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The Venice Legacy

On Tuesday, I paid homage to “Moses at 90.” That's Ed Moses, an early member of the West Coast “Cool School” whose work first was shown in 1958 at the legendary Ferus Gallery in Venice. After 60 years of prolific “mark-making” he's still busy working to this day at his Venice studio compound. Moses is being honored at the William... Read more →

Play Time

The End Times: A Crisis in the Cult

“If you want to be called at The End Times, start today.” So says Nelson, the charismatic leader of a cult in Pullman, Washington. Like George Orwell's “Big Brother,” Nelson barks his messages to his followers through an invasive speaker system. But in Jesse Mu-En Shao's play “The End Times”, now having its world premiere at the... Read more →


Santa Monica has a Comic Con? It does now

Comics have become a foundation for the entertainment industry with comic related properties dominating the movie industry and multiple comic book television shows airing on network or cable channels. For most consumers, the closest they'll come to the folks behind the stories is credit's they sit through to find the hidden scene at an... Read more →

Movie Reviews

‘Mother’s Day’ has its moments (movie review)

By Kathryn Whitney Boole "Mother's Day" is a movie of vignettes featuring an endearing group of friends and family members. The movie was conceived as a vehicle for Garry Marshall to direct in the style of his popular films "Valentine's Day" (2010) and "New Year's Eve" (2011), movies that also follow the relationships of multiple people... Read more →

Culture Watch

Master class in Samuel Beckett

Three actors over 80, a fourth in his late 60s … who says there are no quality stage roles for senior citizens these days? I'm talking about “Endgame,” the classic existential play by Samuel Beckett, now onstage at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. Some critics consider it a more mature version of “Waiting for... Read more →

Play Time

Underpaid and unacknowledged on Madison Avenue

There's no dancing at all in Elizabeth Irwin's moving play “My Mañana Comes,” but nevertheless the choreography is delightful. Four men whose job title identifies them as “busboys” spend their lives in the kitchen of a posh restaurant  on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, pirouetting around each other, artfully passing plates, empty and... Read more →


Rusty’s Emerging Artist Competition goes into week four

This Thursday, Rusty's Surf Ranch will host another group of bands in its fourth week of the preliminary round of its 15th Annual Emerging Artist Competition. This week's bracket includes four bands, each playing a 30 minute set, starting at 8 p.m.: Young Creatures, Cuñao, The Smoky Knights and The Freedom Ledges. Continuing a tradition... Read more →


YALLWEST returns to Santa Monica

“What you have to understand is that not all villains are evil.” That’s the first sentence of all the entries in a teen writing competition hosted by YALLWEST, the young-adult book festival being held this weekend in Santa Monica. The finalists’ poems and short stories are being judged by a panel of authors from the festival, which... Read more →

Culture Watch

A Muslim and A Jew Walk Into a Bakery

Are you as sick of news about politics, terrorism and global destruction as I am? Take yourself out for a laugh to see “Dough,” a whole different kind of “buddy movie.” A teen-aged Muslim refugee from Darfur lands in London with his mother where they live in extreme poverty. An old Jewish kosher baker struggles against all odds to... Read more →

Play Time

Convincing James Avery

Choose your favorite maxim: The world is going to hell in a hand basket. The ends justify the means. There are no accidents, everything that happens is part of a conspiracy. Playwright/director Charlie Mount explores all these themes in his new play, “The Leather Apron Club,” which opened this week at Theatre West. But first, a little... Read more →