Play Time

If not now, then?

“If/Then”, the Broadway musical that opened the other night at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood is a very mixed bag. It stars a delightful lesbian couple (LaChanze and Janine DiVita), and an earnest gay couple (Anthony Rapp and Marc Delacruz), and the fabled Idina Menzel, whose character can't seriously commit to anything. She even has... Read more →

Culture Watch

Straight White Men and Festive Food

Every time I turned on the radio last week, there was an interview with Young Jean Lee, talking about her most accessible stage work, “Straight White Men” in its West Coast premiere at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. Why? Because of the strong ensemble performances, the realistic language and a premise that leads to much audience... Read more →

Culture Watch

Standing in the rain

Yes, friends, I finally made it to “The Rain Room” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Is it art? A feat of engineering? An amusement park-style attraction? All of the above. It's wildly popular, that's a fact. But what is the Rain Room? It's a space in which a continuous stream of water falls through holes in a ceiling grid but... Read more →

Play Time

Jack’s Christmas surprise

So young Jack comes home from college for the Christmas holiday with a dreadful confession: he has been accused of rape by a girl he slept with back in September. And for the next 75 minutes his family reacts to the news. The play is “A Good Family,” now having its world premiere at the Lounge Theater in Hollywood. Its author, who wrote... Read more →


Family focus at Ox & Son

EDITOR'S NOTE: Leading up to Thanksgiving, The Santa Monica Daily Press has complied a series of seasonal recipes from several local restaurants. The following features Brad Miller from Ox & Son. Chef Brad Miller's maple glazed pork belly is an example of his very specific vision for winter cooking. “This recipe incorporates... Read more →

Play Time

Ay, Caramba! It’s ‘Ay, Carmela!’

In the first minutes of Jose Sanchis Sinisterra's 1987 play “Ay, Carmela!” most of the plot is revealed. Unfortunately, however, under the ponderous direction of Alberto Arvelo those first few expository minutes are stretched into nearly two hours of tedious dialogue. This two-person play (plus a brief wordless cameo by a Spanish... Read more →


Selective sourcing

EDITORS NOTE: Leading up to Thanksgiving, The Santa Monica Daily Press has complied as series of seasonal recipes from several local restaurants. The following features Jodi Low from The Santa Monica Farmers Market. Food is a huge part of the holiday experience and the Santa Monica Farmers Market has earned a reputation among food-savvy... Read more →


Squash season at Milo & Olive

EDITORS NOTE: The Santa Monica Daily Press has complied seasonal recipes from several local restaurants as part of a series leading up to Thanksgiving. The following features Chef Erin Eastland from Milo & Olive The Santa Monica Farmers Market is known far and wide as a bastion of great, seasonal food produced and sold by California... Read more →


Meeting of the mindful

An all-star line up of mindfulness teachers and practitioners will gather at the Broad Stage on Nov.15, celebrating birthdays and the mindfulness movement itself. “Living with a Joyful Spirit and Wise Heart” is hosted by, and will benefit, Insight L.A., a Santa Monica-based non-profit organization. It's a meeting of the mindful,... Read more →