The word on gossip

Dear New Shrink, I have worked at my current job for the past eight months. Over this time I feel like there has been more and more gossip in my office. My cubicle is at the end of the hall so others tend to come to my end of the office to whisper and complain since there are few people right around me. So far, none of the gossip has been... Read more →

Community Profiles

SM artist combines industry with nature

SANTA MONICA AIRPORT — Between Cash for Clunkers and auto industry bailouts, the message we are receiving from every angle is that it is time to move on with the way we move. For Santa Monica resident and local artist Louise Anne Marler, there is no better way to convey that message than through her new photography exhibit, “Oil... Read more →

Book Review

‘Words Unspoken’

Sometimes there are things left unsaid that should have been expressed. We tend to live a life of secrets. When we keep secrets they tend to come back and influence our present actions making us an enigma to those around us. On the other hand some things are best not revealed. This story concerns image. Our main character, Lissa Randall, is... Read more →


What happens in Dublin gets fixed in Dublin

Morlan Higgins is one of my favorite actors currently working in L.A. theater. I’ve never given him anything but a rave review. And this is another one. As a lonely and troubled widower in Irish playwright Colin McPherson’s mesmerizing “Shining City,” Higgins pours out his guilt and his angst to therapist William... Read more →


Go for the food, stay for the music

Not every restaurant can be all things to all people. At Typhoon, I really don’t like most of the dishes I’ve tried so far, but they have at least one excellent dish, and there’s the great music. What don’t I like? Let me name just a few things: overly fried spicy chicken wings, overly fried duck, fried frog’s... Read more →


Living with an addict

Dear New Shrink, My husband is an addict. He’s been to rehab but is back on drugs again. We have two small children. I feel helpless, hurt, angry, and I am confused. I love him; I hate him. I want to leave but I don’t. I cannot believe he is doing this to us. Please help. Signed, Helpless and Hopeless Dear Helpless and... Read more →


Walking a fine line between healthy and bland flavors

Just off the Venice boardwalk, in a neighborhood where most eateries serve hot dogs and greasy pizza, Seed is an anomaly. This macrobiotic, vegan and mostly organic restaurant serves meals that revolve around gently cooked whole grains and vegetables supplemented by beans, tofu, tempeh and seitan for protein and fermented foods for better... Read more →

Mommie Brain

Coping with separation anxiety

So I am sitting outside my son’s new preschool waiting for him. I have been waiting for my son for years, sitting in waiting rooms as he finishes therapy. But this is different. This is school. When I left him this morning, he clung to my leg asking, or rather pleading, “Mommie stay?” I said goodbye and then spied through... Read more →

Community Profiles

A WRABBLE-rouser

For Elisa Terry, life has always been about staying active. As the daughter of parents who studied recreation in college, Terry remembers spending family time at local tracks and parks and walking with her dad through her hometown of Huntington Beach. But somewhere down the line, lifestyles began to change. As the program director for... Read more →


The Alexandria Cafe

GENERAL COMMENT: All over the world hungry pedestrians stop for a bite on the street and order a pita bread stuffed with meat, lettuce, sauce and chopped tomato. It’s a unifying force in the Mediterranean. It’s called by many names, but it doesn’t vary much. Now you too can have it right on Broadway in Santa Monica. WHERE:... Read more →