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Culture Watch: Focus on food

Not coming to a theatre near you, but now available online are two terrific Sundance Selects documentaries that you can stream (Amazon Prime video) and/or purchase (iTunes Store, Google Play and more). “Ants on a Shrimp” sounds strange, right? Well it’s a beautiful film about superstar chef Rene Redzepi, whose Michelin two-star... Read more →

Play Time

‘My King’ rules at the Royal

Do you remember the gorgeous 1966 French film, “A Man and a Woman,” written and directed by Claude Lelouch? When I saw it I thought it was the most beautiful love story I’d ever seen. Now, half a century later, another French film, “Mon Roi,” (“My King”) provides what might be seen as a possible sequel to that earlier film... Read more →

Culture Watch

Masterful ‘Maestro,’ play readings and more

Culture Watch by Sarah A. Spitz A Masterful Maestro Hershey Felder occupies a unique theatrical niche. He takes renowned musical figures, such as Irving Berlin, Ludwig van Beethoven or George Gershwin, and creates one-man biographical shows, portraying those musicians while performing their music on a grand piano. I’ve seen several of... Read more →

Movie Reviews

‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ is music to your eyes

By Kathryn Whitney Boole “People may say I can't sing, but no one can ever say I didn't sing.” —Florence Foster Jenkins "Florence Foster Jenkins" is a touching, comedic yet sad story of a woman whose life spanned the late 1800s into the mid-1900s. She was a product of the mores and social framework of her times. She had been a... Read more →


How Camp Erin helps kids deal with death

Throughout her childhood, Michele Prince was repeatedly forced to face tragedy. First, a friend from school committed suicide. The next year, her nephew died. The year after that, her mother passed away. “There really wasn’t any support at that time,” the Santa Monica resident said. “It would have been really helpful to... Read more →


Expo Line tour: North African tacos at Revolutionario

Editor’s note: With the opening of the Expo Line’s extension to Santa Monica, locals have a new way to explore neighboring areas. The Daily Press will publish a weekly travelogue about what to eat, see and do near each of the stations along the Expo Line, continuing this week at the Expo/Western stop. As connected and interwoven as... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Thrills aplenty in ‘Jason Bourne’

By Kathryn Whitney Boole "Jason Bourne" is one of those rare movies that straps you into your seat, picks you up, and doesn't put you back down to earth until the very end.  The seamless rhythm of the editing and the excellent performances provide the film with this continuous pace.  All the characters become fully realized and the... Read more →


Concert puts spotlight on Australian residents, tourists

Diners in and around Santa Monica have found something familiar in the laid-back beach mood at Bondi Harvest, an Australian cafe that opened this spring. But area residents aren’t the only customers at the eatery. “We have Australians who trek from all over,” general manager Sabrina Harper said. “We’ve gotten a lot of support... Read more →

Play Time

Once a Nazi compound in Pacific Palisades

A new play, “Blueprint for Paradise,” currently having its world premiere in Los Angeles, is based on a true story ... maybe. Or on fragmented evidence, rumors, and bits and pieces of documents that point to a startling plan set in motion in the 1930s. The perpetrators, Herbert and Clara Taylor, were Nazi sympathizers during the time... Read more →