The art of building a city

When someone retires from their nine-to-five to pursue writing or painting, it implies their day job was something lacking the creativity or that perhaps life required them to deviate from their passion. Sara Lejeune's story certainly has the foundation for that well-worn trope. Her Los Angeles life began as a performance artist Downtown... Read more →

Book Review

Book Review: ‘Dreams of an American Exile’

On June 15, 1871, Mark Twain wrote his friend James Redpeath, “I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” Jokingly, Twain identified a basic truth of writing, that it's often easier to write a lot of words quickly than to say something briefly but to the point with more meaning. I'm reminded of the quote... Read more →

Culture Watch

Do some good

When the Halloween sugar rush wears off, think ahead to Veterans Day and ask yourself, “How can I help my community?” Here's one way. On Saturday, Nov. 7 at 8 p.m., experience a reading of Shakespeare's immortal tale of an English king, a French princess and a brotherhood of warriors, brought to life not only by renowned actors, but... Read more →

Book Review

Book Review: The dark side of comedy

For almost five decades, Americans adored George Carlin as a stand-up comedian, social critic, actor and best-selling author. His career included books, record albums, HBO specials, movies and television. But, to Kelly Carlin, he was just dad. The only child of George and Brenda Carlin, Kelly, was born in 1963. As a toddler, she slid around... Read more →


Halloween happenings

Fall is in the air and All Hallows' Eve will be falling upon the City of Santa Monica this week in the form of festivals, carnivals, pumpkin patches and movie screenings. There is something to suit every Santa Monican in this smattering of spooky celebrations. The Franklin Halloween Carnival will be held on Oct. 24 between 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.... Read more →

Community Profiles

Partners in crime-fighting

For the Santa Monica Police Department's K-9 unit, a dog is much more than a man's best friend. The animal is a crime-fighting companion that smells and senses what its handler often can't, keeps suspects in check and assists on a wide variety of investigations. The dog also becomes a part of its handler's family, living with its supervising... Read more →

Culture Watch

Design, double love, abstracts and ogres

Once again Santa Monica plays host to the WestEdge Design Fair, Oct. 22 - 25 at the Barker Hangar. For the third year, more than 150 designers, makers and architects from across the nation will showcase the best in contemporary design for the home, ranging from furniture and lighting, to kitchen and bath lines. The event will include curated... Read more →


Cooking demos spice up farmers market

Anyone can pick up a butternut squash at the farmers market; knowing what to do with it once you get home is the tricky part. So on Aug. 16, the Santa Monica Sunday Farmers Market, in conjunction with Venice Merchant, began doing bi-weekly "Cooking Fresh" demos to teach customers what they can do with the produce they are buying. "Customers... Read more →

Book Review

Book Review: Golden girl publishes gem of a book

In 1944, while World War II was raging, 11-year-old Elaine Jones and her four siblings moved cross-country from Rhode Island to Santa Monica with their British-born parents. Actually, Eric, her artist father, had come first in search of work and housing, both in short supply during wartime. Fortunately, Eric soon secured a job, which came... Read more →