I’m so lonely I could die

Dear New Shrink, I have been feeling terrible. I think I might be depressed but my doctor doesn’t think so and when I read up on depression, I don’t have the symptoms. I just feel sad and often hopeless and I have been feeling this way since I lost my husband. He was my best friend and I just can’t seem to replace him. I... Read more →


Remaining hungry, not thirsty

We’ve all experienced it. It’s that dreaded part of the weight loss program called the “plateau.” It comes when you’ve lost 10 or 15 pounds, you’re working out, you’re eating right, but you’re just not losing any more weight. That’s about where I am right now. While I should be feeling... Read more →


The only game in town

I guess almost everyone goes to Westwood Village from time to time. Years ago, we went to the Hamburger Hamlet, after its demise, we switched to its successor, the Hamlet Gardens. And now that it’s also closed, we’ve switched yet again, this time to the Napa Valley Grille, one of the last upscale restaurants in Westwood (there is... Read more →


Is grad school the solution for a rough job market?

Dear New Shrink, Like many others, the current job climate in California has put a damper on my own career prospects. My organization has implemented several cost cutting measures including downsizing salaried staff and reducing our take-home pay by forcing mandatory closures. I have been considering going back to school as a result of the... Read more →


Family fun crafts on the cheap

Several stores around town offer free craft sessions for kids in hopes that parents will do a little shopping. We hammered, glued, and glittered so we could report on the activities, and picked up some light bulbs and magnetic letters at the same time. Home Depot ( offers a new wooden craft project the first Saturday of the... Read more →

Mommie Brain

Sleep deprivation is just a part of being a good parent

I have been sleeping a lot. Being pregnant, it is part of the deal. My main symptom in my pregnancies has never been morning sickness, but extreme fatigue. And so, I sleep. My husband gets up with our 3-year-old son so I can sleep in. He takes him to the park so I can nap. He’s a doll. But in addition to actually sleeping, I have been... Read more →

Book Review

‘The Case for Books: Past, Present, And Future’

Ever since man has known to write he has put his knowledge in some form to preserve it. The cave men chiseled out the story on rocks. Writing may have begun, according to Wikipedia, as a consequence of political expansion in ancient cultures. Early writing done on clay tablets were pictographs, a picture used to symbolize a word or a phrase.... Read more →


A kernel of knowledge goes a long way during season

During a recent trip to the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, I was flabbergasted when I cheerfully walked up to my favorite carrot purveyor, Weiser Family Farms, only to be told that, “Carrots are out of season.” Really? I truly had no idea. I don’t buy carrots every week, but I honestly don’t recall there being a... Read more →


The invention of Jerzy

In 1965, Polish-Jewish novelist Jerzy Kosinski wrote “The Painted Bird,” a novel widely seen as an autobiography of his own tragic experiences during the Holocaust. Except, it was later learned, none of the dates corresponded with the reports of his countrymen who had known him as a boy. Besieged by charges of having created... Read more →


Book smarts may not translate into dating IQ

Dear New Shrink, Why are so many smart women so dumb when it comes to men? I have a friend who is smart and successful and I think most people would agree, is also beautiful. But unfortunately, she seems out of touch when it comes to men. She doesn’t seem to be able to discern sincerity from bologna. And she seems to get hopeful when... Read more →


Thin is in

Let’s face it … in Santa Monica you have to be thin to attract a good-looking guy. And we’re not just talking “thin,” but “in-shape thin.” That means no flabby arms, no sagging butt and no cellulite — anywhere. All this of course, should be coupled with great muscle tone, evenly tanned skin and... Read more →


Renaissance man ready to unveil film

MONTANA AVE — The Santa Monica High School baseball team’s season may be over, but senior first baseman Ethan Corn still has some performing left to do. This time, however, he won’t be fielding groundballs or tagging out opposing runners. Instead, Corn will look on as “Barnabus & Bella” — a... Read more →

Book Review

‘Plan B’

Things aren’t going as you planned. You are down. “Often in life the what, when, and where are not going to turn out the way you want them to turn out. You don’t always get to choose those things, but you do get to choose the way” When this happens we blame God, if we believe. Or if we don’t believe, we take... Read more →


Work experience comes in many forms

Dear New Shrink, I am a recent college graduate and have come to realize that most positions require experience. Seeing this in the job description has stopped me from applying to several positions that I feel I am qualified for. How do you get experience if they require experience just to get the job? Perhaps I am missing something but this... Read more →