East Coast transplant takes root in local arts culture

Jules Muck Jules Muck has become a fixture on the local arts scene but her presence on the Westside has as much to do with gas prices as it does the value of art. An East Coast native, she was traveling cross country when she ran out of gas on Electric Avenue. She adapted to the situation, living in her car as part of a homeless... Read more →



German-American Club is the real deal

Families and friends cheer after Germany scored their fourth goal against Portugal Monday morning in the World Cup. (Paul Alvarez) LINCOLN BLVD — It is surprising, and perhaps it shouldn’t be, that many of the members of the German American Club maintain their German accents. One might expect a room full of Americans of... Read more →


Santa Monica Festival turns 23

File photo CLOVER PARK — Thousands of Santa Monicans will flock to Clover Park (located at 2600 Ocean Park) on Saturday, June 14 for the annual hometown celebration known as the Santa Monica Festival. New to this year's Santa Monica Festival, which will be held on Saturday at Clover Park, is the pop-up playground, which, according to... Read more →

Book Review

Reflections on dad

With Father’s Day this Sunday, I’m reminded of an American icon who was also a terrific father. The late Rod Serling, creator and principle writer of the 1959 groundbreaking fantasy-science fiction television series, “The Twilight Zone,” had legions of fans including, naturally, his two young daughters. It also included hordes of... Read more →


Famed drummer to visit Santa Monica

Johny Barbata Residents can experience rock ‘n’ roll history on June 11 at a book signing event with drumming legend Johny Barbata. At the event, held at the Santa Monica Music Center from 12 - 5:30 p.m., Barbata will be signing his new book and he said he is looking forward to interacting with music fans as part of his book... Read more →

Tour de Feast

Blue Daisy Cafe

Blue Daisy There's a two to three block span on Wilshire Blvd. from 23rd to 25th street that will afford you some great morning time fare. Show up at 10 a.m. on a Saturday and you will see the 'breakfast corridor' will be slammed. Lines of people at NY Bagel, Blue Daisy Cafe, Bread and Porridge, Snug Harbor, to Bru's Whiffle spill out onto... Read more →

Culture Watch

Culture Watch: Using her head

Image courtesy Bruria Finkel What happens when an artist, dependent upon head, hand and heart, loses the full use of one of them? Local artist Bruria Finkel faced that dilemma when she was seriously injured in a car accident, losing her ability to turn her head. For more than six months during her recovery Finkel was forced to wear... Read more →



First Cronuts, now Wownuts! Why are we so blessed? We are truly living in a golden age of donuts. Approximately one year ago, Santa Monica's favorite donut shop, DK's Donut's was spearheading the Cronut craze in Los Angeles. The Double Decker O-Nut (DK's spin on the trademarked Cronut) garnered a social media frenzy that caught the... Read more →



Twilight Concert Series lineup announced

Cults SM PIER — What are you doing every Thursday night of the summer? City officials have announced the lineup for the 30th annual Twilight Concert Series. The free shows will be held Thursday nights on the Santa Monica Pier. This year's calendar, which starts with the indie-rock band Cults and ends with soul man Charles Bradley,... Read more →