Young musician launching new album

CITYWIDE — Leena Culhane, a 24-year-old Santa Monica resident is about to release her latest album entitled “The Reckoning” and she is hoping to tap into the arts-loving local community for support. Culhane moved to Santa Monica from Fairfax, a town just north of San Francisco. She said the community was a great place to develop as a... Read more →



City officials add more pier guidelines

SM PIER — It’s been a rough year for large events at the Santa Monica Pier. In January, City Council voted to downsize the popular Twilight Concert Series, beef up security, and add restrictions to pier events. Now, city officials have restricted guidelines for events at the Santa Monica Pier parking lot, including a requirement that all... Read more →

Culture Watch

Fringe Binge, Part 1

CULTURE WATCH — After not traveling for more than 15 years, I just returned from a two-month trip throughout the UK, from northern Scotland to southern England. One specific goal was to attend my first Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s the world’s largest arts festival, with more than 3500 unique events ranging from comedy and theatre,... Read more →

Tour de Feast

The Luther Burger

TOUR DE FEAST — Instagram is a dangerous app. After scrolling through my usual feed full of sunsets, selfies, cats, and concerts I stopped after coming across a particular picture of a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg and a glazed donut as the bun. By definition a burger with a donut bun is called a Luther Burger. Legend has it that it... Read more →


Chariots to march from Santa Monica to Venice

The 38th annual Festival of the Chariots, a Hare Krishna celebration commemorating Indian Lord Jagannatha, will take place locally on Sunday, Aug. 3. Dating back thousands of years to Jagannatha Puri, India, the Festival of the Chariots honors Indian history and culture while offering a free feast, entertainment and exhibits for the public.... Read more →



Donut shops prepare to fight for the hole of Santa Monica

The competition is brewing. East Coast cult classic Dunkin' Donuts is moving to12th Street and Wilshire Boulevard with hopes of opening by early September. But only one block east sits Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, one block south lies a Starbucks and a few minutes away is the local donut shop, DK's Donuts. Each sells coffee and pastries. Can so... Read more →


Mixed reviews for outdoor fitness regulations

PALISADES PARK — A pilot ordinance that restricts group exercise in the parks is a success to some and a bust to others, according to a report from City Hall released on Thursday. There’s been a notable reduction in the amount of commercial fitness training in the parks and grass has grown back in the areas where the training is... Read more →



Supporting the Generation of the Future

SMC - Students at Santa Monica College, who are perhaps already on the younger end of the generation spectrum, are already focused on helping those even younger with the volunteer group Generation of the Future. The organization, founded by Santa Monica College student Trae Smith, helps and inspires young students from the ages of 4 to 15 to... Read more →


Barging in Burgundy

Good food, good wine, good company, the rolling hills of Burgundy and tranquility. That's what we found aboard the barge l'Impressioniste as we slowly cruised the historic Burgundy Canal in Eastern France. Unlike cruises on board ocean-going ships with hundreds or even thousands of passengers, a cruise on a European Waterways (EW) barge is... Read more →


Venice (Venezia) and Florence (Firenze)

My first experience in Venice involved waiting on a dock for a water taxi to pick me up from the Venice Airport and being extremely aware that I didn't know a word of Italian. Worse yet, I had no idea how to act like I knew what I was doing. Thankfully, the vaporetto (my first Italian word!) soon arrived and hurdle number one was crossed. I... Read more →


Ax murderers and the civic auditorium in 1913

LONG AGO — To give a sense of how hot the civic auditorium issue was for Santa Monicans a century ago, here are the headlines and sub-headlines for a single Los Angeles Times article in July of 1914: “DECAPITATED BY MURDERER” “Woman Mangled With Ax; Police Hunt Husband” “Marriage License, Torn Up, Found Near Body” “Voters... Read more →


Novena celebration marks 102 years of history at St. Anne’s

PICO BLVD — A century of tradition is currently on display at St. Anne's Church and Shrine. For 102 years, the congregation has celebrated the Novena, a multi-day celebration honoring the church's namesake. Members of the church are currently in the middle of the nine-day event and they will mark its conclusion with a pair of public... Read more →


TCS a homecoming show for Cayucas

SM PIER - If you listen to The Cayucas it's hard to imagine them playing anywhere but on a pier. The beachy indie-pop band will co-headline the third installment of the Twilight Concert Series, which starts at 7 p.m. on the Santa Monica Pier on Thursday night. The concert series is free to the public and in it's 30th year. The Cayucas, a... Read more →


Relay teams ready for day-long walk to fight cancer

Relay for Life will hold its annual 24-hour fundraiser July 26-27 at Santa Monica College. During the event, teams organize to walk continuously for the entire 24 hours around a track. During the walk, special events are held to honor cancer survivors, victims and as additional fundraisers. Teams solicit sponsorships prior to beginning the... Read more →