A shining ‘City’ on the hill

“This Beautiful City” is Colorado Springs, Colo., the headquarters of the outspoken Evangelical Christians of the religious and political right and home to more than 80 national religious organizations. So, before I continue, let me reveal where I’m coming from. I’m Jewish, and I strongly object to the current movement... Read more →


An afternoon in heaven

I’m a BBQ freak. I’ll drive miles for good Q. Maybe it’s genetic, or maybe it’s the recollections of childhood days in the back yard with the family, and Ida Mae grilling BBQ in the back yard. Whatever the reason, I was excited about going to a BBQ festival in Santa Monica last month. I got sidetracked. On the left... Read more →


Mother, daughter combine talent to benefit Heal the Bay

OCEAN AVE Artist Christa Zinner, 88, looks remarkably calm as she sits in her easy chair listening to her daughter, Katina Zinner, describe for the first time the shark attack she experienced last year. Katina tells her Mom to cover her ears. She does, for about six seconds, and then uncovers them. After three times of asking her mom to... Read more →

Community Profiles

Young leaves YWCA with much pride

DOWNTOWN The Santa Monica YWCA of today is a far cry from the YWCA Sally Young started working at as an executive director in 1985. On her first day on the job Young walked into her office to find a desk that faced a wall and a bathroom with wood planks across a tub serving as a file cabinet. The manila files were in complete... Read more →


All together now

It’s a treat to see Puccini's trilogy of one-act operas, ‘Il Trittico,’ all together because although they were originally intended to be performed in order. Today, out of time considerations they rarely are. Typically, it is “Suor Angelica” (Sister Angelica) that gets ditched because of its sentimentality and... Read more →