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Cross-country walker stuck without signatures

SM PIER — After a journey across the country and back, Armand Young, of West Virginia, is stuck, like the Israelites on the border of Canaan, at the Staples on Wilshire Boulevard. Young, who has marched from Santa Monica to New York City and back again, promised his mother, who died in his arms, that he'd collect one million signatures on... Read more →

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Holbrook says farewell after six terms

CITY HALL — After about 500 meetings and thousands of hours in the Council Chambers, Bob Holbrook will take to the dais one last time tonight. Holbrook, elected in 1990, is the longest serving member of City Council in Santa Monica’s history. The elder statesmen has survived six elections and without the help of Santa Monicans for... Read more →



Outdoor fitness trainer ordinance reduced complaints

PALISADES PARK — After 10 months of enforcement, city officials say the controversial ordinance that restricts the usage of public parks for outdoor fitness training had its intended effect but could use some tweaks. They proposed some changes to the ordinance — a one-year pilot program that expires in January — including a move... Read more →


Ingo’s Tasty Diner to replace Callahan’s, JiRaffe closing

WILSHIRE BLVD — With Callahan's scheduled to close on New Year's Eve, building owners are moving forward with their plans for a farm-to-table diner and a restoration of the 58-year-old building. Ingo's Tasty Diner got its alcohol permits earlier this year — though it won't have a bar — and its design proposal easily passed the... Read more →


BLT’s and Blood Mary for Black Friday

Michael McCarty, owner of Michael's restaurant provides his thoughts on the Thanksgiving holiday and a pair of recipes to keep the celebration going for those that would rather eat (and drink) than shop.   Why are these recipes good fits for Thanksgiving? As much as how they're going to roast the perfect turkey, what's going... Read more →

Play Time

Computers and Proteins Make a Lovely Pair

PLAY TIME — The set is absolutely brilliant. And so is Itamar Moses. His play is called “Completeness”, and once again he takes us into an esoteric world and explains it so convincingly that we almost think we understand it. In his earlier masterpiece, “Bach at Leipzig”, he submerged us in music, explaining the intricacies of... Read more →

Culture Watch

Last Chance and Looking Ahead

CULTURE WATCH — If you're a fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies and you're not afraid of laughing at them, this is your last chance to see the international smash hit play, “The 39 Steps” in Malibu. Inspired by Hitchcock's film, this madcap comic thriller follows an unwitting hero who is lured by a bewitching female spy into a nefarious... Read more →



Brine and dine for a great turkey

DOWNTOWN — Family traditions are often so ingrained in us, it's hard to remember how or when they started. When it comes to a day like Thanksgiving, many of those traditions have been handed down generation to generation. However, Yousef Ghalaini, the new chef at FIG restaurant, can clearly remember the origins of his holiday... Read more →