1 million ways to dine at The Counter

SO TASTY: Among The Counter's new menu items is this tomato salad. (Kevin Herrera OCEAN PARK BLVD — Whenever I hit The Counter to satiate my burger craving, I always have trouble assembling the perfect meal. After all, it is the land of one million different burger combinations. It’s a pretty delectable dilemma.... Read more →


Traditional Irish stew in one pot

On a drive across the island of Ireland one summer, three things were guaranteed: sheep crossing the road; pubs in every village; and rainbows after daily rains. The traditional Irish stew, still served in pubs throughout Ireland, dates back to the 16th century. Many comfort foods are steeped in peasant tradition and passed down from... Read more →

Culture Watch

Culture Watch: Four Larks, a Pollock and a Strad

LIKE NEW: The Getty Center is currently exhibiting a restored mural by Jackson Pollock. (Photo courtesy The J. Paul Getty Trust) It’s the perfect weekend for a visit to the Getty — both of them. And then get ready for next week’s Fiddlefest with eight of the world’s rarest violins at The Broad Stage. The big news, of course, is... Read more →


Play Time: An affair in cyberspace at the Ruskin

THE CAST: Mark Rimer, Erin Elizabeth Patrick and Ben Gavin star in 'Talhotblond.' (Photo courtesy Ruskin Group Theatre) What happens when a balding, 47-year-old man with a wife and teen-aged daughter is invaded from cyberspace by an 18-year-old femme fatale who calls herself Talhotblond? That's the question posed by Kathrine Bates in... Read more →



Tour de Feast: This merchant delivers the goods

BUSY: Santa Monica Merchant founder Giles Donavan packs a crate for a customer. (Photo by Michael Ryan) “Farm to table” and “farm to fork” are familiar phrases. But what about “farm to front door?” It’s a novel concept that best describes the business model behind Venice Merchant, a service that handles all the moving... Read more →

Culture Watch

Culture Watch: 50 shades, one note

OOH LA LA: (L to R) Sheila O'Connor, Caroline Reade, Tiffany Dissette, BJ Gruber, Alexis Field in '50 Shades! The Musical.' It is currently playing at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. (Photo by Ed Krieger) “50 Shades! The Musical,” boasts a well-seasoned ensemble cast, live music, dancing, bare-chested men, phenomenal vocal... Read more →


Play Time: Playing good cop, bad cop

It isn’t easy being a cop on the take if you have a partner who’s straightlaced. But for Denny, that behavior is routine, as he knows his partner, Joey, always has his back. The two men have been best friends since childhood. They established their respective roles in their relationship at a very early age. Denny is the dominant... Read more →


Next generation vending machines: Burrito Box comes to SoCal

Other than price, the numbers D3 and B7 are currently the only other numbers you see next to a bag of chips or a bottle of orange liquid in a vending machine. But starting this year calorie counts will now be displayed on many vending machines in Santa Monica and throughout the country, a requirement under the Affordable Care Act, better... Read more →


After fire, photographer reimagines his life’s work

SHOWING OFF HIS STUFF: Photographer Billy Blake poses by one of his works at his Fifth Street apartment. (Daniel Archuleta DOWNTOWN — As the fire grew Billy Blake managed to get himself and his dog out, but he couldn’t save the tens of thousands of photos he’d taken. It was like someone ripped out his memories.... Read more →