Play Time

Good Cop/ Bad Cop Which Is Which?

  Keith Huff’s play, “A Steady Rain,” is an absorbing variation in the “good cop/bad cop” genre. Two cops, best friends since childhood, are partners in the Chicago Police Department. (In fact, they are so entwined that neither appears to have any other friends.) Denny (R.J. DeBard), the “bad cop,” is an explosive,... Read more →


Milo and Olive Pizza in Santa Monica

  Some say that when Elon Musk drops people on Mars, they will find a Starbucks coffee house on one corner and an Italian pizza restaurant on the other. At least that’s at least how Santa Monica has developed. There are at least 50 places to buy pizza in Santa Monica. So it’s not practical for me to try them all, because by the... Read more →

Culture Watch

Why I went Downtown

When I travel, I love riding on public transportation—buses, trains, trams and ferries— because in Europe, the UK and Scandinavia, these services are so efficient (as they are in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, BC). So I was delighted when the Expo Line came into town and I jumped at the chance to participate in the Big Blue Bus/Metro... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Ingrid Goes West

  Rated R 97 Minutes Released August 11   Ingrid Goes West could well be called “Ingrid Goes South.” “Ingrid” is a colossal mess and this film is the story of that mess. This is not an artistically top of the line movie. However it is a relevant statement and exploration of the communications backbone of people... Read more →

Play Time

Where, Oh Where is Angelica?

  As producer Gary Grossman explains it, the mission of the Skylight Theatre Company is to present only world premieres. No revivals, no imports from London or New York, no old rehashes of plays from the 1930s. Just brand new plays to be introduced to Los Angeles and the world for the very first time. Sometimes it works. Sometimes... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Atomic Blonde

  Rated R 115 Minutes Released July 28 I prefer not to read anything about a film before I see it. I want to experience on my own terms without anyone else’s opinion. Not so Atomic Blonde. I wish that I had some knowledge about it before I experienced it – and I mean “experienced” here, in every sense of the word. You... Read more →


Locals riding for charity

  Santa Monica locals Eric Luoma and Ryan Clifford will be participating in the 38th annual Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) in Massachusetts to raise money for cancer research on August 5 and 6. The PMC is the largest fundraiser of its type in the country. This year's goal is to raise $48 million dollars for the Dana-Farber Institute. A... Read more →

Movie Reviews

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

FILM REVIEW Rated PG 98 Minutes Documentary Released August 4 An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power is Al Gore’s follow up film to his 2006 groundbreaking documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, which won two Oscars, and a Critics Choice award. This film presents the progress over the past ten years in the fight to keep our planet... Read more →

Play Time

Three Couples Zoned Out at the Secret Rose Theatre

  The attractive middle-aged couple is having a fight. It’s not one of those screaming, throwing-things-at-each-other kind of fights. Rather, it’s the irritable kind of bickering where every time he opens his mouth she argues with whatever he has to say. This time the argument is about selling the house they have lived in... Read more →


David Dines

  North Italia 1442 2nd Street (310) 382-2460 Reservations recommended Santa Monica has a new restaurant row –Second Street is becoming a hub of amazing foodie spots. These are generally corporately owned and highly produced ventures. The team that brought us Sugarfish, Jerry Greenberg and Clement Mok have brought their vision... Read more →

Culture Watch

Small Good Things

A short story award, a theatrical duo burning down the house and a movie about the Dalai Lama. To paraphrase Raymond Carver this week is about some small, good things in our community’s cultural sphere. First, congratulations to Santa Monica College Public Information Officer, Grace Singh Smith. She’s a gifted writer who recently... Read more →


Music with a Message

On Monday afternoon staff and patients at Providence Saint John’s Health Center welcomed Bronx singing groups, Renaissance Music with a Message. The group is on their annual Summer Tour performing classic songs along with innovative originals, and wanted to stop by St. Johns to meet and perform for the patients. The group of girls performed... Read more →


Food Review : Nostalgia

Years ago we used to go to the only German style restaurant in town, the “Black Forest” on Wilshire. The best dish for us was the whole crisp duck served with a delicious red cabbage and potato salad on the side. While the food was wonderful, the atmosphere was a bit dark and not particularly inviting. But the owner was very cordial,... Read more →

Culture Watch

Art in the ‘Hood

I’m easily overwhelmed by the visions and the emotions evoked by art. I’m blessed to have Bergamot Art Station in my neighborhood whenever I need a fix; and the four galleries I limited myself to this week each had a different impact on me. At Lora Schlesinger Gallery, the first solo show by 23-year-old Delfin Finley—already nearly... Read more →

Play Time

Tchaikovsky: Capturing Nature in Sound

    It’s another one-man show composed of two men.  And “composed” is the operative word here.  It’s Hershey Felder with another in his series of performances featuring iconic composers, conductors, and musicians.  This time the “other man” is “Our Great Tchaikovsky” and Felder, seated at the piano,... Read more →