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Give Streams a Chance

By Sarah A. Spitz   If you’re anything like me, in these post-election weeks you’ve been bouncing between seeking ways to take positive action and hiding your head in the sand to avoid the news. It’s times like these that I’m grateful for escapist fare, whether in books or on the screen. I recently finished reading... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Jackie

Rated R 99 Minutes Released December 2nd The filmmakers who created the movie Jackie took an unusual path in constructing the narrative for a difficult subject to cover in the time constraints of a feature film. The framework is built around an interview with Jackie that takes place a short time after JFK’s funeral, at the Kennedy... Read more →


KBUG: Dec. 5

Know Before You Go Week of December 5, 2016 Wastewater Main Replacement Project For the week of Dec. 5, the contractor will begin restoration and final paving of the trench on Alta Pl. N. between 4th Street and 7th Street. The contractor will also begin cleaning and video inspection of the sewer main on Ocean Front Walk from Ashland... Read more →


Formal eatery switching to fast casual format on the Pier

BY KATE CAGLE   An Italian restaurant with rooftop views on the Santa Monica Pier is asking the city for permission for a make over. The owners of Ristorante Al Mare want to nix their white tablecloths and current selection of pizza and pasta to rebrand the restaurant as “fast-casual” with salads, sandwiches and burgers. The... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: The Eyes of my Mother

Rated R 76 Minutes Released December 2nd Do you like to be mind-numbingly grossly creeped out? a manner way worse than watching ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ murder scenes? See The Eyes of My Mother! This low budget black and white deliciously camp horror movie was incredibly made in 18 days on a shoestring... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Miss Sloane

Rated R 132 Minutes Released November 25th Miss Sloane is a compelling “edge of your seat” character study and psychological/ legal thriller in which the good guys aren’t all good, the bad guys aren’t all bad. The story is very well written. The young first-time screenwriter Jonathan Perera, writes from instinct and from his... Read more →

Play Time

Hitler Tries to Intimidate Hollywood

By Cynthia Citron At first he was seen as a joke. Then, as he continued his campaign of insults and threats, outrageous proposals, and the promise to make his country great again, his countrymen rallied around him and Hitler became the elected dictator of Germany. At the same time, one of the most popular figures in America was... Read more →

Culture Watch

’Tis the Season – Already

By Sarah A. Spitz Stay local for your holiday entertainment. Enjoy “A Christmas Carol” at Miles Memorial Playhouse, Impro Theater at The Broad Stage, and at Bergamot Art Station view works by three Edelsteins at Ruth Bachofner Gallery. Santa Monica Rep brings Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” to Miles Memorial Playhouse,... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Fantastic Beast and where to find them

Rated PG-13 133 Minutes Released November 18th I’m not the best audience prospect at films with a lot of CGI characters. I’m always annoyed that the magical creatures are not what I would see in my own imagination. However in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I found my match. The “beasts” are exquisitely created,... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Lion

PG-13 120 Minutes Released November 25th The story in the film Lion is so well told and beautifully acted that you will feel you have become part of this extended family of extraordinary people, people who have been drawn together by chance and by will. The true story behind the movie is so full of drama and so moving in itself, that... Read more →


KBUG week of Nov. 28

Wastewater Main Replacement Project For the week of Nov. 28, the contractor will continue with replacement of the sewer main on Alta Pl. N. between 4th Street and 7th Street. During these operations, traffic control will be set up. Please use alternate routes when possible. Should you have any questions, please contact Carlos Rosales,... Read more →


Staying fit during the holiday season

by Marina Andalon During the festive season temptations rise to skip the gym and break the diet, especially with the holiday season in full effect. With Thanksgiving behind us, comes the endless shopping. Not to mention the holiday office parties and the tasty treats that your neighbors baked just for you that might just break your... Read more →


An Inspiration in Santa Monica

by Marina Andalon A role model and an inspiration for people who strive to better their lives, and surround themselves with positivity. That is what Esvin Rodriguez is doing, and continues to do at Gold Star Medical Center. Rodriguez was born in 1979 and experienced a near death experience in his late teens. He was shot by gang members... Read more →


Don’t let Thanksgiving sabotage your weight

by Marina Andalon The holiday seasons are full of delicious dishes and treats, but no one likes the extra calories and weight that comes with the seasonal food. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, Americans tend to gain weight by 0.2% during the Thanksgiving holiday and 0.4% weight gain over Christmas. Many people... Read more →

Play Time

So What’s YOUR Problem, Playgoer?

  by Cynthia Citron If there is such a thing as a “mild-mannered play,” Alena Smith’s “Icebergs” would certainly qualify.  It appears that its five self-absorbed  characters have no serious problems or conflicts. Unless, of course, you consider the speech delivered at 100 words a minute by Abigail (Jennifer Mudge)... Read more →