The Albright celebrates 40 years on the Pier

Marina Andalon This month The Albright will not just be celebrating the New Year but also their 40th anniversary and owners Greg and Yunnie Morena are taking pride in their title as the longest running restaurant on the Santa Monica Pier. When the restaurant opened in 1977 it was named Santa Monica Pier Seafood, and owned and by... Read more →



by Kate Cagle Motorcycle “lane splitting” if officially legal in California but the CHP will be looking into guidelines for motorists to safely share lanes. All forms of nonconsensual sexual assault may be considered rape. A new law redefines “assault weapon” to close the so-called bullet button loophole. It is believed the... Read more →


Year in Review: Environment

The year began with forecasts of a wet winter. An El Niño weather system prompted local officials to issue reminders about basic safety precautions but the rain bypassed much of the area. Northern California received several inches of rain and snow fell in the highest points of the Sierra Nevada. Rain did fall in Santa Monica but there was... Read more →


PCH caught man with methamphetamine and more

On December 12, 2016 at about 2:10 a.m. officers were patrolling Lot 3-North at 1150 Pacific Coast Highway observed a vehicle parked in the lot in violation of a municipal code. As officers approached the car, they observed the passenger holding marijuana and could smell a strong odor of marijuana. The driver was found to be on probation for... Read more →


Year in Review: Education

SMMUSD’s ongoing PCB saga took several twists and turns. Polychlorinated biphenyls or PCB’s emerged in 2013. The substance has been used as a common building material for decades but was later banned after being found to be unsafe. The district maintained classrooms are safe and have been sufficiently cleaned while a coalition of parents... Read more →


Year in Review: SMO

The City of Santa Monica is eliminated 73 aircraft tie-downs in a six-acre parcel of the Santa Monica airport as one of the first concrete actions in advance of expanding park space at the airport. A 1984 agreement between the City and the FAA had mandated that parcel of land be used to accommodate aircraft; but with the expiration of the... Read more →


Year in Review: Government

City Hall began work on a new zoning document to govern Santa Monica’s coast. The new plan will update a 1992 document and if approved the LCP would streamline potential coastal development by centralizing authority with the City of Santa Monica as opposed to the current system that requires the involvement of the California Coastal... Read more →


Year in Review: Other

ELECTION November 2016 was an election year. Voters approved several measures that would raise taxes to pay for affordable housing/education, fund construction at Santa Monica College and tighten the city’s anti-corruption rules. Voters rejected a measure that would have restricted development. A proposal to make the City Attorney an... Read more →


Employees to get more sick days in the New Year

By Kate Cagle Sick days will start adding up for hotel and restaurant and workers in Santa Monica at the start of the New Year, but that doesn’t mean employees will feel ready to cash them in. Starting on January 1st, companies in Santa Monica with more than 26 employees will have to offer 5 days of paid sick leave. Smaller businesses... Read more →


SMPD catches two cyclist with drugs

On December 14, 2016 at about 3:22 p.m. officers observed two subjects riding their bicycles in violation of a municipal code at 5th Street and Santa Monica Blvd. Officers stopped both subject. Officers were unable to identify both subjects. Both subjects were placed under arrest for the municipal code violation. A search of their persons and... Read more →


Educator Spotlight

Shannon Hale, John Adams Middle School   Shannon Hale is “a product of SMMUSD,” along with her mom, husband and three younger brothers. She attended McKinley Elementary School, John Adams Junior High, SMASH, and Santa Monica High School, and has now been teaching in SMMUSD for 22 years. Her son will also be attending JAMS in... Read more →


City gears up to count the homeless

By Kate Cagle The Santa Monica Homeless Count needs more volunteers for their upcoming tally of homeless people living in the City. Interested volunteers have until Wednesday, January 18 to sign up. The annual count collects information on the number of individuals and families living in shelters and on the streets. The count will start... Read more →


After December rains SoCal remains bone dry

By Kate Cagle Umbrellas are finally drying out, windshield wipers have a chance to rest and rubber boots are making their way back to the corner of your closet, but unfortunately Southern California’s drought still stands. In the past week, Santa Monica has received about 2 inches of rain, according to the California Irrigation... Read more →


The candy thief

On December 13, 2016 at about 5:59 p.m., officers responded to a radio call for service at See’s Candies – 1227 Wilshire Blvd regarding a petty theft that just occurred. As officers were responding, a second call was received of an assault that just occurred involving the security guard at Vons- 1311 Wilshire Blvd. An investigation... Read more →