City Council

What’s at stake in a jam-packed City Council meeting

If you watch a Big Blue Bus drive slowly past the Civic Auditorium while walking toward City Hall to pay for a permit, you'd pretty much have covered every topic at the Feb. 9 City Council meeting. According to the agenda, Council will adjust several speed limits, begin deliberation about the future of the Civic Auditorium site, revise the... Read more →


Man kicks Comfort Inn light fixture until it breaks

On Jan. 26 at approximately 11:20 p.m., Santa Monica police officers on patrol in the 2800 block of Santa Monica Boulevard observed two men walking down the sidewalk kicking traffic cones. As the two continued walking, one man, later identified as Jace Mastel, 25, of Lake Arrowhead, began to kick the light fixtures in front of the Comfort... Read more →


At Samohi, making AP courses more inclusive

Teachers and administrators at Santa Monica High School had seen it happen far too often: A student they believed was qualified to take an Advanced Placement class signs up and then quits or they decide not to enroll altogether. It was just another troublesome facet of the longstanding academic achievement gap between minority students and... Read more →


Bands at the Broad to fund Samohi ensemble trip

Last spring, the Santa Monica High School wind ensemble had the opportunity of a lifetime to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York. Later this month, the students will travel to San Jose to play at the California All-State Music Education Conference. Trips like these help to put the Santa Monica-Malibu school district's music programs on... Read more →


Santa Monica reports record setting water savings

Santa Monica has hit its goal of water self-sufficiency … for 19 days in January. The City wants permanent water independence by 2020 but conservation efforts prompted by the drought have nudged the City into self-sufficiency, albeit temporarily, several times in the past few months. Santa Monica hit a couple of records in Dec. 2015. The... Read more →


Park plans advancing at Santa Monica Airport

The City of Santa Monica is eliminating 73 aircraft tie-downs in a six-acre parcel of the Santa Monica airport to make way for a potential expansion of Airport Park. Only 32 of the 73 tie-downs, essentially parking spots for aircraft, are currently in use and current tenants will be offered space in other parts of the airport where space is... Read more →


$2M in facility bills await SMMUSD board approval

The Santa Monica-Malibu Board of Education on Thursday will weigh approval of more than $2 million in facility improvement costs. The bulk of the $2 million in facility-related projects is a $1.57-million Measure BB payment to AWI Builders Inc., for information technology expansion. SMMUSD has moved forward with a new data center as it... Read more →


Jury deadlocks in murder trial

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office plans to retry an accused murderer after a jury deadlocked during the first trial. Prosecutors were attempting to secure the conviction of Meliton Lorenzo Lopez for the gang-related murder of 29-year-old Santa Monica resident Gil Verastegui, who was shot along with another man while standing... Read more →


Beaches recovering from weekend windstorm

A day of wind equals a week of cleanup along the Marvin Braude Bike Trail. Weekend storms caused high surf and winds along the coast with some areas of the popular beach bike path covered by as much as two feet of sand by the end of Sunday. Officials said work to clear the route countywide would be completed by Friday, Feb. 5 but the Santa... Read more →


Postal service disrupted due to staffing crunch

If your mail has been late in recent months Google is partly to blame, or Amazon, or Fresh Direct, or Instacart, or Ebay, or Dollar Shave Club, or Zappos or whoever you ordered from online instead of buying at a brick and mortar store. Postal officials said the growth of e-commerce has dramatically increased the number of packages flowing... Read more →


New mailboxes deployed to combat stolen mail keys

The Postal Service is fighting mail theft throughout the Los Angeles region, but officials said Santa Monica is no more or less likely to experience theft than other parts of the area. Several residents have reported anecdotal stories of mail theft in recent months, but according to the Postal Service, mail theft is a regional problem and... Read more →

City Council

Fees removed for library cards

Library cards will be free for all who want them, residents and visitors alike, thanks to a decision by the City Council at their Jan. 26 meeting. As part of their budget discussion last week, the City Council eliminated a $25 fee that had been imposed on non-residents applying for a Santa Monica Library card. The fee will disappear as... Read more →


State of the City highlights Santa Monica’s feats, flaws

Rick Cole rattled off many flourishing components of Santa Monica: its important role in the tech sector, its real estate values, its robust tourism industry and its award-winning environmental projects. But the proverbial horn he tooted was muffled by the sound of his rhetorical alarm. “We cannot maintain success by sitting on our... Read more →