Faces of Silicon Beach: Scott Kriz

Scott Kriz is the co-founder of Bitium, an app and password management system. With an impressive background building successful customer-facing products spanning several technology verticals, Scott focuses his energies on fixing inefficiencies he sees around him. Erik Huberman, CEO of Hawke Media, talks to Scott about Bitium, being an... Read more →


Plastic bag ban deemed success after three years

CITYWIDE — Assuming Gov. Jerry Brown signs SB 270 (which he’s said he likely will) California will become the first state to enact a plastic bag ban. But for Santa Monica it’s old news. City Hall launched its own ban three years ago this month, and environmentalists have deemed it a huge success. “We've reduced the amount of plastic... Read more →


Ed Board considers major tech upgrades

SMMUSD HDQRTRS — The Board of Education could spend up to $34.4 million to upgrade technology across the district. Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District officials presented a rough sketch of the types of technological improvements that are needed and provided a liberal estimate of what the first phase might cost. The cash would come... Read more →


Letters: Measure H

Feeding the Beast Editor: Ballot time is around the corner and once again Santa Monica property owners are being asked to foot the bill for a project meant to benefit the entire community. This time it is for a program by the city council to develop more “affordable housing,” apparently indefinitely. The term “affordable housing”... Read more →

City Council


Pony rides to disappear from Farmers’ Market

CITY HALL - Avoiding the use of idioms about dead horses being beaten, we will note that it was after 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning when City Council voted to move away from allowing pony rides and petting zoos at the Main Street Farmers' Market. In a 4 to 0 vote, council asked City Hall to pursue a non-animal related vendor at the market... Read more →


Experience and enthusiasm define SMPD’s Beat 2

BEAT 2 — The Santa Monica Police Department's Beat 2 is an area of juxtapositions. Heavily residential in population, it also contains two of the city's busiest business streets (Pico and Lincoln). It has the longest border with L.A., increasing the number of transients moving through neighborhoods populated by longtime and deeply rooted... Read more →


Crime Watch: Brawling in the streets

On September 7 at 3:50 a.m. Officers were dispatched to the 2500 block of Pico Blvd. for a fight call involving 10-12 subjects. A witness reported the subjects were fighting and then fleeing the area. Officers detained two subjects as they were running away. One of them stopped running when directed, but the other was confrontational. This... Read more →



Dealing with the facts

YOUR COLUMN HERE — Santa Monica voters want to deal with facts when they are deciding on ballot issues but it seems to me that anti-airport people are either not aware of the true facts or are purposely obscuring them. Two examples: The first is the attempt to cast the pro-airport Measure D as being a tool of outside forces (those dreaded... Read more →



Police searching for arson suspect

Police are searching for a suspected arsonist responsible for the destruction of several vehicles at the Santa Monica BMW Dealership. Authorities were notified of the fire at about 10:40 p.m. on Sept. 10. Police officers and firefighters responded to the scene within minutes. Witnesses gave a description of the suspect and provided a... Read more →