Dealing with depression

Q: I am hoping you can help me. Over the past few months I have been feeling very tired, pretty much all the time. I have a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning and during the day do not have much energy. Recently I canceled plans with friends only to spend the entire weekend in my bed with no motivation to do anything. No matter... Read more →


Little bones, big facts

When it comes to orthopaedic disorders in children, it is natural for parents to become concerned when it affects the way their child walks. However, understanding the more common orthopaedic conditions -— and knowing that many conditions are just variations of normal — can help parents recognize when the condition is a natural... Read more →

Community Profiles

Jeweler is a real Santa Monica gem

DOWNTOWN — An engagement can be one of the happiest times in a person’s life and for Edward Guerboian, it’s an occasion he celebrates almost daily. As the owner of Readers Fine Jewelers, Guerboian, 57, said it would take him days to recount all of the engagement stories he’s been a part of since the store opened in... Read more →

Book Review

‘Promises I Made My Mother’

There is an Irish proverb that states, “A man loves his sweetheart the most; his wife the best; but his mother the longest.” This may be so. Mothers teach us lessons by what they say and do. They are very important people. Sons need them and their influence lasts a long, long time. It is the mother not the father who socializes... Read more →


A royal good romp

Can you imagine a more delightful way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon than in the lush wooded tranquility of the Theatricum Botanicum watching several dozen gifted players gambol over the hillside declaiming the words of Shakespeare? This secluded outdoor theater in Topanga Canyon has begun its 2009 season, ready again to enliven... Read more →


A truly moving experience

One of my first jobs out of college was working as a dietitian in a nursing home. Like most people, I imagined nursing homes to be depressing places where people put their older family members when they could no longer care for them. I thought I would only see pain and suffering, but I actually found many good friends, comical moments and... Read more →


Handling a bully takes teamwork

Q: My 14-year-old son recently shared some disturbing information with me. He gets bullied at his junior high school. He is a very brainy kid with few friends. He mentioned he has talked to several “authorities,” yet the only response he receives is that the school has a “zero tolerance policy against it” and the... Read more →


What a bargain at Caché

Intent on saving money while eating out, I’m always looking for bargains. So when I heard that Josiah Citrin of Melisse was operating the kitchen at a new hot restaurant, and that we could get the same great cooking at half the price of Melisse, I naturally rushed over to Caché to enjoy those benefits. When I couldn’t find... Read more →


Cheesemaker cut from Farmers’ Market

DOWNTOWN — Any publicity is supposedly a good thing, but in the case of Winchester Cheese Co., good publicity turned out to be harmful. Earlier this month, Glenn Lingle, a Santa Monica software engineer and fan of Winchester Cheese found his family’s favorite cheese vendor to be missing from its usual place at the Main Street... Read more →


Summer camps help kids with autism

Summer vacations can be extremely challenging not only for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but their parents as well. While it is nice to take a break from the day-to-day activities, it is important to maintain structure and consistency in an effort to maintain the skills children have developed. The relationships children with... Read more →


Trying to rise to the top

Last weekend I attended the casting call in Austin, Texas for season six of the “Next Food Network Star.” This is the sixth time I have applied for the show but the first time I have ever attended a casting call. I had high hopes that this casting call would teach me something about the application process. I was hoping I would... Read more →

Book Review

‘The Secret’

In this new series published by Bethany House, Beverly Lewis once again takes us into the world of the Amish people. This is set in the present. In her previous book “Forbidden” in the “The Courtship of Nellie Fisher” series (reviewed in this paper July 25, 2008) we got a glimpse of Amish life. We get another glimpse... Read more →


No more Polish jokes, just enjoy the meal

When my kids found out my grandmother was Polish they stopped telling Polish jokes. And my dad loved Polish food. So it was with some nostalgia that I went to the Warszawa restaurant the other day, for the first time in about 25 years. Yes, it’s been there that long, so that says something for it. We were greeted by a lovely young... Read more →


What went wrong with ill-fated quarterback?

“Married and Worried” wrote, “I have a question about a matter that my married friends and I have been talking about ever since it happened. Steve McNair. How can a ‘nice guy’ like this have ever ended up in this position? It doesn’t make sense. It is scary to us. Can you shed some light?” Because I... Read more →