Harman joins Waxman in push for SMO study

SMO — The FAA should conduct an environmental review and hold public meetings about possible flight path changes at Santa Monica Airport, according to two members of Congress whose districts are affected by SMO. In a letter from Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Santa Monica) and Jane Harman (D-Venice) sent on Monday to FAA Administrator J.... Read more →


Sustainability around town

City Hall is celebrating the 16th anniversary of its Sustainability City Plan all week with a series of free events taking place in various locations. From Sept. 20-25, participating restaurants and retailers will also be offering discounts and freebies for shoppers using reusable bags or food containers. The “Buy Local. Be... Read more →


Palisades Garden Walk designs unveiled

CIVIC CENTER — Whether it be a stroll under a twinkling canopy of lights, a picnic in an intimate botanical garden, or a hilltop view of the Pacific Ocean, residents of Santa Monica could soon have it all in the Civic Center. Three conceptual designs for the Palisades Garden Walk and Town Square were presented at a public workshop... Read more →


Rolling toward ‘green tires’

Dear EarthTalk What would it take to produce “green” tires? The tire industry is huge and I understand that tires contain a large amount of petroleum products. Is there an alternative? Scott Pierson Norwalk, CT Tires are indeed no friends to the environment. Most tires on the road today are constructed of roughly equal parts... Read more →


SM Library helps unemployed find jobs

MAIN LIBRARY — At 19, Carmen Revier is getting ready to support a baby. After graduating from Holley High School in New York, he hitchhiked across the country to pursue his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. “I’m having a baby, so I can’t really skateboard right now,” said Revier, who arrived at the... Read more →

City Council

Council votes to shorten meetings

CITY HALL — The next time the City Council convenes, members will be under an extra bit of pressure to get to the point. With the goal of shortening its twice monthly sessions, the council on Tuesday approved a handful of changes to meeting procedures. Among them: the use of digital timers that will measure how long each member speaks.... Read more →


Police, firefighters back council incumbents

DOWNTOWN — Following in the footsteps of Santa Monica’s non-public safety employees, associations for local cops and firefighters on Thursday endorsed all five sitting City Council members in November’s election. In the race for three four-year terms, the public safety associations backed Kevin McKeown, Bob Holbrook and Pam... Read more →


Democratic club makes endorsements

DOWNTOWN — At an endorsement meeting Wednesday night, members of the Santa Monica Democratic Club voted to endorse City Council challenger Ted Winterer, in addition to four sitting council members in November’s race. In making the endorsements, members of the club, who met Wednesday at the Santa Monica Playhouse, rejected some of... Read more →


Rubbing out prostitution

Thursday, Sept. 9, at 5:55 p.m., Santa Monica police officers responded to the 2800 block of Pico Boulevard (Japanese Health Therapy) regarding reports of prostitution at the business. Officers conducted an undercover operation and arrested two people. One female masseuse, Nam Quezada, 45, of Encino, Calif., was arrested for prostitution,... Read more →


Sperm donor loses unique paternity suit

SM COURTHOUSE — There’s a big difference between being a sperm donor and being a dad. That’s the message that came out of a paternity suit recently resolved at the Santa Monica Courthouse in which a sperm donor sought joint custody of a toddler he helped conceive. As is customary in paternity cases, the full names of the... Read more →


Employee union makes school board selections

DOWNTOWN — Custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and teaching assistants working for the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District have endorsed two school board incumbents and two challengers for the November ballot. Members of SEIU Local 99 held a town hall meeting last week, at which time they threw their support behind... Read more →


Homeowners now targeted for leaf blower violations

CITY HALL — In a move meant to crackdown on illegal leaf blowing, the City Council on Tuesday unanimously voted to change the way City Hall enforces its ban on the noisy machines and opted to spend $55,000 to hire a new leaf blower point person. Instead of relying on police officers to issue leaf blowing citations, City Hall’s... Read more →


Free clinic for renters

Renters who need assistance but cannot afford to hire an attorney can get some inexpensive legal advice from a Santa Monica attorney who has created a tenant’s rights clinic. Susan Hartley, a former Airport Commission member and a candidate for City Council, will hold the clinic’s first session Saturday, Sept. 18 at her law... Read more →