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Jaglom, Berlin, Moses

CULTURE WATCH — Next Friday, November 21, the world premiere of a new Henry Jaglom play will finally overcome its unique set’s construction problems and will open at Edgemar Center for the Arts. “Last Train to Zakopané” stars Tanna Frederick, Jaglom’s wife. Jaglom provided me my first experience with “independent film” with... Read more →


Proposed bikeshare vendor struggles with delays

CITY HALL — In late 2013, CycleHop was boasting plans open a 500-bike bikeshare in Phoenix by early 2014. They’d add 500 in Tempe and Mesa by the spring, they told the Phoenix New Times. They had plans to bring 300 bikes to Tampa by this time last year. In Ottawa they planned to open by the end of this past summer, maybe sooner, they... Read more →

Tour de Feast

Pie Time

TOUR DE FEAST — A couple years back the Tudor House, purveyor of British goods, served its last cup of tea. In a bittersweet departure, Tudor House owner Lee Morton, set up shop across the street at the Ye Old Kings becoming the only British bakery in town.  It's been the go-to place for savory pies in Santa Monica. Lovers of Lee's pies... Read more →

Play Time

A Witch in Time: With a Halloween Rhyme

PLAY TIME — The play begins as the story of Hansel and Gretel — as told from the witch’s point of view.  You just wouldn’t believe what a naughty little girl that Gretel is!  As is the witch, because cooking a little boy is a naughty thing to do, even if you are a really good cook. The play is “Broomstick” by New Orleans author... Read more →

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Ponzi Schemes, Pelican Dreams, Paris on Screen

CULTURE WATCH — Movie screeners on DVD and novels make for great company when you're grounded at home (as I've been) following knee surgery. If you've ever been curious about Tehrangeles, especially the wave of Jewish Persian settlers in Los Angeles, get thee to a bookstore for a copy of Westside author Gina Nahai's newest book, “The... Read more →

Culture Watch

A new Lear; Walk this “way”

CULTURE WATCH — The big news of the week is the return of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, something of an annual tradition at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica. I'm sad to be missing them, but I have to stay off my feet for a while following knee surgery. The Globe's “King Lear” stars Joseph Marcell, he of the resoundingly deep voice who... Read more →



Private events banned at some beach lots

BEACH LOTS — Debate surrounding the use of beach lots for private events is heating up and city officials have responded by banning them in some locations. Earlier this month Daily Press columnist Jack Neworth complained about an event, Vegan Ocktoberfest, which was noisy late into the night. In his column, Neworth said that City Hall... Read more →

Culture Watch

State Secrets, Religious Discord, and Design Dreams

CULTURE WATCH — Privacy? Or liberty? No matter where you come down on the question of whether whistleblower Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor, the documentary “Citizenfour” will affect you. It opens tonight at the Landmark Theatres in West L.A. Filmmaker Laura Poitras takes us inside eight game-changing days in Hong Kong, where... Read more →


Dylan Andre establishes musical presence on the beach

THE BEACH —  Dylan Andre can be seen on the beaches connecting Venice and Santa Monica together with a small speaker system by his shoes, a median-sized acoustic guitar around his shoulders and a song in his heart waiting to burst into the tall microphone by his innocent face. He plays in front of countless crowds of beach goers passing... Read more →



Aussie pie shop opens on Main Street

MAIN STREET — A new restaurant on Main Street hopes to bring a cuisine from the other side of the world a little closer for hungry customers. Aussie Pie Kitchen, which held its grand opening on Wednesday, specializes in the sort of savory pies more commonly seen in Australia and other commonwealth countries like South Africa or New... Read more →

Culture Watch

Fish from the sky

CULTURE WATCH — A fish falls from the sky and a story told across multiple generations begins. “When The Rain Stops Falling” is the latest offering by City Garage, written by award-winning Australian playwright Andrew Bovell. It's compelling theatre with an engaging plot and not a typical City Garage production. City Garage often... Read more →


A “Decent” Life, According To Heinrich Himmler

By Cynthia Citron As a young man, he was convinced that nobody liked him. But by the time he was in his early 20s Heinrich Himmler had become the Chief Sycophant of the most popular man in Germany: Adolf Hitler. There he was, always at Hitler's right elbow and just a step behind. You might say he was Hitler's Dick Cheney. And he no longer... Read more →