Ed Board candidate: Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein

Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein is running for School Board. The following answers were submitted in response to questions from the Daily Press. Name: Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein, Ph.D. Age: 45 Occupation: College Professor Neighborhood of residence: North of Montana Own/Rent: Renter Marital status: Married Kids: Daughter, Nova (age... Read more →


Ed Board candidate: Patty Finer

Patty Finer is running for School Board. The following answers were submitted in response to questions from the Daily Press. Name: Patty Finer Occupation: College Admissions Consultant Neighborhood of residence: In both Santa Monica & Malibu Kids: 1 Political affiliation: Independent Schooling: USC, UCLA, Widener University (and a... Read more →


Himmelrich, McKinnon lead council spending race

CITYWIDE — City Council candidates have spent more than $375,000 on their campaigns as they enter the final week of the race. This money does not include the political action committees, which are spending additional hundreds of thousands of dollars to support their favored candidates independently. Planning Commissioner Sue Himmelrich... Read more →


Mayor faces more campaign finance scrutiny

CITYWIDE — Mayor Pam O'Connor returned a slew of $325 contributions from developers to whom she'd previously conferred a benefit but, according to the most recent campaign disclosure statements, she accepted more from owners of a different development company she'd voted to help. O'Connor said the second round of illegal contributions were... Read more →


Laemmle gets approval for booze

CITY HALL - Somehow, a meeting about whether or not the Laemmle theater would be allowed to sell alcohol for its theaters and in two new restaurants - one on the roof - took a long detour into a debate over whether or not the screens should be allowed to be used for video games. Planning Commissioner Richard McKinnon, who is running for City... Read more →

City Council

City proposes 78 percent water rate bump over 5 years

CITY HALL - Whether or not you're getting hit by the proposed drought surcharges, you could be paying more for water next year. On Tuesday City Council will consider increasing water rates by 77.7 percent over the next five years. The rate increases would come in chunks, starting at a 9 percent bump next year and 13 percent increases... Read more →



Board of Ed could be a race for fifth

SMMUSD HDQRTRS - There are four spots up for grabs on the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education but fifth place might not be so bad after all. Boardmember Ben Allen's term doesn't expire until 2016 but he's in a tight race with Sandra Fluke for state Senate. If Allen were to win that race, he'd have to vacate... Read more →


Faces of Silicon Beach: Espree Devora

Espree Devora started WeAreLATech, a local startup resource, to create a safe space for the local community to learn about growing a business. Born and raised in LA, Espree has started multiple companies of her own, including ZexSports, an action sports media agency. Erik Huberman, CEO of Hawke Media, talks to Espree about how he became an... Read more →



Crime Watch: Disturbing the sidewalk sleeper

Crime watch On Sept. 20 at 2:39 p.m. The victim noticed his assigned storage locker on Bay Street in his designated carport space had been broken into and several items of property stolen.  The Building Manager provided police with a copy of a surveillance tape depicting the suspect.  Follow up investigations by the Criminal... Read more →