Kid busted by the food cops

PUBLIC SAFETY FACILITY — Next time you’re about to sneak a snack while riding on a Big Blue Bus, you may want to think twice. Eating on the bus system isn’t just bad manners, it’s also against state law, as one 14-year-old boy found out first hand this month when two undercover officers escorted him off a No. 4 bus and... Read more →


Bayside ambassadors get positive reviews

DOWNTOWN — Walking down the Third Street Promenade in a dark blue jacket emblazoned with the words “Santa Monica Downtown Ambassadors,” Shana Gadlin approached a group of tourists huddled around a map. After a minute of talking and pointing, the group thanked Gadlin for her directions and moved along. Being a de-facto... Read more →


Blog aims to boost tourism, love of SM

CITYWIDE — The official I Love Santa Monica blog, launched, appropriately, on Valentine’s Day, is everything you’d expect from the folks at the Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau: shiny, upbeat and, of course, all about Santa Monica. Promising to be an online forum for sharing “fun, historic, memorable and... Read more →


Beach House a drain on city coffers

SM BEACH HOUSE — Since opening in April, the Annenberg Community Beach House has been a hit with visitors and an in-demand venue for private parties. But even so, the public beach club has fallen short of revenue projections and is expected to earn $800,000 less this fiscal year from private events than originally estimated, raising... Read more →


Fresh water overload

Dear EarthTalk If the ice caps are melting, what is happening to the salt content of the oceans? And might this contribute to weather patterns or cause other environmental problems? George Boyer via e-mail It’s true that the melting of the polar ice caps as a result of global warming is sending large amounts of freshwater into the... Read more →


Police arrest trio for attempted murder

MIDCITY — Santa Monica police arrested three men early Saturday morning after witnessing one of them fire several shots into a vehicle near Colorado Avenue and 17th Street. The shooting took place as SMPD officers responded to a call regarding a fight in progress outside of a party. Police officials reported that, shortly after arriving... Read more →

City Council

Candidates stump for council seat

CITY HALL — With the City Council scheduled to select a new member on Feb. 23, potential appointees are taking different approaches in their behind-the-scenes campaigns to fill the vacancy. Terry O’Day, a former Planning Commission chair, has been asking supporters to e-mail council members urging them to back his bid for the... Read more →


Heartfelt words on display

DOWNTOWN — With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Petra Eiko and Darrylynn Kaun are asking people to answer the question, “What is in Your Heart?” Through an interactive art project created by Eiko and showcased at Kaun’s Zero Minus Plus gift boutique in Fred Segal, the women focus on issues they hold dear to... Read more →


Hoffman ‘not that interested’ in council

CITY HALL — Ever since Mayor Ken Genser’s memorial service last month, Patricia Hoffman, a longtime political ally and friend of his, has been viewed by many City Hall insiders as the front-runner to replace him on the council. As the chairperson of the political party Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights, which holds a... Read more →


Massive West L.A. project delayed

OLYMPIC BLVD — In a move applauded by Santa Monica residents concerned about traffic on the east side of town, the Los Angeles Planning Commission on Thursday delayed approving a large mixed-use project proposed for the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Bundy Drive. City Hall and the Friends of Sunset Park, in addition to a coalition of... Read more →