Samohi Alumni determined to walk again

By Marina Andalon Daily Press Staff Writer It has been seven years since a tragic injury took place on the Santa Monica High School football field. On Sept. 11, 2009 Cody Williams step foot on the field as a junior playing on the Varsity team for the Vikings. He went in to tackle the quarterback and hit the hip of the quarterback,... Read more →

Play Time

It’s “LaLa Land,” A Big Song and Dance

By Cynthia Citron They just don’t make 1940s musicals anymore. You know, the kind where all the kids get together after school in their local drugstore-hangout to slurp their chocolate ice cream sodas (except if the film is in technicolor the sodas will be strawberry) and suddenly all of them will start to sing in unison and twirl around... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Passengers

  Rated PG-13 116 Minutes Released December 21st Passengers will immerse you in an exceptionally vivid world. Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, the art directors, the production designers, special effects and visual effects professionals who worked on this film have created an extraordinary environment on board the ship as well... Read more →

Culture Watch


By Sarah A. Spitz For the fifth time in just over a century, Christmas and Chanukah (my preferred spelling; start the debate now!) fall on the same day this year. So let’s light the menorah, hang the brightest star atop the tree and remember to celebrate! Sorry to say that I missed telling you about the annual Messiah Singalong last... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: La La Land

  Rated PG-13 128 Minutes Released December 16 Damien Chazelle’s La La Land is a story put to music rather than a “musical”. Don’t go into the film expecting an elaborate “Grease”, “West Side Story” or 1930’s Busby Berkeley extravaganza. La La Land is truly an ode to Los Angeles, still a city of dreams, even... Read more →

Culture Watch

Jamming to James Baldwin

  By Sarah A. Spitz   Mark Stewart (aka Stew), a black kid from the Fairfax neighborhood, formed an award-winning indie rock band in the 1990s ironically called Stew and The Negro Problem — “ironically” because Stew did not live up to “expectations” of what “black music” should be and chose his own musical... Read more →


Holiday Travel

  The holidays are here with places to go, people to see and events to enjoy. If you are headed out of town for the holidays, BBB provides easy and inexpensive service to LAX via Route 3 or Rapid 3.  Check out how it works at bigbluebus.com/LAX.  Traveling on Amtrak, Metrolink, or MegaBus? A quick ride on the Expo and Purple... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Nocturnal Animals

  Rated R 17 Minutes Released December 9th Nocturnal Animals is a dark psychological thriller – extremely dark in fact. On the surface the story is about an upscale art gallery curator, “Susan” (Amy Adams) and her ex-husband “Tony”, a struggling writer (Jake Gyllenhaal). The story is told in the form of a novel... Read more →

Play Time

Something to Sing About

  By Cynthia Citron Anyone who has ever experienced a Broadway musical performed in New York will recall the special excitement and energy that the audience brings to a really spectacular production. Sometimes we achieve that kind of enjoyment from a musical here in Los Angeles. Stephen Sondheim’s musical “Merrily We Roll... Read more →

Culture Watch

Give Streams a Chance

By Sarah A. Spitz   If you’re anything like me, in these post-election weeks you’ve been bouncing between seeking ways to take positive action and hiding your head in the sand to avoid the news. It’s times like these that I’m grateful for escapist fare, whether in books or on the screen. I recently finished reading... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Jackie

Rated R 99 Minutes Released December 2nd The filmmakers who created the movie Jackie took an unusual path in constructing the narrative for a difficult subject to cover in the time constraints of a feature film. The framework is built around an interview with Jackie that takes place a short time after JFK’s funeral, at the Kennedy... Read more →


KBUG: Dec. 5

Know Before You Go Week of December 5, 2016 Wastewater Main Replacement Project For the week of Dec. 5, the contractor will begin restoration and final paving of the trench on Alta Pl. N. between 4th Street and 7th Street. The contractor will also begin cleaning and video inspection of the sewer main on Ocean Front Walk from Ashland... Read more →


Formal eatery switching to fast casual format on the Pier

BY KATE CAGLE   An Italian restaurant with rooftop views on the Santa Monica Pier is asking the city for permission for a make over. The owners of Ristorante Al Mare want to nix their white tablecloths and current selection of pizza and pasta to rebrand the restaurant as “fast-casual” with salads, sandwiches and burgers. The... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: The Eyes of my Mother

Rated R 76 Minutes Released December 2nd Do you like to be mind-numbingly grossly creeped out?...in a manner way worse than watching ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ murder scenes? See The Eyes of My Mother! This low budget black and white deliciously camp horror movie was incredibly made in 18 days on a shoestring... Read more →