Honeynut Squash and Apple Stuffing

Honeynut Squash and Apple Stuffing From Vucacious Catering For Chef Kim Vu, the main event of a holiday is actually the side dishes and her take on a classic stuffing recipe is all about enhancing taste by selecting peak produce. “Thanksgiving happens to be my most favorite holiday of the year,” she said. “It’s a holiday I... Read more →


Butternut Squash soup with fried Brussel sprouts

Butternut Squash soup with fried Brussel sprouts By Smith Farms When you’re a local farmer, you tend to eat what you grow and that means you’re going to have a highly seasonal diet. Eating what’s in season is just the way it’s done with Smith Family Farms and they said the benefits of synching your stomach to the seasons are... Read more →


Broccoli Casserole

From the Santa Monica Farmers Market No matter what you’re planning for your holiday meals, the best place to stock up on the produce you need is the Santa Monica Farmers Market. With four markets on three days spread across the city, everything you need for a holiday meal is available locally. Jodi Low, Market Coordinator for the... Read more →


Turkey Gumbo

From Autonomy Farms When a rancher spends every day for weeks to months to years raising an animal, they care how it’s used and farmers have many a tip for turning what would otherwise be considered waste into top notch eats. At Autonomy Farms, they like to convert their turkey leftovers into big batches of tasty stock that can be... Read more →


Swiss Women Grapple With the “Divine Order”

by Cynthia Citron "If women get the vote will they still be home in time to cook dinner?" This was the sardonic campaign poster promoting a man in Switzerland who was running for office. Not in the 19th century, but near the end of the 20th. It was a time in Switzerland when men still made all the rules and all the decisions and their... Read more →

Culture Watch

Rants and Raves

Culture Watch By Sarah A. Spitz   First the rant. Everything that can be said has been said about “Hamilton” and Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors at the Broad Museum. You’ve seen the Instagram pictures, the selfies on Facebook. But if you wanted tickets for either of these, you’d be hard pressed to get one. I managed... Read more →

Culture Watch


FILM REVIEW MUDBOUND Rated R 134 Minutes Released November 17 At Sundance 2017, Mudbound received a well-deserved standing ovation. This is the third full-length feature film from writer/director Dee Rees (Bessie, Pariah). With this film Rees has created a symphony of rich visual and emotional notes behind a spellbinding story... Read more →


Dining From One End Of The Spectrum To The Other

  By Merv Hecht   If you are not looking for it you probably would not notice Kreation near the corner of 10th and Montana in Santa Monica. And if you look at their menu, you won’t find the address. It is literally a hole in the wall, with a few tables on the sidewalk, and a long narrow corridor leading to a small room... Read more →


We Need To Do A Deep Dive For The City

What’s the Point? We Need To Do A Deep Dive For The City I do consulting with people and companies in order to provide an outside viewpoint and to take a step back to review the bigger picture of what is happening in a life, a company or an industry. They’re called Deep Dive Weekends. This past weekend I was in Raleigh, N.... Read more →



FILM REVIEW LADY BIRD Rated R 93 Minutes Released November 3 Watching the film Lady Bird feels like sneaking a read of someone’s diary. This heartfelt and relatable story coming of age story is more anecdotal than a deep character study. It is a saga of the growing pains of a daughter and mother as the two ride the bumpy road... Read more →


Go to Cuba!

Editor: I just returned from a trip to Cuba, despite the recent warning to US citizens against travel there for safety reasons. The recent unsubstantiated allegations of sonic attacks on American diplomats, and the latest travel restrictions announced by the Trump administration this week will further decrease US travel to the... Read more →