Play Time: The body in the chair

Martin Thompson, Jennifer Lee Laks, and Christine Joelle in "Night Watch" at Theatre 40.(Photo by Ed Krieger) Elaine (Jennifer Lee Laks) has had insomnia all her life, so she habitually wanders around the house in the middle of the night. This night, she looks out her front window and screams! In rush her husband, John (Martin... Read more →


The Better Option: For the love of chocolate

Whether Valentine’s Day, like Halloween, is rooted in the pagan celebration, Lupercalia or the Christian festival honoring the legend of St. Valentine is still up for debate. But one thing for sure is that Total U.S confectionery sales for Valentine’s Day 2014 are projected to be over $1 billion, and chocolate will make up approximately... Read more →

Culture Watch

Culture Watch: Stories we tell

A MAN AND HIS WORDS: Storyteller Mike Daisey is set to perform tonight at UCLA. (Photo courtesy of CAP UCLA) Mike Daisey has managed to carve a living out of storytelling, which has become one of the predominant art forms of our time. “I grew up in far northern Maine and did a lot of storytelling, something that happens in remote... Read more →


Play Time: Barry McGovern says ‘I’ll go on’ to Beckett

LOOK! Barry McGovern in ‘I’ll Go On,’ at the Center Theatre Group/Kirk Douglas Theatre. (Courtesy Craig Schwartz Photography) Have you ever listened intently to someone explaining, succinctly and articulately, an esoteric concept you never understood before, until you suddenly exclaimed triumphantly, “A ha! I got it!” only to... Read more →


Brief: Hotel indulges sweet tooth

The Shore Hotel is partnering with Sprinkles Cupcakes to give locals a little something sweet for Valentine’s Day. The Los Angeles-based bakery will bring its cupcake cart to the Ocean Avenue hotel from Feb. 14-17, offering an assortment of classic favorites including red velvet, dark chocolate and salty caramel. For more information,... Read more →


Emeritus concert

BROAD STAGE — Santa Monica College’s Emeritus College Concert Band will be hosting a free concert this Saturday, Feb. 8, at the Broad Stage that will feature show tune favorites, as well as a Sousa march. “Free concerts at the Broad are almost non-existent, so this is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a Saturday afternoon of good,... Read more →


Cirque du Soleil gives it away for free

THIRD STREET PROMENADE — Visitors to the Third Street Promenade will be in for a special treat this Thursday when Cirque du Soleil presents a free preview of its traveling production "Totem" that's currently on show next to the Santa Monica Pier through March 16. The special preview will take place between Broadway and Santa Monica... Read more →


Say goodbye to Ma’kai

OCEAN AVE  — Santa Monicans looking for a place to dance the night away have flocked to Ma’kai restaurant and lounge located at the corner of Ocean Avenue and Broadway. It was practically the only place to hear dance music and grab a drink in Downtown after Gotham Hall closed a few years back. Ma'kai lounge will be no more. (Photo... Read more →


Man on the street performers

MAKING ROUNDS: Stephen Bradford checks in on one of the street performers he oversees on the Third Street Promenade. (Paul Alvarez Jr. editor@smdp.com) DOWNTOWN — It’s Friday afternoon and there’s a man screaming on the corner of Arizona Avenue and the Third Street Promenade. Most passersby would assume he’s just someone having... Read more →


Santa Monica welcomes 800 Degrees pizza

Fresh pizza in roughly two minutes at 800 Degrees Pizzeria in Downtown Santa Monica. (Michael Ryan michael@smdp.com) The reputation that precedes the new 800 Degrees Santa Monica is all good. That’s because the original Westwood location has seen nothing but success since its inception just a couple years back. And while the long... Read more →


Difficult to say, easy to eat

FRESH AND CLEAN: New Zealand green mussels with spicy butter, chorizo and blue cheese. (Photo courtesy Maggie Louie) DOWNTOWN — Just past the Third Street Promenade, tucked away on Second Street, sits Santa Monica’s newest little neighborhood tapas and paella joint, Taberna Arros y Vi. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, and we haven’t even... Read more →


Secrets of a bonsai master

MASTER on duty: Frank Goya working on a bonsai. He will be giving a talk in the Pacific Palisades on Saturday. (Photo courtesy Lloyd Garver) WESTSIDE — For my birthday a few years ago my wife surprised me by giving me an odd looking shrub. She couldn’t have been more excited, but I have been. She explained that the weird bush was the... Read more →


Santa Monica makes list of exciting suburbs

DOWNTOWN — Exciting suburb. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Well it isn’t, according to real estate blog Movoto.com, which named Santa Monica the fifth most exciting suburb in America. The bustling Third Street Promenade, with its combination of restaurants, retail and street performers, helped Santa Monica make the list of... Read more →



Facebook: friend or foe?

Earlier this week, we received an SOS text from a friend. She asked us to check out a picture she uploaded to Facebook. “What’s the big deal?” we wondered. Evidently, a guy she met on there, and whom she’s been talking to for the past couple of weeks, asked her if all she had were “glamorous party pictures” of... Read more →