Play Time

Do Dancers Have “Rhythm and Soul” Any More?

  The film is only an hour long and you’ve probably never heard of many of the people in it. And it has no real “plot.” But you’ll find it to be one of the most joyful films you’ve seen this century. Or ever. It’s called “No Maps On My Taps” and it’s a mini-documentary of a time in the 1930s when black tap... Read more →

David Dines

Solidarity continues to succeed

    When a young Polish woman left her home country to come to America and build a life, there was no such thing as the Solidarity movement, so she named her restaurant after a city – Warsawa. When a young American daughter took over the restaurant to refresh it and continue the family traditions – she chose Solidarity as... Read more →

Culture Watch

Music, A Madwoman and Time Travel

  Josh Groban, the internationally renowned singer and actor, makes his first-ever appearance at The Broad Stage, with a benefit performance on September 14 to support The Broad Stage's Arts Education and Community Programs. The ticket you buy helps bring 20,000 students, teachers, families and community members to the Broad Stage for... Read more →

Play Time

The Dreamers Examine Their Dysfunctions

  Perhaps it’s just a reflection of our times, so full of anger and fear, that so many theaters today present plays that feature dysfunctional families or dysfunctional relationships. John Patrick Shanley’s play “The Dreamer Examines His Pillow" is one of those. The play, peopled by three characters in three consecutive... Read more →


Daily Press Theatre listings

Ruskin Group Theatre Co. Ruskin Group Theatre 3000 Airport Ave (310) 397-3244   The Rainbow Bridge A new comedy by Ron Nelson. Directed by Michael Myers. Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. Sundays at 2 p.m. Just when Jerry thought he’d moved on from... Read more →


Pico Market heating up with annual Chili Roast

  The weather may be warm but the Farmers Market is bringing the heat in September with their annual Chili Roast. Locals are encouraged to partake in the popular celebration every Saturday at Virginia Avenue Park (2200 Virginia Ave). The chili roaster has been a part of the Santa Monica market for more than a decade and over the... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Crown Heights

  Rated R 94 Minutes Released August 25 Crown Heights is a very powerful movie. It is based on the true story of Colin Warner’s mistaken 21-year imprisonment, and it hits hard because of the straightforward, non-dramatized way in which director Matt Ruskin tells the story. There are no overdrawn emotional scenes, nor is there a... Read more →


Birds at the beach in Malibu

  Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society (SMBAS) invites the community to take a stroll through the Malibu Lagoon to observe some of the unique birds that travel through the area. SMBAS was founded in 1978 and since then they have made it a tradition to host monthly field trips on the fourth Sunday of every month. The Malibu Lagoon is... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Gook

  UR (Unrated) 94 Minutes Released August 18th The film Gook is set during the April1992 Los Angeles Riots, a peripheral backdrop that sets the cultural environment of the story. The characters seem to live in an emotional microcosm in the midst of that greater panorama of racial tension and violence. Director Justin Chon plays... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Detroit

  Rated R 143 Minutes Released August 4   This movie will pick you up and throw you right out of your comfort zone - in this case that’s a positive aspect. This is a hard film to watch. However, as Maya Angelou so eloquently stated, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you... Read more →

Culture Watch

Late Summer, Early Fall

  Summer’s starting to call it a day, but the arts keep on keeping on. This snippet-filled preview is a sampling of what’s happening in the next few days and weeks. The biggest news this September will be Pacific Standard Time LA/LA, a citywide festival celebrating Latin American and Latino art, with countless programs and... Read more →