Cats aren’t the only ones craving good seafood

When I was last in the Big Apple, three of the four high-end restaurants in Midtown where I ate specialized in seafood, the current restaurant craze. The first, Milos, where you can pick out your own fish from an ice table, is very reminiscent of restaurants in China, although there you can choose a snake. We also went to La Marea and Le... Read more →


Feeling good, looking good

It’s getting hot outside, folks, and you know what that means … we’re all going to be wearing shorts soon. Today, at Burn Fitness, it seemed like everyone was wearing shorts — everyone except for me. Yes, I lost 30 pounds on and through the tireless efforts of my awesome trainer, Keith Sims, but just... Read more →


Don’t worry, be happy

Dear New Shrink, I have a problem. When I get extremely close to certain people, I am sometimes overcome with a sense of fear that something awful has happened to them if I have not heard from them when expected. This happened sometimes with my mom when I was younger, and now it is happening again with my boyfriend. I know this might stem... Read more →


Lago, Valentino are true Italian

DOWNTOWN — Santa Monicans who love authentic Italian food do not have to travel to Tuscany to get it. It turns out there are two quality restaurants right here, according to the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West. The nonprofit, formed in the late 1980s to promote and foster economic and trade relations between Italy and the West... Read more →


Library Alehouse the place to be for beer week

MAIN STREET — In my imbibing infancy, I found Budweiser to be palatable, enjoyed the crisp burn of the High Life and chugged with happiness ice cold Coors Light at many USC tailgate parties. But then I stumbled upon craft brews — in particular IPAs — and my drinking days have never been the same. No longer could my taste... Read more →


Take my job, please

Dear New Shrink, I recently received a job offer to join a new company. I am really excited about this new opportunity, however, I am nervous about letting my current boss know that I am leaving. I have established a strong relationship with her and want to maintain the relationship. Specifically, I want to share with her that although I was... Read more →


Ready for a prison break?

Neil Simon and Jason Alexander would appear to be a theatrical match made in heaven. And so they are. In Simon’s “The Prisoner of Second Avenue,” now running at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, Alexander romps, rages, and unravels to early Simon at his most hilarious. Set in 1971, the year it was written,... Read more →


Hats off to all the mothers who’ve done their best

Dear New Shrink, I feel jealous of so many of my friends and after watching the royal wedding, I am even more jealous. Both of them had, as many of my friends do, mothers that doted on them (even though poor William lost his mother so tragically. I really wonder if I had a good mother and sometimes I find myself resenting her. With... Read more →


OMG, it’s carnage 

If “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” had been written by Mel Brooks, it would be “God of Carnage.”  “God of Carnage,” Yasmina Reza’s Tony Award-winning Best Play of 2009, brings four of Broadway’s best actors to the Ahmanson to drive each other into a... Read more →


How to decide when time is not on your side

Dear New Shrink, I have been interviewing for a new position and have been fortunate enough to secure several interviews. Last Tuesday, I interviewed with Company A and was told that they would make a decision in two to three weeks. On Thursday, I interviewed with Company B and on Friday was offered a position with their team. They said that... Read more →


Glad to be back at Gladstone’s

Gladstone’s is back. When Bobby Morris owned it, it was the hot spot on the beach, where you could wet your pallet and quench your hunger with a nice selection of seafood, while overlooking the Santa Monica Bay. It was one of the highest grossing restaurants in California. Then former Mayor Richard Riordan bought it and, after... Read more →


Should we be concerned with karma?

Dear New Shrink, I often find myself wondering about karma. I am a very honest person, so when I find myself lying about something, I eat myself up for it. Recently, I had to lie to a friend about something that I should have been honest about. I felt really horrible about it, but as the days pass, I feel myself moving on, trying to put it in... Read more →


Rallying for a sick neighbor

SUNSET PARK — Alexandrine Wiese was visiting her mother in Monaco, France when doctors there told her the news. “I have a growth, a tumor near the ovary,” she said. “It’s indicative of cancer, and needs to be taken out. Now, I’m just waiting.” Waiting, because as a substitute middle school... Read more →


Discriminating tastes at Sasabune

Second son Spencer lives in Japan, where he teaches Japanese literature and culture. About twice a year he comes home for vacation. As a special treat and to celebrate his visit we usually go to dinner (with other family members) to Sasabune, where Spencer kids around in Japanese with the owner and the sushi chefs. All of us, with one... Read more →