Play Time

Convincing James Avery

Choose your favorite maxim: The world is going to hell in a hand basket. The ends justify the means. There are no accidents, everything that happens is part of a conspiracy. Playwright/director Charlie Mount explores all these themes in his new play, “The Leather Apron Club,” which opened this week at Theatre West. But first, a little... Read more →


Rusty’s Emerging Artist Competition hits Week 3

This Thursday, Rusty's Surf Ranch will host another group of bands in its third week of the preliminary round of its 15th Annual Emerging Artist Competition. This week's bracket includes four bands, each playing a 30 minute set, starting at 8 p.m.: Them Howling Bones, The Proof, Honey & Jude and Brave Native. Continuing a tradition... Read more →

Culture Watch

Picture of a positive outcome

S. Beth Atkin is one of those renaissance women you read about in novels - but this Santa Monica resident is not fictional. A graduate of Barnard College, she's been a ballet dancer, model, a photography assistant to several world-famous photographers before becoming a self-taught photojournalist; she ran her own photography business,... Read more →

Play Time

One Good Movie, One Bad Play

Hockney: Creative and Colorful One of the brightest and happiest paintings on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is David Hockney's “Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio.” It was always a highlight of the tours I led for school kids during my decade as a docent at the museum. For me, its vivid colors - splashes of reds... Read more →


Artist by day, homeless by night

When the sun is up, William Girven blends in with Santa Monica’s workday pulse. He rides his bicycle in dress shirts and jeans, takes cigarette breaks outside Cross Campus and strikes up conversations with people on the street. At night he sets down a large piece of cardboard in a parking lot and sleeps outside. “Most people don’t... Read more →


Dancing with Santa Monica’s stars

What do Santa Monica Mayor Tony Vazquez, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Superintendent Sandra Lyon and Kaiser Permanente physician Dr. Gregorio Saccone have in common? They will all be lacing up their dancing shoes on May 22 to compete in the 1st annual Sand and Sea Ball at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. Inspired by the... Read more →


Laemmle to show controversial ‘Vaxxed’ film

A controversial anti-vaccination film that was banned from the Tribeca Film Festival is coming to Santa Monica. The West Coast debut of “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” is scheduled for April 15 at the Monica Film Center, which will host Q&A sessions with director Andrew Wakefield in conjunction with several of the upcoming... Read more →

Culture Watch

Family Adventures at The Broad Stage 

Circa's "Carnival of the Animals" from Australia and The Box Brothers from Holland are bringing their wondrous family entertainments to Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center’s Broad Stage starting this weekend. The Box Brothers are a team of four percussionists from the performance troupe Percossa who combine Japanese percussion,... Read more →

Play Time

The Ubiquitous Mr. Eisenberg 

The name "Jesse Eisenberg" may not be as familiar as, say, Jerry Seinfeld-yet. But if you saw him portraying Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network” you may remember him being nominated for many prestigious Best Actor awards for his work in that movie. Or, more recently, you may have seen him as Lex Luthor in “Batman v... Read more →


Rusty’s Emerging Artist Competition kicks off

This Thursday, Rusty's Surf Ranch will begin the preliminary round of its 15th Annual Emerging Artist Competition. Its first bracket includes four bands, each playing a 30 minute set, starting at 8 p.m.: Crimson Apple, Electric Parlor, KULA and Trackless. Continuing a tradition that began in 2011, when the Rusty's EAC winner opened for... Read more →