Selective sourcing

EDITORS NOTE: Leading up to Thanksgiving, The Santa Monica Daily Press has complied as series of seasonal recipes from several local restaurants. The following features Jodi Low from The Santa Monica Farmers Market. Food is a huge part of the holiday experience and the Santa Monica Farmers Market has earned a reputation among food-savvy... Read more →


Squash season at Milo & Olive

EDITORS NOTE: The Santa Monica Daily Press has complied seasonal recipes from several local restaurants as part of a series leading up to Thanksgiving. The following features Chef Erin Eastland from Milo & Olive The Santa Monica Farmers Market is known far and wide as a bastion of great, seasonal food produced and sold by California... Read more →


Meeting of the mindful

An all-star line up of mindfulness teachers and practitioners will gather at the Broad Stage on Nov.15, celebrating birthdays and the mindfulness movement itself. “Living with a Joyful Spirit and Wise Heart” is hosted by, and will benefit, Insight L.A., a Santa Monica-based non-profit organization. It's a meeting of the mindful,... Read more →

Culture Watch

Teen films, dark music, senior arts and more

Is your teen a budding filmmaker? The Santa Monica International Teen Film Festival is now accepting submissions for the 11th annual festival to be held on Saturday and Sunday, June 4 and 5, 2016. Films made by youth ages 12 to18, from anywhere in the world, in any genre between 60 seconds to 30 minutes in length are accepted; it's free to... Read more →

Play Time

The Painted Rocks of Nukain Mabuza

Hi everybody! I'm back! You might have noticed that my column of theater reviews, PlayTime, hasn't appeared for a few months. It's because I've had a couple of serious falls: one that broke my leg and another that demolished my shoulder. But, happily, I've recovered enough to wobble off to the theater again, and so I did last Saturday... Read more →


The art of building a city

When someone retires from their nine-to-five to pursue writing or painting, it implies their day job was something lacking the creativity or that perhaps life required them to deviate from their passion. Sara Lejeune's story certainly has the foundation for that well-worn trope. Her Los Angeles life began as a performance artist Downtown... Read more →

Book Review

Book Review: ‘Dreams of an American Exile’

On June 15, 1871, Mark Twain wrote his friend James Redpeath, “I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” Jokingly, Twain identified a basic truth of writing, that it's often easier to write a lot of words quickly than to say something briefly but to the point with more meaning. I'm reminded of the quote... Read more →

Culture Watch

Do some good

When the Halloween sugar rush wears off, think ahead to Veterans Day and ask yourself, “How can I help my community?” Here's one way. On Saturday, Nov. 7 at 8 p.m., experience a reading of Shakespeare's immortal tale of an English king, a French princess and a brotherhood of warriors, brought to life not only by renowned actors, but... Read more →

Book Review

Book Review: The dark side of comedy

For almost five decades, Americans adored George Carlin as a stand-up comedian, social critic, actor and best-selling author. His career included books, record albums, HBO specials, movies and television. But, to Kelly Carlin, he was just dad. The only child of George and Brenda Carlin, Kelly, was born in 1963. As a toddler, she slid around... Read more →