Patient parking

Editor: Along Broadway, a block south of Saint John's Hospital, there once was a stretch of meters where people could park for nine hours. As I learned to my dismay last Monday, that time limit has been reduced to four hours. This is bad in two ways. First, the signs in that area continue to advertise the availability of nine-hour... Read more →


Love Music but I Really Love it Live

  By CHARLES ANDREWS REVIEWING ALBUMS SUCKS As anyone who has done more than a few dozen knows. It can be tedious, should be exacting, you search for the right words to express that most ethereal of art forms, and by the time you’re done you may not want to listen any more to that album you started out loving. You have to... Read more →


Santa Monican arrested for huge parking lot scam

  Authorities claim the suspect owes the Department of Veteran’s more than $11 million Kate Cagle Daily Press Staff Writer A Santa Monica man is accused of defrauding the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) out of $11.4 million over the last ten years and bribing at least one federal official to keep the scheme... Read more →


The Curies: A Life in Research

  by Cynthia Citron Nina Sallinen is simply terrific channeling the fiery spirit of Marie Curie. She is sorrowful, angry, demanding, persistent, proud, playful, coquettish, loving, and RADIANT. And that last, in fact, is the title of the play. Shirley Lauro, the playwright of this intriguing drama, delves into the little-known... Read more →



Rated R 115 Minutes Released November 10 Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri is a modern American folk story by a British/Irish Playwright. This film consists of spheres of an intricate story populated with flawed colorful people intertwining and colliding with each other’s souls, provoking humor and tragedy. This is what... Read more →

Culture Watch

Culture Watch

By Sarah A. Spitz Turn Him Loose Joe Morton IS Dick Gregory. Watching him in “Turn Me Loose” all you’ll see is Dick Gregory…ok, minus the gray beard. Without Dick Gregory, there might never have been a Richard Pryor. What a shame that would be. Gregory more than deserved this biographical homage. He was alive when it debuted... Read more →



By CHARLES ANDREWS IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE Growing up as a news junkie, in the ‘50s and ‘60s, I used to think corruption, serious political corruption, was what happened in other places in the world, but not here. Oh sure, we had crooked politicians, lots of them, willing to vote for something for the right payback, but that was... Read more →


Skate for free at Ice grand opening

Kate Cagle Daily Press Staff Writer Locals can lace up their skates once again as Downtown Santa Monica welcomes the holiday season with the grand opening of Ice at Fifth Street and Arizona Avenue. “Ice at Santa Monica has become so much more than just an outdoor ice skating rink,” said Kevin Herrera, senior marketing manager for... Read more →



NOTEWORTHY column for Thurs., Nov. 2, 2017   By CHARLES ANDREWS THAT PROVERBIAL LIMB So wobbly, when you go out on it. Don’t you ever learn, Charles? Remember REO Speedwagon? Yes. I believe I have learned. And that’s why I am now going to run straight out to the very end of that limb and jump up and down and testify... Read more →


Street Lighting Modernization Program

Week of November 6, 2017 Street Lighting Modernization Program For the week of November 6, construction will Construction will continue throughout the project area, which is bound by 16th Street to the east, Ocean Park Boulevard to the south, Lincoln Boulevard to the west, and Pico Boulevard to the north. There may be sidewalk closures... Read more →