Book Review


In the Shadow of a Legend

Brain trust. Coach Wooden (seated) and Asst. Coach Norman made college basketball history. (Photo courtesy ASUCLA Photography) History is filled with “what ifs,” events that if they had gone this way or that might have changed the world. And so are our personal lives where some seemingly small occurrence might have totally changed our... Read more →

Play Time

The Piper Plays A Merry Tune

PLAY TIME — When May Lee Davis was looking for a pizzazzy name to reflect her ascending career as a standup comedian, she was suddenly inspired by a large neon sign that identified the Santa Monica Pier. She added a well-placed P, and just like that, May Lee Davis became Monica Piper. Piper is still going strong. Her latest... Read more →

Culture Watch

Holiday Potpourri

CULTURE WATCH — Santa Monica has its own Nutcracker! Westside Ballet of Santa Monica, now in its fifth decade, returns to the Broad Stage, in collaboration with Santa Monica College Symphony, to present the holiday dance classic, from Dec. 13 – 21, nine performances only. Comprised primarily of dancers from Santa Monica and surrounding... Read more →

Culture Watch

An Explosion of Sound and Vision

(C) 2014 Michal Story CULTURE WATCH — Although I’m a three-decade-plus resident of Santa Monica, I hesitate to admit that I’ve never set foot inside the beautiful and beloved St. Monica’s Catholic Church. But that is about to change. This Friday at 8 p.m., The Dream Orchestra, under the leadership of Music... Read more →

Play Time

Semyon and Katia Take the Z Train

PLAY TIME — If you wanted to write a play to honor your father, it might be a bit inappropriate to portray him as a scoundrel. But that’s what Henry Jaglom has done in his new play “Train to Zakopane,” now having its World Premiere at the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica. The play starts off as what seems to be a... Read more →


Local band at home underground

CITYWIDE — Leave it to a Santa Monica band to find soul in a parking garage. We Are The West has played shows in a mineshaft and an abandoned convent but the band's Westside home is in a parking garage in an undisclosed location, where they've performed a private show nearly every Saturday prior to the full moon for more than two... Read more →


Biking way, way up in Santa Monica

CITYWIDE — Biking is on the rise across the nation but especially in Santa Monica. A report released by City Hall earlier this month - an update on the progress of Santa Monica's Bike Action Plan - shows significant improvements for Santa Monica bikers over the past decade. Between 2000 and 2012, cycling is up 61 percent across the nation... Read more →

Play Time

DysFUNCtion Can Be Funky

PLAY TIME — Okay, so we all have dysfunctional families.  And their doppelgangers have been running rampant, loving and hating one another, as in “August--Osage County,” or attempting to provide hilarity onstage a la Kaufman and Hart’s “You Can’t Take It With You.”  So enough already! The latest entry in the... Read more →