Showstopping start to the Broad’s next season

BROAD STAGE — To hear the applause, cheers and accolades from the audience the announcement of the Broad Stage's 2014/15 season was as popular and exciting a show as any of the acts scheduled to perform. Organizers unveiled 31 different acts scheduled for next season during an evening event on May 22. The calendar spans the performance... Read more →

City Council

City Hall gives go-ahead on pot initiative

CITYWIDE - What do a local medical marijuana advocate and the most vocal opponent of medical marijuana on City Council have in common? They both dislike a ballot initiative that would allow and regulate two pot shops in the city. On Wednesday David Welch, an attorney who represents caregivers and patients in the medical marijuana... Read more →


Changes afoot

As a rule of thumb, people don't like change. We know this better than most at a paper as even the slightest disruption to a well-established morning routine can trigger an avalanche of angry letters. So suffers of metathesiophobia be forewarned, changes are coming to the paper. Some of these changes are more like new features; they won't... Read more →


Police awards

The Santa Monica Police Department celebrated its bi-annual awards ceremony on, May 21. The ceremony honored the men and women of the Santa Monica Police Department as well as the Santa Monica College Police Department. Recognition for Officer of the Year was given to employees by civic organizations such as the Elks Lodge, the Jaycees, the... Read more →


Residents file pro-marijuana initiative

CITY HALL — In this, the year of the petition, here comes another one. Two residents filed an initiative with the City Hall's Clerk's Office yesterday that could allow and regulate two medical marijuana dispensaries in the city by the sea. You likely know the drill at this point: City Attorneys will review the filing. If it fulfills... Read more →



Speed limits near schools may drop to 15 mph

SAFELY CROSSING: Students and parents leave Franklin Elementary School last year. (Daniel Archuleta CITYWIDE — The City Council will consider reducing speed limits near local schools to 15 miles per hour on school days. At their May 27 meeting, council will consider dropping limits throughout the city, including 18... Read more →


Brief: Subway extension gets funding

The L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has announced the receipt of a $1.25 billion Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) from the Federal Transit Administration to help pay for the first nearly four-mile, $2.821-billion segment of the long-awaited Metro Purple Line Extension Project toward West Los Angeles. The U.S.... Read more →


Live call-in show to feature school superintendent

Sandra Lyon CITY WIDE — Santa Monica’s government access channel will wrap up its live programming season on May 29 with school district Superintendent Sandra Lyon taking resident calls. CityTV has hosted two live call-in shows in the past month; one focused on traffic issues and the second feature police chief Jacqueline... Read more →