan on taking your hog out for a ride up the coast this Sunday, you better make sure you know all the rules of the road. That’s because Santa Monica police will conduct a “Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation” this weekend in areas that are either regularly used by motorcyclists or where there have been previous... Read more →


Feds announce local grants to curb smoking, reduce obesity

PALISADES PARK — Residents of Santa Monica and cities across Los Angeles County will soon be able to take advantage of $32.1 million worth of programs aimed at reducing smoking and preventing obesity, thanks to a federal grant announced Wednesday. L.A. County will receive $16.2 million for tobacco prevention and $15.9 million for... Read more →


Former BBB employee sentenced in EZ pass fraud case

AIRPORT COURTHOUSE — A former Big Blue Bus supervisor found guilty of abusing City Hall’s rideshare program that provides employees with free bus passes if they take public transit to work has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and ordered to pay restitution and spend 45 days on a beach cleanup crew. Chief Deputy City Attorney... Read more →

City Council

Top 20 salaries in City Hall all over $200K

CITY HALL — The 20 highest paid employees at City Hall each earned more than $200,000 last year, including a sergeant in the Santa Monica Police Department who took home roughly $8,000 more than his boss, the chief of police, a review by the Daily Press of 2009 wage and tax statements revealed. The majority of those on the top 20... Read more →


Brownley bill holds charter schools to open standards

SACRAMENTO — Charter schools would be held to the same standards for public meetings and open records as traditional public schools under a bill sent to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The bill by Assemblywoman Julia Brownley won final approval in the state Senate Tuesday. In addition to public records and meetings requirements, the Santa... Read more →


Alleged cooking oil thieves nabbed

SM BLVD — There’s a new type of scavenger at work on the streets of Santa Monica. Rather than scrounging for aluminum cans, this kind of trash can entrepreneur is looking to turn a profit by recovering used cooking oil from restaurant receptacles and re-selling it as biodiesel. There’s just one hitch. As two would-be... Read more →


Showdown brewing over bicycle lane

CITY HALL — Bicycle activists and their allies on the Planning Commission and City Council are headed for a high-stakes clash with bio-tech firm Agensys over a proposed bike lane they want incorporated into a proposed office development the company is planning on the east side of town. Proponents of the idea say it’s crucial that... Read more →


Hidden risk of scans

Dear EarthTalk: Should I fear radiation exposure associated with medical scans such as CT scans, mammograms and the like? — Shelly Johansen, Fairbanks, AK The short answer is…maybe. Critics of the health care industry postulate that our society’s quickness to test for disease may in fact be causing more of it,... Read more →

City Council

Former BBB employee convicted in EZ pass fraud case

CITY HALL — A former Big Blue Bus supervisor could spend a year behind bars after she was convicted this week of allegedly abusing City Hall’s rideshare program that provides employees who use public transit to get to work with free bus passes. A Los Angeles County jury on Wednesday convicted Crystal Buckner of eight misdemeanor... Read more →


Fundraising saves 20 teachers

SMMUSD HDQTRS — Twenty teachers in Santa Monica and Malibu classrooms this fall will have jobs thanks to donations to the “Save Our Schools” campaign, which raised more than $1.5 million for the financially-strapped district in the past two months. The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District’s seven-member board... Read more →