A traditional sushi sensation

When it’s time to go out for lunch or dinner, I usually think that anything I would want I can find in Santa Monica. So when the PR people from Sashi invited me to their restaurant in Manhattan Beach, I was skeptical. And then they mentioned their selection of 60 different types of sake, so that was enough to encourage me to go. Our... Read more →

Mommie Brain

You’ve got to have park

I recently took my son to the playground in New York City where I grew up. I looked around and all I could see was me, about 8 years old, in a red satin jacket lacing up my blue Adidas roller skates with the yellow stripes. It was great to watch him play where I identify so strongly with my own childhood. And I realized how important these... Read more →

Community Profiles

Local woman campaigns for the ocean

DOWNTOWN Anna Cummins is making the grade these days. The Santa Monica resident is on a mission to teach the young and the old about the way human consumption has created a garbage patch estimated to be the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean. Although Cummins said she always had an interest in the environment-managing a compost pile in the... Read more →


Fitness is a challenge worth taking on

A little over three years ago during a bike ride I was hit by a car and left with a broken collarbone, a fractured lower back, and broken finger and wrist. For the first time ever, I couldn’t do the one thing that had always been an integral part of my life — work out. After my accident, I couldn’t do much of anything for... Read more →


Learning the way of the watermelon

Watermelon season is ending in some parts of the U.S., but before it’s all over let us take this time to hone in on why watermelon is so beloved. A recent news headline reads, “Watermelon-eating dog prompts man to stab himself.” A man was so distraught over losing his watermelon to a dog that he stabbed himself to show the... Read more →


The falls and breaks of childhood

Fractures are the most common and potentially serious childhood injuries and they are the number one reason for a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon. Approximately half of all children will eventually suffer from a fracture or other serious orthopaedic injury. Most common childhood fractures are the result of “low-energy trauma,”... Read more →

Book Review

‘Another Man’s Sombrero’

This book has the sub-title “A Conservative Broadcaster’s Undercover Journey across The Mexican Border.” We have a problem with people crossing our border. If we can agree on that we can work on a solution. But we must first look at the facts. What makes a person cross our border? Is it the opportunity for a better life?... Read more →

DVD Releases

‘The Happening’

‘The Happening’ From writer/director M. Night Shyamalan (“Signs,” “The Sixth Sense”) comes this paranoid thriller about a family on the run from a natural crisis (breezes carrying deadly neurotoxins) that presents a large-scale threat to humanity. While the end of the world isn’t expected to be a... Read more →


All that Chazz dazzles

When Chazz Palminteri’s screenplay for “Faithful,” a brilliant psychological drama/comedy/twister, was made into a movie in 1996 it starred Cher, Ryan O’Neal, and Chazz himself, and was directed by Paul Mazursky and produced by Robert DeNiro. Not too shabby a lineup. But that stellar production has nothing on the... Read more →


Tony P’s is popping

It seems like I’ve been lunching in Marina del Rey since before there was water in the canals. And yet, recently, while browsing the Internet, I saw some favorable comments about Tony P’s Dockside Grill, a place I have never visited. So the next time I was driving by, my wife and I stopped in there for lunch. Upon entering I... Read more →


UCLA Medical Group among the best

MID-CITY When seeking healthcare, the UCLA Medical Group continues to provide some of the best services around. One of the largest networks of medical professionals in the Los Angeles area was recently named in the top 20 percent of physician organizations in the state, receiving the honor for the fourth consecutive year. The UCLA Medical... Read more →

Community Profiles

Inspirational blind student inspires others

SAMOHI In most ways Kyra Sweeney is a normal 14-year-old teenager just like any other. She counts text messaging, instant messaging, and talking on the phone among her primary interests. However, unlike most teenagers there are a couple of traits that make her different from the average high school student including the fact that she’s... Read more →


Variety is the spice of life

I am a huge fan of Asian food and especially sushi, so I was thrilled to accept and invitation to dine at Takami in Downtown Los Angeles this past week. What a place. Located at the top of a tall high rise on Wilshire Boulevard, Takami has 360 degree views of the city with windows that are half open at the top so the air is coming in while... Read more →

DVD Releases

‘The Big Lebowski’ 10th Anniversary Edition

‘The Big Lebowski’ 10th Anniversary Edition One of the Coen Brothers’ best efforts, Jeff Bridges stars as The Dude, a professional slacker, whose life is turned chaotic in a case of mistaken identity. With a backdrop of bowling and avant-garde art, the quirky comedy-thriller also stars John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve... Read more →

Book Review

‘The Empty Nest’

It is coming. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you will. It is that time in the life of each parent when the last child leaves for college and that extra room is vacant. You wonder how your life is going to go on after 18 years of caring for this child. But you will survive. A part of you wants to let that person go and another part... Read more →