Santa Monica police sting targets alcohol sales to minors

  On July 17, officers from the Santa Monica Police Department's Vice Unit conducted an undercover minor decoy operation. The Minor Decoy Program uses supervised individuals under the age of 20, who attempt to purchase alcohol at licensed premises. Any sale of alcohol to a minor decoy subjects the employee and the licensee to criminal... Read more →


Drunken u-turn causes crash

On July 7, at approximately 7:15 p.m. Officers responded to a call of a traffic collision in the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Idaho Avenue. Upon arrival, officers did not see any signs of what appeared to be a collision and contacted dispatch in an attempt to locate the reporting party. Once making contact with the reporting party, she... Read more →


Obstacles to SMMUSD separation examined

After months of study and analysis by a financial oversight committee, separation of the Santa Monica-Malibu school district has been deemed viable. But it's certainly not as simple as splitting the district in two and moving on, a reality that Board of Education members and district officials reiterated to stakeholders during their... Read more →


For SMMUSD grads, an exercise in educational geography

 One of Santa Monica High School's two outgoing valedictorians, Nicholas Charchut, is scheduled to start classes soon at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The other, David Lin, is preparing to study at the California Institute of Technology. Former Santa Monica-Malibu students will indeed represent the school district at... Read more →


Council postpones decision on aviation leases at SMO

SMO Non-aviation tenants and miscellaneous airport users have been granted new leases at the Santa Monica Airport, but the council postponed action on aviation leases pending additional information from city staff. At the July 14 council meeting, staff recommended three-year leases for non-aviation tenants and month-to-month leases for... Read more →


Officials call for more transportation spending

Congressional leaders used Santa Monica's California Incline project as a backdrop while advocating for a long-term reinvestment in American infrastructure last week. Congressman Ted Lieu and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi organized a joint press conference on July 17 to highlight the value of federal investment in infrastructure and... Read more →



SMMUSD striving to close achievement gap

Many parents and stakeholders are aware that gulfs in academic performance exist between student groups in the Santa Monica-Malibu school district. Perhaps less well-known, though, is what the administration is doing to eliminate them. It’s a complex problem with no easy solutions, but it’s constantly on the minds of the members of the... Read more →


Santa Monica police plan motorcycle safety patrols

In an effort to reduce deaths and injuries, the Santa Monica Police Department will be conducting a specialized motorcycle safety enforcement operation Sunday, July 19, between the hours of 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. Extra traffic officers will be on duty patrolling areas frequented by motorcyclists and where motorcycle collisions are prevalent.... Read more →


SMMUSD separation deemed ‘viable’

  Despite a variety of potential fiscal and legal obstacles, splitting the Santa Monica-Malibu school district into two separate entities is feasible, according to the district’s financial oversight committee. The committee did not analyze all criteria associated with dividing school districts and was not asked to determine... Read more →


Public aid sought in two violent crime cases

  The Santa Monica Police Department is seeking the public's help with two violent crime investigations. Both incidents occurred on July 14, and witnesses of either crime are encouraged to contact SMPD. During the early morning hours of July 14 officers responded to a call for a possible assault on the 900 block of Olympic... Read more →