Eat Well Week plates tasty food with side of health

Some see the turning of the calendar year as an opportunity to conquer dietary and health goals. Some hope to explore local restaurants they've never tried before. As far as the Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau is concerned, though, those two aims are not mutually exclusive. For the third consecutive year, the tourism board has... Read more →

Culture Watch

His Father’s Voice

A close relationship despite divorce. Chris Lemmon performs "Jack Lemmon Returns" at The Broad Stage CULTURE WATCH – Back in the 1970s, I worked in the 16mm film rental division of Universal Pictures. Driving through Beverly Hills one day I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a familiar face in a Rolls Royce. Jack Lemmon was behind the... Read more →



Locals turn lemonade into Super Bowl ad finalist

CITYWIDE — A young girl is hawking lemonade, but when her neighbors approach the stand they instead notice the bag of Doritos behind her. It's not for sale — or is it? The quick-thinking child deftly morphs into an auctioneer as the adults vie for the chips, setting up the rest of a 30-second commercial that is currently competing... Read more →


SMC students plan fitness, fun for local youths

PICO BLVD. — Even a decade later, Trae Smith remembers the seemingly ordinary events: a Los Angeles Clippers game, a barbecue, an athletic competition. As an elementary and middle school student who spent countless hours in a youth enrichment program, he saw the activities as ways to have fun — but he was learning and maturing,... Read more →


Pot shops remain in draft zoning code

CITY HALL — As the Planning Commission grapple with wonkier decisions about land-use rules, Santa Monica is still poised to allow two medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. The newest iteration of the draft Zoning Code, which will dictate land use for years to come, includes the allowance of dispensaries, which are currently banned... Read more →

Community Profiles

Bumblebee loves Santa Monica buildings

WILSHIRE BLVD — On Wilshire Boulevard, seven blocks from the beach, a giant boy is straining through his binoculars to see the ocean — an increasingly hard feat in Santa Monica. The boy was created by an artist who goes cryptically by the name Bumblebee Loves You (he would not give his real name for this article) and commissioned by... Read more →

Community Profiles

Adjournments: Two pass too young

CITY HALL —City Council honored two members of the Santa Monica community who’d died at the ages of 35 and 41. Kate Levy, 35, who died suddenly in a car crash in November, was remembered for her fight against homelessness as a senior administrative analyst in City Hall’s Human Services Division. “Kate was an enthusiastic employee.... Read more →


Pico Branch Library Buzz

LIBRARY LOWDOWN — Now that the Pico Branch Library is open, many of you may be wondering what's going on with the new library. Well, it is like participating in a marathon most of the time you run and sometimes you run even harder. Getting ready for a marathon takes perseverance, training and encouragement from friends and family. As the... Read more →

Play Time


Andy and Fletcher and All That Jazz

PLAY TIME — “Whiplash” is a misleading name for this film.  It conjures up deadly car chases and crashes and someone paralyzed for the rest of his life.  But the actual film is a far cry from that kind of theme.  “Whiplash” is a popular jazz piece written by Hank Levy, a composer/saxophonist who wrote for Stan Kenton's orchestra... Read more →

Culture Watch


Iran, Salon, Paris

CULTURE WATCH — The Tara Gallery in Santa Monica pursues a rare mission: to show works by contemporary Iranian artists, a tricky business thanks to the sanctions against Iran. Tara Gallery is sponsored by the non-profit American Foundation for Contemporary Iranian Art (AFCIA), dedicated to promoting and supporting contemporary Iranian... Read more →

Book Review


In the Shadow of a Legend

Brain trust. Coach Wooden (seated) and Asst. Coach Norman made college basketball history. (Photo courtesy ASUCLA Photography) History is filled with “what ifs,” events that if they had gone this way or that might have changed the world. And so are our personal lives where some seemingly small occurrence might have totally changed our... Read more →

Play Time

The Piper Plays A Merry Tune

PLAY TIME — When May Lee Davis was looking for a pizzazzy name to reflect her ascending career as a standup comedian, she was suddenly inspired by a large neon sign that identified the Santa Monica Pier. She added a well-placed P, and just like that, May Lee Davis became Monica Piper. Piper is still going strong. Her latest... Read more →

Culture Watch

Holiday Potpourri

CULTURE WATCH — Santa Monica has its own Nutcracker! Westside Ballet of Santa Monica, now in its fifth decade, returns to the Broad Stage, in collaboration with Santa Monica College Symphony, to present the holiday dance classic, from Dec. 13 – 21, nine performances only. Comprised primarily of dancers from Santa Monica and surrounding... Read more →