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The Lyons, Hear Them Roar

  Cruelty is usually the weapon of choice in dysfunctional families. In the Lyons family this toxic behavior has engendered alienation, isolation, and loneliness in an unhappy foursome in New York. In Nicky Silver’s play, “The Lyons”, however, the mitigating factor is that the unfolding drama is bursting with some of the... Read more →


Save the ocean, party on the Pier

      This year Heal the Bay will be raising their glasses, and funds, on the Santa Monica Pier. Heal the Bay hosted their first Bring Back the Beach Gala in 1992 at Opus Restaurant on Ocean Avenue. From 300 people in attendance in 1992 to now an estimated 1,000-guests, this year the annual gala will take place on... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: King Arthur -Legend of the Sword

Rated PG-13 126 Minutes Released May 12   Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a unique re-telling of the story of Arthur, the legend of ancient English folklore who is said to have led British warriors against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and 6th centuries AD. There is no proof that Arthur really existed. Yet... Read more →

Play Time

Being “Foreign” Involves Talking Gibberish

Since he wrote it in 1984, Larry Shue’s play “The Foreigner” has been produced and revived by amateurs, students, and professional companies almost continually. It’s a two-act, two-and-a-half-hour absurdist comedy that taxes the abilities of the lead actor, who has to speak in gibberish the entire time. Fortunately, Mike Niedzwiecki... Read more →

Play Time

New Film Asks, “Who Do You Love?”

  Probably every long-time married couple will acknowledge that every once in a while the rapture will wear off.  If they’re lucky they will find a spark that reignites their romance.  If not, they may turn to a lover or a divorce. That’s the situation that Mary and Michael find themselves in after 25 years of a tumultuous... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Going In Style

  Rated PG-13 96 Minutes Released April 7th   I had expected that Going in Style would be a fun quirky romp like Grumpy Old Men. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this movie is much more than that. It’s a wonderful heartwarming family movie with life lessons that are disguised within its beautifully written... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Unforgettable

Rated R 100 Minutes Released April 21   Unforgettable is a dramatic psychological thriller starring Katherine Heigl as “Tessa” and Rosario Dawson as “Julia,” two women who are pitted against one another in a bitter psycho-battle. This is probably Heigl’s best role yet, a tightly wound divorcee reaching out in all... Read more →

Culture Watch

When you can’t go out

  For the past few weeks and the next few, I’m recovering from surgery, so I haven’t been going out. But we live in a new golden age of television and a number of very kind publicists (thanks Sasha Berman and 360 Communications) have shared streaming links allowing me to screen films at home, for which I am extremely grateful (see... Read more →

Play Time

A French Farce Is Hard to Parse

  The first French farce was performed in the 13th century. British farce began a century later. They are both still going strong, but often in very different directions. British farce usually tends to be a frenetic comedy of people chasing each other up and down stairs, banging doors, and misunderstanding everything that’s going... Read more →


Daily Press KBUG

Week of April 24, 2017   Wastewater Main Replacement Project For the week of April 24, the Contractor will continue with concrete restoration work on Marguerita Pl N between 4th Street and 7th Street. Marguerita Pl. N. will be closed to through traffic over night while the concrete is drying. The contractor will also continue... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Norman

Rated R 117 Minutes Released April 14   Norman is an unusual and vivid study of an intricate and unique human being. It’s also a tale of how an action on a personal plane can affect the world stage. The story is a game of mental chess on an interpersonal level involving game pieces of massive scope. A cascade of action is... Read more →

Culture Watch

Movies I’m Loving

    “Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story” and “Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent” are two terrific documentaries that you should put on your list of must-see movies. Harold and Lillian tells the almost invisible story of an amazing couple who were the secret sauce behind some of Tinseltown’s most... Read more →


These Guys Are Definitely NOT The Brady Bunch

    Playwright Phinneas Kiyomura’s play “Supper” introduces three oil-rich brothers who have come to Japan to celebrate the wedding of their fourth brother, Freddy (Joel Scher), to his very strange Japanese bride, Naomi (Keiko Elizabeth). Each of them is different from his brothers and as they reveal their individual... Read more →


Transportation Tuesday

Celebrate Earth Day. Ride a Bike! Join us this Saturday for Santa Monica’s Earth Day themed Kidical Mass Family Ride and Community Garden Tour. We will take a family friendly ride from Memorial Park to visit Park Drive Community Garden for a kids garden tour and seed bomb workshop. There will be prizes and giveaways at Memorial Park... Read more →