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100 and still going strong

OCEAN PARK — The plan for the day was simple, just treat it like any other. And so that is what Mae LaBorde set out to do when she got out of bed one recent morning, going about her regular daily regime, first brushing her teeth, next drinking a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, and then making the bed. Except this particular... Read more →


A fantastic revival

Sometimes a corny, old-fashioned, totally out-of-date musical can charm you right out of your boots and remind you, once again, why the theater — for you at least — has always been such a magical place. You never know what wizardry is going to come at you from across the footlights. Such a musical is “The Fantasticks,”... Read more →

Book Review

‘The Returning’

Time lost can not be regained. But time will heal the hurt. This book does a good job of handling the situation of time lost. John must re-establish himself after five years in prison. “Half a decade locked away with no computer and little television had left him in something of a time freeze.” The tension is between John and his... Read more →


Fun on the side

SM PIER — The Centennial Celebration continues this Saturday with the largest gathering of circus artists, Vaudevillians, contortionists, aerialists, jugglers, acrobats and performance artists ever seen on the historic pier. “Sideshow at the Pier” is an irreverent homage to the pier’s midway spirit, and is jam packed... Read more →

Mommie Brain

Where you’ll never be bored

I admit there are some days when I am at a total loss as to how to entertain my kid. He has mounds of toys and yet sometimes there is nothing for us to play with. And though we live a block and a half from a terrific park, sometimes I just can’t go push him on a swing yet again. On those days, the “bad” mother in me often... Read more →

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Daughter honors her father

DOWNTOWN — Her name is Shannon Lee but many might know her as Bruce Lee’s daughter. And she doesn’t really mind that facet of her identity one bit. Yet Lee, 40, is making her own claim to fame in the entertainment industry, founding a new production company — Leeway Media — in July 2008 and celebrating its... Read more →


Serving 12,000 meals a day

Usually when I write about a restaurant it’s a restaurant that serves about 100 to 300 meals a day. A few might serve 500 meals on a special day, or some fast food places might serve 1,000 people on a busy day. But I’m on the Queen Mary 2 in mid-Atlantic, and on this ship they’re serving about 12,000 meals a day!... Read more →

Book Review

‘Hometown Favorite’

At last, a book for men. There are quite a few out there in the audience. “You believe people can change?” Play the game right and you can be a hero. You could also be the next hall of famer. Step out of line and you have no future. For a black athlete the game was your ticket. There are three fundamental story lines in... Read more →


No guilt when eating at this fast food chain

I had a great lunch the other day at Panera Bread in the Marina and I am impressed by the quality of their food. As you may have heard, Health magazine recently released its list of healthiest fast food restaurants in the country, and Panera Bread ranked at the top thanks to its “comprehensive menu of healthy choices for every... Read more →


One-man show is a real ordeal

No matter how endearing you might find Frank South to be, spending two hours with him is a real ordeal. He paces, he twitches, he rages, he apologizes, he laments, he speaks in non-sequiturs, and he fights with his personal demons. In short, he displays vividly the ailments that have afflicted him for a lifetime: attention deficit... Read more →

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Little fish swims across ‘the pond’

Isabella Siering hung in the starting position for the 100 meter backstroke event at the Northern German Championship in Hanover, Germany. The 10-year-old was tired. She and her dad, Frank, had jumped on a plane and flown to Hanover when they realized she was eligible to compete in the championship, but she was suffering from jet lag and... Read more →


Fighting for control

When you hear the theme song from “Rocky,” what images does it conjure? I see the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps which I ran up at the beginning, but not at the end, of the Philadelphia Marathon. I see a thick gray sweat suit not ideal for exercise. And I see a glass full of raw eggs which are absolutely not the best pre or post... Read more →


Best vacations may include manual labor

Although we find ourselves in an unusually challenging time, I’m discovering it also provides us with a unique opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and our choices. I have been speaking to different people about travel plans, and whether our current economy has brought about a change in their vacation planning. One recurrent theme, both... Read more →


Double your pleasure

MADISON CAMPUS — While many arts organizations are cutting back in light of the struggling economy, the Eli and Edythe Broad Stage at the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center is planning to expand during its sophomore season, offering twice the number of performances presented during its debut. The Broad Stage, which was... Read more →