City Council

City Manager jumpstarts overall hiring

More employees are heading to City Hall in the coming months thanks to new City Manager Rick Cole. The process to fill some vacant positions, such as a Fire Chief, was on hold pending Cole's arrival but Cole has also prompted recruitment of several new positions including staffing a communications team and hiring a dedicated airport... Read more →


Letter to the Editor: Waste of money

Editor: The City Council has just spent more than a thousand dollars to sell a bill of goods to the populace by placing a full-page compendium of error and innuendo in last week's paper; something they could have done for free at the council meeting Tuesday. The Council, of course is right, the airport is a threat - a threat to... Read more →

City Council

Momentum building to attempt freeway realignment

The end of the I-10 freeway might be named after Santa Monica, but the roadway isn't that popular among the current crop of elected officials. At Tuesday's City Council meeting, the freeway was described as a scar on the city that had sundered Santa Monica in two and set Downtown adrift from the nearby Civic Center. To heal this wound, City... Read more →


Santa Monica vying for $100K youth wellbeing grant

As educators, elected officials and other civic leaders seek more data-driven solutions, they are discovering problematic corners in a complex portrait of youth wellbeing in Santa Monica. Recent figures show that 40 percent of local 9th-grade students reported being harassed at school and that one-fourth of local middle and high school... Read more →


Drama surrounds SMMUSD contract with mayor

The rift between Board of Education member Oscar de la Torre and Mayor Kevin McKeown is over. Or is it? De la Torre this month voted to approve a Santa Monica-Malibu school district consent calendar that included a payment to McKeown, but not before asking district officials about protocol for communicating with consultants, urging city... Read more →


Quibbles over cannabis

The approval of a June zoning ordinance that would allow for up to two medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits spurred the Santa Monica High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) to pass a resolution full of proposed requirements for the permitting process for said dispensaries. That resolution has since received several... Read more →


SMMUSD weighs new retirement benefits plan

The Santa Monica-Malibu school district is considering joining a different trust fund for employee retirement benefits. Members of the local Board of Education earlier this month generally agreed with the Financial Oversight Committee’s recommendation to move funds into the California Employers’ Retiree Benefit Trust. The school board... Read more →


Car fire snarls traffic

A car fire at the corner of Lincoln and Pico on Oct. 26 slowed traffic during the evening commute and drew a crowd of onlookers from the nearby shopping centers. The car caught fire at about 6:30 p.m. and flames quickly spread throughout the vehicle despite an attempt from the driver to douse the fire with a bucket of water borrowed from the... Read more →


The Cheesecake Factory opens in Santa Monica

The Cheesecake Factory, known for its extensive menu, generous portions and desserts, has officially opened in Santa Monica at Santa Monica Place. The restaurant boasts more than 250 menu items including more than 50 lower calorie SkinnyLicious dishes, new “Super” Foods salads and more than 50 signature cheesecakes and... Read more →


Longtime Santa Monica PE teacher retiring

Jeri Dipley didn’t see a reason to give up on her childhood love of sports. So she turned it into her vocation. “I was a little gym rat,” she said. “Then you find out that there’s actually a career in it and you go, ‘Yeah.’ ... ‘I can play and get paid, too?’ It was just being in athletics and wanting to share that... Read more →