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“The Big Sick”, A Cure For What Ails You

  No matter what calumnies the Trumpster chooses to attribute to the Muslims of the world, there is at least one man who goes a long way to prove him wrong. He is Kumail Nanjiani, a charming, sensitive, and charismatic Pakistani Muslim who has written and stars in what is unquestionably the most delicious film of the year. The film... Read more →

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Back in the Swim

I’m off to see “Heisenberg” this Thursday at the Mark Taper Forum, featuring the critically lauded Broadway cast of Mary-Louise Parker and Dennis Arndt. Next weekend, it’ll be two radio plays by Anthony Minghella (Best Director Oscar, “The English Patient”) adapted for stage by director Michael Peretzian, and a classic of... Read more →

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Film Review: Baby Driver

  Rated R 113 Minutes Released June 28 Baby Driver is one of those rare movies that uses every element of cinema. If that sounds redundant consider this- this film is built around the emotions inspired by rhythm, sound, the poetry of song and music, and the artistry painted across the screen by a constantly moving and... Read more →


Samohi student unearths a passion for archaeology

Sophie Hall, might have a bright future focused on the past. The incoming Samohi Junior recently finished a stint as the only high school student to attend the Lechaion Harbor Settlement Land Project archaeological dig in Corinth, Greece. The team of students lead by two mentors spent six weeks digging in Lechaion Harbor to discover the... Read more →

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Film Review: The Book of Henry

  Rated PG-13 105 Minutes Released June 16 I found The Book of Henry to be a very well written, intricate adventure into the psychology of the human mind. The characters are fascinating. However many filmgoers might find it hard to identify with them. “Henry” is a Leonardo da Vinci type, a child prodigy genius inventor... Read more →

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About Lenny Bruce, The Man Who Started It All

  Before George Carlin. Before Richard Pryor. Before EVERYONE who followed, there was Lenny Bruce. Ostensibly having died of a drug overdose in 1966, Bruce is apparently still alive and unwell at Theatre 68 in North Hollywood. His essence and his memories are currently residing in the body of consummate actor Ronnie Marmo, who... Read more →

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Science Cuts Both Ways

  Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti reputedly once said, “One must have an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.” I’ve been away for a month in Scandinavia and haven’t yet had a chance to get out to any live arts or performance events here in town. But I did watch a film, “Food Evolution,” which opens this... Read more →

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Robert De Niro Is In The Title, But Not In The Play

Even as you giggle continuously through Sy Rosen’s delightful chronicle of his journey into “old age” you are also continually aware of how skillfully he has mounted his gentle stories. Rosen’s play “Robert De Niro Is Older Than Me” is a one-man show for three people and a slide projector. Rosen’s co-stars are Deborah Geffner,... Read more →

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Film Review: My Cousin Rachel

  Rated PG-13 106 Minutes Released June 9   My Cousin Rachel is a masterpiece of psychological mystery. Much of the credit must go posthumously to the author of the novel, Dame Daphne du Maurier, who stands as one of the greatest writers ever of subtle intimate drama. Her novels lend themselves perfectly to the medium... Read more →

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Maudie: the Grandma Moses Of Nova Scotia

    If you can imagine the handsome Ethan Hawke with a perpetual frown and a gravelly voice like Billy Bob Thornton’s in “Sling Blade”, you will appreciate Hawke’s amazing performance in a lovely, delicate new movie that opens in L.A. tomorrow (Friday, June 16). The film is “Maudie”, based on the life story of... Read more →

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Film Review : Snatched

Rated R 90 Minutes Released May 12 The story in the movie Snatched, about a mother and daughter kidnaped while on vacation in Ecuador, lends itself to some very funny situations. Schumer’s character “Emily” is well defined in the beginning. It seems that everything in her life is falling apart/ nothing is going as planned. She... Read more →

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Film Review: Pirates of the Caribbean

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Men Tell No Tales Rated PG-13 129 Minutes Released May 26   Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has a style comparable to a silent film epic such as Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times (1936). There are critics who are panning the film as having scant plotlines featuring redundant... Read more →

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A Spectacular “Dogfight” Without Dogs or Planes

    Well, they aren’t Stephen Sondheim — yet. But they could be — in time. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who wrote the lyrics AND composed the music for “Dogfight” have just brought their rip-roaring, award-winning musical to L.A. Lucky L.A.! Adapted by Peter Duchan from a 1991 play by Bob Comfort, the musical... Read more →


Know Before You Go

  For the week of May 29 Transit And Parking Services Tenant Improvement (Taps Ti) Project For the week of May 29, construction will take place in Parking Structure #5 at 1440 4th street and anticipates affecting the sidewalk in front of the building with the sidewalk pedestrian tunnel on 5/22/17, lasting until 10/15/17. During... Read more →

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  AMERICAN GODS Available for Streaming on Starz Hour Long Series Fantasy/ Mystery   Book by Neil Gaiman Creators: Bryan Fuller and Michael Green Ricky Whittle Emily Browning Bruce Langley Yetide Badaki Pablo Schriber Ian McShane Crispin Glover Gillian Anderson Kristin... Read more →