Getting in shape on the cheap

Getting into Halloween costume shape may be a challenge for many yet, ironically, it is only challenged by few. With Santa Monica as a backyard, it’s difficult to understand how today’s workout regime can stream over to a responsibility of the endless “tomorrow.” So now is the time to ask yourself, when exactly is this... Read more →

Book Review

‘Sometimes a Light Surprises’

When a person dies it is hard to make the adjustment back to life. You tend to hide in activities and idiosyncrasies you weren’t aware of. Our main character has lost a wife. It was reported as a murder. It has been 20 years and he has estranged his children. He hides in memorizing and spouting trivia. He still has his business, the... Read more →


Diets don’t work for food addicts

Dear New Shrink, For most of my adult life I have struggled with weight and body image issues. Over the last two years I have gained over 50 pounds and can’t seem to kick my unhealthy habits. I have tried a number of different diets and weight loss plans, all with only short-term results. During a recent doctor’s visit, my... Read more →


Fine dining with all the comforts of home

I wanted to share my discovery once again of Josie on Pico Boulevard and 25th Street. I had all but forgotten that this place was there due to the location. The area has no other restaurants per se and is like a no man’s land as far as commercial business goes. I whiz by there often and don’t bother to look at what is around me... Read more →


Old technique becomes new again

When we hear about a new medical breakthrough in the treatment of a congenital deformity, we often assume it involves a highly technical surgical innovation. It is unusual when that breakthrough involves a relatively simple technique, as is the case with the treatment of clubfoot. Clubfoot is a deformity of the foot and ankle, which is... Read more →

Mommie Brain

Imagination goes into overdrive over ear ache

Just before midnight, my son cried out. At first I thought he would settle. Bad dream I reasoned as I rolled over in bed taking in the time. Other than a stuffed nose for a week or so, he was fine before bed. But soon his cries grew louder. So I crept into his room to rub his back and sat on the floor next to him, ready to help. But I quickly... Read more →

Community Profiles

Passion for the homeland

DOWNTOWN — When people think of Switzerland, some of the first things that come to mind usually involve good cheese and luxury watches. But as with all countries and places, stereotypes do not always capture the whole picture. Just ask Maja Gartmann of Switzerland Tourism in Downtown Santa Monica. As the organization’s media... Read more →


Matthew Modine finds a cause

A seedy-looking, longhaired Matthew Modine stumbles into his agent’s office looking for a “cause” that will bring him back from obscurity and get him invited to “A-list” parties again. How about if he adopts an Ethiopian orphan — that’s in Africa, right? Or becomes a spokesman for one of those... Read more →


To eat beef or not to eat beef?

While walking through my favorite grocery store, I overheard the guy at the meat counter tell a customer that their organic, free-range beef was raised on a mixed grass and grain diet. Although I eat red meat infrequently, I thought I was buying a good source from this supplier. I have also bought grass-fed beef at the Farmers’ Market,... Read more →

Book Review

‘Inventing L.A.: The Chandlers and Their Times’

For those of you who watched the PBS presentation on KCET Monday concerning the Chandlers and their Times, you will enjoy this keepsake. For those who did not see the presentation this book will serve as a substitute. This book traces the life of the paper as it was nurtured by the Chandler family until it was sold to the Tribune... Read more →


The word on gossip

Dear New Shrink, I have worked at my current job for the past eight months. Over this time I feel like there has been more and more gossip in my office. My cubicle is at the end of the hall so others tend to come to my end of the office to whisper and complain since there are few people right around me. So far, none of the gossip has been... Read more →

Community Profiles

SM artist combines industry with nature

SANTA MONICA AIRPORT — Between Cash for Clunkers and auto industry bailouts, the message we are receiving from every angle is that it is time to move on with the way we move. For Santa Monica resident and local artist Louise Anne Marler, there is no better way to convey that message than through her new photography exhibit, “Oil... Read more →

Book Review

‘Words Unspoken’

Sometimes there are things left unsaid that should have been expressed. We tend to live a life of secrets. When we keep secrets they tend to come back and influence our present actions making us an enigma to those around us. On the other hand some things are best not revealed. This story concerns image. Our main character, Lissa Randall, is... Read more →


What happens in Dublin gets fixed in Dublin

Morlan Higgins is one of my favorite actors currently working in L.A. theater. I’ve never given him anything but a rave review. And this is another one. As a lonely and troubled widower in Irish playwright Colin McPherson’s mesmerizing “Shining City,” Higgins pours out his guilt and his angst to therapist William... Read more →


Living with an addict

Dear New Shrink, My husband is an addict. He’s been to rehab but is back on drugs again. We have two small children. I feel helpless, hurt, angry, and I am confused. I love him; I hate him. I want to leave but I don’t. I cannot believe he is doing this to us. Please help. Signed, Helpless and Hopeless Dear Helpless and... Read more →