Police combat bike thefts

VENICE — Jessica Beeman, a Venice resident, knows she and her mountain bike belong together. After all, in an area where bikes disappear faster than Lance Armstrong's credibility, how else could she account for the recovery of her stolen bike not once, but twice in recent years? The most recent recovery came courtesy of the Santa Monica... Read more →


PAL employee pleads to taking illegal sexual pics

DOWNTOWN LA — A Santa Monica Police Athletic League employee pleaded guilty in a Los Angeles court on Friday to taking surreptitious sexual pictures without consent, Rob Wilcox, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles City Attorney told the Daily Press. Donald Condon was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department at Dodger Stadium on May... Read more →


New options for local church-goers

CITYWIDE Church services are expanding in Santa Monica with new projects focused on alternative ways to bring residents into the fold. Mt. Olive Lutheran Church has added several new services to its weekly schedule and an entirely new church, Resonate, is opening at Bergamot Station. Rev. Eric C. Shafer recently took the helm at Mt. Olive... Read more →


Crime Watch: Mail thief and drunk mom

On Sept. 19 at 11:30 a.m. Santa Monica Police officers responded to the 1000 block of 20th Street, regarding an elder abuse incident that also involved domestic violence. When the officers arrived, the suspect was standing in the doorway and refused to let them enter. The victim, an elderly female, walked into the living room a short time... Read more →


Samohi football cancels controversial halftime ad

SAMOHI — It’s halftime at the first Santa Monica High School football game of the season and Beth Leder-Pack, who is there to watch her daughter on the cheerleading squad, is only half paying attention. “I looked over,” she said, “and I saw the cheerleaders were holding this banner that said ‘Got rent control?’ It took me some... Read more →

City Council

Council sets fees for developers

CITY HALL — Commercial developers will have to pay an affordable housing linkage fee and a parks impact fee thanks to a set of ordinances approved by council. Housing developers will also have to pay the parks impact fee. The affordable housing linkage fee ordinance passed on a 6 to 1 vote with Councilmember Kevin McKeown arguing that the... Read more →


Residocracy endorsement process underway

CITYWIDE — The city’s newest political group on the block is now accepting ballots for its endorsement. Residocracy’s endorsement is arguably one of the last significant group endorsements on the table this season. The organization, which is most notable for spearheading the successful overturning of a controversial development... Read more →



Riel case against city, Gould moves forward

CITY HALL — A federal district judged denied City Hall's motion to toss a case brought against them by a resident who was offered a top city job and then dismissed because of her past political involvement. City Hall announced the hiring of Elizabeth Riel to the Communications and Public Affairs Officer position in May and City Manager Rod... Read more →


City Goals: Police Department

Editor’s Note: Every year, city departments set goals and objectives. In August, City Hall released information about how each of the 15 departments progressed toward these goals during the 2013-14 fiscal year. Over a several week period, the Daily Press has been taking a look at the goals that are being achieved (according to City Hall)... Read more →


Insights from my internship at SMPD

PUBLIC SAFETY BUILDING — I have always been interested in the job responsibilities and perceptions of policeman in different states and foreign countries. Therefore I spent one month working alongside the Bavarian Police in the inner city of Munich at Police station 11. In October 2012 during the book fair in Frankfurt, I listened to a... Read more →