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Debating the benefits of sharing our kids

I have been wondering recently if it is it OK for me to write about my son here. I tell funny stories about him, my challenges with motherhood and, what got me thinking about this, our struggles with his developmental delay. He is only 2 years old. Obviously, he cannot read. But it will be there when he can. How will he feel about people... Read more →

Community Profiles

Riding for a good cause

DOWNTOWN — A 10-ounce bottle containing a cloudy mixture of plankton, water and colorful bits of plastic sits on Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins’ living room table, reminding the soon-to-be married couple why they will spend the next two months biking across the country. Laying next to the jar is a short line of rope tying... Read more →

DVD Releases

New on DVD

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Winner of eight Oscars including Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards, Dev Patel stars as a Mumbai teen who grew up in the slums and becomes a contestant on the Indian version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” He is then arrested under suspicion of cheating, and while being interrogated, events from... Read more →

Book Review

‘Whirlwind’ By Cathy Marie Hake Bethany House

We are interested in immigrants. Now we find our immigrants coming by plane or other means, but, we must remember that it wasn’t too long ago when our immigrants came by boat and were filtered through Ellis Island. It wasn’t easy in 1892 to be employed as a nanny. Your charges have been sent away to boarding school and your... Read more →


No blues at this BBQ

I judge the quality of life in a city by the quality of its barbecue and the number of chocolate stores within or close to the city limits. I haven’t checked all the candy stores yet, but I’ve had some mighty good BBQ, and so far my favorite is Baby Blues. WHERE: 444 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, 90291: (310) 396-7675. WHEN: I like a... Read more →


Fuel for the day

While most articles define superfoods as those foods with the highest antioxidant activity, I choose my favorite superfoods based on antioxidants and the ability to perform multiple tasks in the diet and in the body. Pomegranates, acai and gojis are great, but they have limited uses when compared to this list of superfoods: flax seeds,... Read more →


The price is right

I enjoyed a very nice meal at the Santa Monica Loews Beach Hotel the other night. The occasion was to review their prix fixe menu that is being featured for spring and I brought my husband in order to sample a couple dishes. The name of the restaurant there is Ocean & Vine and is located right on the beach with fabulous views of the ocean... Read more →


Japanese disconnect

Far from a travel guide, “Tokyo!” is a trio of short films set in the Japanese city, created by three directors known for being on the edge of their genres. Michel Gondry (”The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”), Leos Carax (”The Lovers on the Bridge”) and Bong Joon-Ho (”The Host”) bring... Read more →


Living in a man’s world?

Quick, name a famous female physicist. OK, besides Marie Curie. Sadly, the name Rosalind Franklin doesn’t spring readily to mind. But it should, since Ms. Franklin did the crucial work that led to the discovery of the structure of dioxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the very building blocks of life. The fascinating story of Ms.... Read more →

Community Profiles

Comic plays two positions

DOWNTOWN — He’s done gigs in Austin, Chicago and Hollywood, but when it comes to putting on improv routines, there’s something special about going before the home crowd. That’s what Lloyd Ahlquist gets to do nearly every week on the same stage at The Westside Eclectic, performing improvisational and stand-up routines... Read more →


Waste not, want not

You go to the grocery store right from work hoping to buy a few ingredients to whip up something for dinner. You spot the frozen bags of veggies that already contain the pasta and some sort of sauce. Perhaps you grab one of those salad packs that contains a packet of dried cranberries, some nuts and even a dressing. You think, “OK, all... Read more →

DVD Releases

New on shelves

‘Quantum of Solace’ Two-disc Special Edition Daniel Craig returns in the high octane action of the world’s most famous secret agent, James Bond. Probing deep into the criminal group known as Quantum, Bond works without the support of MI 6 in trying to track down those responsible for murdering the woman he loved. Bonus... Read more →


Offering different pier perspectives

SM PIER — Sara Jane Boyers was on her way out the door when she was met with a thick cloud of fog. Her first reaction was to grab a camera and make a dash toward the Santa Monica Pier, but withheld the urge and continued her plans to go out of town. But the first thing she did the next day, bright and early, was to take a trip to the... Read more →


In studio with Jason Bentley

KCRW — Headphones in place, the microphone at the right height, Jason Bentley, host of “Morning Becomes Eclectic” on KCRW-FM (89.9), was ready to put his guest to the test. Tyler Bates, composer for the recently released film “Watchmen,” sat directly across from Bentley with his guitar-viol, a custom guitar... Read more →