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As the Wonder Wheel Churns

by Cynthia Citron If you were a child growing up in New York in the 1950s, one of the peak adventures of your childhood might have been a trip to the beach at Coney Island and a ride on the Wonder Wheel, the 150-foot Ferris wheel that dominated the beach's horizon. (As well as the joy of chomping on a Nathan's hot dog, of course.) Now,... Read more →


A Queer Time in Rotterdam

The play is intelligent and sensitive. Well presented, especially by the two principal actors. And it's genuinely thought-provoking. But in spite of all this it just may not be your cup of tea. "Rotterdam," written by Jon Brittain, is now having its West Coast premiere at the Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles and it deals with the emotional... Read more →



FILM REVIEW WONDER WHEEL Rated PG-13 101 Minutes Released December 1 I saw Wonder Wheel at a screening that featured a live Q&A with the lead actors afterwards, and I got to thinking (often a dangerous development). Why is it that Woody Allen’s films seem a bit lacking in thrills and chills, very cerebral, yet the greatest... Read more →



DAVID DINES BY DAVID PISARRA LITTLE RUBY 109 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401 424.322.8353   The Aussie invasion, via New York, has landed on Santa Monica Boulevard, just a few feet away from ocean vistas in the form of a hip new burger joint called Little Ruby. This West coast offshoot of an East coast small... Read more →

Movie Reviews


DARKEST HOUR Rated PG-13 125 Minutes Released November 22 As I was growing up, I was fascinated by a set of six thick volumes on my parents’ bookshelf (yes, we had books in those days,) each written by Winston Churchill, detailing a period of World War II. Reading excerpts from those works gave me great respect for the... Read more →

Culture Watch

Misses and Hits

CULTURE WATCH By Sarah A. Spitz Misses and Hits OK, call me the Grinch. “Something Rotten” at the Ahmanson Theatre just did not float my boat. Having recently seen both “Hamilton” and “Spamilton,” the bar for true theatrical innovation, as well as satire and parody of Broadway, is very high for me. I am vastly in... Read more →

Play Time

Travels With The Obsessive Librarian

Travels With The Obsessive Librarian By Cynthia Citron How long do you keep an overdue library book on your nightstand before you get around to returning it? Three days? Two weeks? How about 113 years? That's the mystery that confronts the inimitable Arye Gross, who plays the nameless Librarian in playwright Glen Berger's... Read more →

Culture Watch


Culture Watch By Sarah A. Spitz GIVING THANKS FOR SPAMILTON Need a laugh? Head to the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City for Spamilton. It’s a both tribute to, and roast of, the creator of Hamilton, as well as a meta-commentary on Broadway musicals. As clever and speedy as Lin-Manuel Miranda’s rapping rhymes are, Spamilton... Read more →


Santa Monica Food Banks Prep for the Holiday Season

What they need and how you can help Lauren Label SMC Corsair/Daily Press Staff Writer When preparing for Thanksgiving, Santa Monica food banks gather traditional holiday ingredients to feed those in need. Local food banks including Westside Food Bank and the Santa Monica Salvation Army Food Pantry are doing everything in their power to... Read more →


Kimchi Pancake

Kimchi Pancake From Native restaurant Chef Nyesha Arrington has returned to Santa Monica with a new Downtown restaurant Arrington has a Westside pedigree with specific Santa Monica influences. After graduation from the Culinary School at the Art Institute of California in 2001 she worked for Josiah Citrin at Melisse and opened two... Read more →


The Best Thanksgiving Turkey Method

From Raphael Lunetta A turkey can be an intimidating bird to cook. You need one large enough to feed your holiday guest list, but small enough to actually fit in your oven. It needs to be cooked through but kept moist on the inside, preferably with a crispy exterior. The white and dark meat cook at different temperatures and yield... Read more →