Music with a Message

On Monday afternoon staff and patients at Providence Saint John’s Health Center welcomed Bronx singing groups, Renaissance Music with a Message. The group is on their annual Summer Tour performing classic songs along with innovative originals, and wanted to stop by St. Johns to meet and perform for the patients. The group of girls performed... Read more →


Food Review : Nostalgia

Years ago we used to go to the only German style restaurant in town, the “Black Forest” on Wilshire. The best dish for us was the whole crisp duck served with a delicious red cabbage and potato salad on the side. While the food was wonderful, the atmosphere was a bit dark and not particularly inviting. But the owner was very cordial,... Read more →

Culture Watch

Art in the ‘Hood

I’m easily overwhelmed by the visions and the emotions evoked by art. I’m blessed to have Bergamot Art Station in my neighborhood whenever I need a fix; and the four galleries I limited myself to this week each had a different impact on me. At Lora Schlesinger Gallery, the first solo show by 23-year-old Delfin Finley—already nearly... Read more →

Play Time

Tchaikovsky: Capturing Nature in Sound

    It’s another one-man show composed of two men.  And “composed” is the operative word here.  It’s Hershey Felder with another in his series of performances featuring iconic composers, conductors, and musicians.  This time the “other man” is “Our Great Tchaikovsky” and Felder, seated at the piano,... Read more →

Culture Watch

Absurdity that’s all too real

Under the deft direction of Guillermo Cienfuegos, Pacific Resident Theatre is staging a truly stunning hit production of a play that’s six decades old. And on a second PRT stage, Anthony Minghella’s two radio plays directed by Michael Peretzian are utterly compelling. When Eugene Ionesco wrote “Rhinoceros,” it was about the... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Spiderman Homecoming

  Rated PG-13 133 Minutes Released July 7   Most of us during our teen years feel invincible – on top of the world, certain that we can do anything / that we can come through with fanfare on every challenge with little effort - until we attempt it and fall flat on our faces! That’s not only embarrassing…also... Read more →


UCLA Santa Monica promotes mindfulness for locals

  Living in Santa Monica can be a tad bit stressful from the traffic, to the high cost of living in the famous beach city. UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica is offering residents and local employees free weekly drop in meditation classes. “Many of us spend our lives doing, achieving, and producing. Rarely do we spend time just... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: The Little Hours

Rated R 90 Minutes Released June 30   This fun romp, The Little Hours, is a Middle Ages comic book. As such it is probably a much more realistic depiction of that time period than other historical films. Writer/director Jeff Baena has created a refreshing look at the humanity connecting us, through a timeline of some 550... Read more →

Play Time

Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, Speaks

  Minnesota Senator Al Franken was in Los Angeles last weekend to promote his new book, “Al Franken, Giant of the Senate.” Taking advantage of his visit, Andrea Grossman, founder of the popular discussion forum The Writers Bloc, teamed up with The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Arts to sponsor two hilarious discussions between... Read more →

Culture Watch

Radio on Stage

    Radio is a medium in which words and voice are crucial. And we are lucky to have in our midst the Pacific Resident Theatre company, which is producing not just a classic theatrical satire (Rhinoceros by Ionesco, opening this Saturday), but two radio plays by Anthony Minghella, “Cigarettes and Chocolate,” and “Hang... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: The Beguiled

  Rated R 93 Minutes Released June 30 The story of The Beguiled shows in full detail how we are often subject to the basest of human instincts regardless of our surroundings. A Yankee soldier, having been wounded in battle and unable to walk, lies in a peaceful wooded area in Virginia. It’s the final year of the Civil War.... Read more →


Local teen takes program to the international level

Luca Pistor, is taking his Junior Social Entrepreneurship Summit program to the international level by adding new oversea locations. The local 16-year-old founded JSES in 2010, and the program is a student created, university sponsored weeklong summer camp for children 11 – 17 years of age who are interested in entrepreneurship and... Read more →

Movie Reviews

Film Review: Maudie

  Rated PG-13 115 Minutes Released June 16   Maudie is a symphonic tale about a unique and wonderful life of primitive artist Maude Dowley Lewis (1903-1970) who painted brightly colored scenes of her native Novia Scotia on cards, walls, boards, paper and tin. She became celebrated during her lifetime in spite of... Read more →