A taste of Vietnam

I had an interesting experience on Easter Sunday in Canoga Park. I signed through Slow Food L.A. to take a Vietnamese cooking class at a private home. Since Vietnamese food is one of my all-time favorites I jumped at the chance to learn from home cooks. There were about 15 people attending and we walked into a home with three Vietnamese... Read more →

Mommie Brain

Being comfortable in your own skin

Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me! I am 38 for those who are curious. Now, I have never been one for freaking out over getting older, though when I turned 20 I do distinctly remember thrashing around my dorm room distraught that no matter what I did I would no longer ever be considered a child prodigy. Janet Jackson was big at the... Read more →

Community Profiles

Beer is for chicks, too

DOWNTOWN — The last thing you want to say to Christina Perozzi is “Oh, I’m not a beer drinker.” “That, to me, is like throwing down the gauntlet,” Perozzi said as she sipped her Allagash White, an unfiltered Belgian-style brew flavored with coriander and bitter orange peel. Or at least that’s how... Read more →


Going back to nature

Bow to the queen of … the fats. That’s how Susan Allport refers to omega-3 fats in her book, “The Queen of Fats.” When omega-6’s were found to be essential, they were deemed the king for being, at the time, the only truly essential fatty acid. But we all know that behind every man is a strong woman. She... Read more →


Living in perfect eHarmony

If you’re like most normal single people in your mid-30s, and you no longer hit the bars scoping for action, you’ve probably tried an online dating site. Most of us are loathe to admit this fact, but really, who wants to have a computerized matchmaker fix you up with the love of your life? It sounds so sterile, so unromantic... Read more →


No longer curious

My neighborhood is slowly becoming more, how shall I say it, gentrified, sophisticated, hip and cool. When little gourmet stores and café’s begin popping up all around with words like “organic” and “artisan,” you know the neighborhood has turned that corner. Well, Mar Vista is coming into its own. We now... Read more →


‘Brief Affair’ with Hitler?

Anna (Jenny O’Hara) has been almost dying for years. But each time she is carted off to the hospital, she rallies, bounces out of her “deathbed” and returns to her home in Brooklyn. While fiercely clinging to life, however, she is slowly losing her grip on reality. Or so it seems. Her grown children have once again gathered... Read more →

Community Profiles

Helping the homeless reconnect with families

CITYWIDE — Using a simple greeting and granola bar, Ron Hooks attempts to make a connection. “Hey, how are you doing?” Hooks asks as he hands the granola bar to a homeless individual. The act of offering food and a few simple introductory words can go a long way toward establishing a meaningful relationship with a... Read more →


A different type of threesome

In last week’s article you learned some facts about flax, but you only learned half of the omega-3 fat story. As a child I remember listening to a guy named Paul Harvey who did a radio news segment called “The Rest of the Story” where he elaborated on popular news pieces. We had a radio that went on with the bathroom light.... Read more →


Seafood comes home

GENERAL COMMENT: At last a seafood bar in the heart of Santa Monica. And a fish market in the same space so you can take dinner home with you. NAME: Santa Monica Seafood Restaurant WHERE: 1000 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica. Tel: (310) 393-5244. Parking in back. WHEN: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 7 days a week (closes at 8 p.m. on Sundays). BEST DISHES:... Read more →


‘Best Wishes’ for a peaceful eternity

If “lace curtain Irish” were not considered a pejorative term by some, it could be used as a thumbnail description of the family in Bill Barker’s play “Best Wishes,” which is currently enjoying a splendid revival at the Crown City Theatre in North Hollywood. Joanne McGee and Matthew J. Williamson’s... Read more →


A whole lot of giving going on

DOWNTOWN — When you buy organic foods Wednesday to maintain your health, you will also be helping a local radio station live a long and fruitful life. That’s because Whole Foods Markets in Santa Monica and other nearby locations are donating 5 percent of their net sales Wednesday to public radio station 89.9 FM —... Read more →


Just the flax, ma’am

When humans were hunter-gatherers, death from chronic disease was unheard of partly because their diets were equally rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Today Americans consume a diet that on average contains 17 grams of omega-6 for every one gram of omega-3 fatty acids. In Japan, residents consume a diet that that is four to one omega-6... Read more →

DVD Releases

New DVD releases

‘The Wrestler’ Mickey Rourke was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award in the title role as Randy “The Ram” Robinson, a faded professional wrestler who must retire for health reasons, but finds his quest for a new life outside the ring a dispiriting struggle. Marisa Tomei is riveting as Rourke’s co-star... Read more →