NOTEWORTHY column for Thurs., Nov. 2, 2017   By CHARLES ANDREWS THAT PROVERBIAL LIMB So wobbly, when you go out on it. Don’t you ever learn, Charles? Remember REO Speedwagon? Yes. I believe I have learned. And that’s why I am now going to run straight out to the very end of that limb and jump up and down and testify... Read more →


Street Lighting Modernization Program

Week of November 6, 2017 Street Lighting Modernization Program For the week of November 6, construction will Construction will continue throughout the project area, which is bound by 16th Street to the east, Ocean Park Boulevard to the south, Lincoln Boulevard to the west, and Pico Boulevard to the north. There may be sidewalk closures... Read more →


Santa Monica Rocks: Literally

Ethan Lauren SMC Corsair/Daily Press There’s a lot of junk left lying on the ground and aside from the occasional quarter, most of it is better left in the gutter than your pocket but keen eyed locals can find some diamonds among the rough thanks to a new interactive art project. “Santa Monica Rocks”, launched in the beginning of... Read more →



BY DAVID PISARRA FRITTO MISTO 601 Colorado Ave Santa Monica, Ca 90401 310.458.2829 COMFORT AND CONSISTENCY ARE THE KEYS TO FRITTO MISTO There are few more enjoyable experiences than walking into a restaurant or bar and being known. That small town, feeling like ‘a regular’ just makes the environment so much nicer. Owner... Read more →

Laughing Matters

It’s Mueller Time

It's Mueller Time In the final days of Watergate, Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) broke the news to Richard Nixon that he was likely to be impeached. When Nixon asked how many Senate votes he could count on, Goldwater replied bluntly, “Twenty and mine won't be one of them.” Thus Nixon became the only president in history to resign,... Read more →



FILM REVIEW THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE Rated R 108 Minutes Released October 27th Thank You for Your Service is the directorial debut of Jason Hall. Hall is an actor/writer who with Chris Kyle, penned the book on which American Sniper was based. Hall also created the screenplay for Thank You for Your Service from a book based on a... Read more →



FILM REVIEW LAST FLAG FLYING Rated R 124 Minutes Released November 3 In the guise of a humorous story of three misfits who meet up and go on an impromptu road trip many years after serving together as Marines in Viet Nam, Last Flag Flying is a symphony of philosophical thought. Probably for everyone who watches this film, including... Read more →


The Stranger Returns To His Past

  by Cynthia Citron Well, I knew it had to end some time. I have had the good fortune to see many delicious plays in the last month. Unfortunately, the lucky streak ended last weekend. The play was “Hello Stranger” and it played at Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood. There were six actors and all of them were extremely good.... Read more →


Students Interact With the International Space Station

  By Jessica Uhler SMC Corsair/Daily Press Staff Writer “Station, this is Randy Bresnik Senior here with the students. How do you hear me?” “Well, Dad, got you loud and clear. Welcome, everyone from Samohi, to the International Space Station!” Santa Monica High School graduate Commander Randy Bresnik’s warm... Read more →


Aerospace start-up launching new technology in Santa Monica

Kate Cagle Daily Press Staff Writer Tucked away in an unassuming office building off Colorado Avenue, a small group of engineers are diligently working on the next generation of drone technology. Walls covered in Post-it notes and complex math equations provide the backdrop as former NASA Ames scientist Nicole Jordan refines the... Read more →