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Culture Watch: ‘Lear’ for the digital age

Once again, Santa Monica's own ambitious, cutting edge theatre company, City Garage, is striking out in a unique direction. Part two of “The Winter of Our Discontent: Shakespeare in the Digital Age” focuses on “Lear,” interpreted by provocative playwright Young Jean Lee. I recently wrote about Lee's “Straight White Men” at the... Read more →

Play Time

Play Time: A ‘dream’ of a play at the Fountain

Once again the amazing and consistently fabulous Fountain Theater has mounted a play that, like most of their others, is a must see! This one is called “Dream Catcher” and it was created by the Fountain's award-winning playwright and co-founder, Stephen Sachs, whose plays are often perceptive and thought-provoking explorations of the... Read more →

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Santa Monica key to local author’s spy novel

The Cold War is at its height as graduate student Nick Butler, a CIA recruit, heads to the beach in Santa Monica. Operating as a spy in the military aircraft industry, he's been given fake stealth bomber designs by U.S. and allied intelligence officials. The beautiful girl he meets on the sand, a Russian spy, thinks they're real. “What... Read more →

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Culture Watch: Laemmle returns to Santa Monica

I'm so excited that this news came in before I finished writing this week's column! Laemmle Theatres announces the re-opening of the cinema complex formerly known as the Monica Twin and Monica 4-Plex, now renamed the Monica Film Center, Friday night Jan. 29. The venue has been in its 2nd Street location for 44 years, and was always my... Read more →

Play Time

Play Time: Rainn Wilson provides a Pain-ful monologue

All the lights go off and the theater is plunged into a blackness so intense that you feel you can reach out and grab it. After a few long moments you sense that there is someone on stage. Whoever it is, after waiting another long moment, produces a flame so small as to be nearly invisible and attempts to light what might be a cigarette.... Read more →

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Beating the odds in ‘KooKooLand’

“It was all about finding the right voice,” Gloria Norris said at a recent book party celebrating her new memoir “KooKooLand,” published this month by Regan Arts. It’s a dazzling feat of writing, a riveting personal history and an impressive story about overcoming long odds. For a long time, it was her father’s voice that... Read more →


Making your New Year’s fitness resolutions stick

Betsy Mendel doesn't believe in New Year's resolutions. At least not when it comes to fitness. The Santa Monica-based personal trainer says that, in her experience, they just don't stick. “Most people break their resolutions,” Mendel said. “And, personally, I don't think it's a great way to try and lose weight. Gyms are full until... Read more →


‘Clever’ way to fundraise

As an active parent in the Santa Monica-Malibu school district, Shannon Gabor knows how much of a struggle it can be to fundraise. As an entrepreneur who runs an area business, she felt she could provide some help. “When I became a mom, I realized there was an opportunity to blend my professional passion with what I was seeing as an... Read more →