Getting lost in paradise

Attention staycationers! I just might have found the ultimate staycation destination. To say it met my basic staycation requirements (must be driving distance from home yet takes me away to another world) would be selling it short. Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula utterly surpassed my expectations. It is... Read more →


Dog days at Edgemar

In A.R. Gurney’s shaggy dog story, “Sylvia,” Tanna Frederick plays a pampered pooch dressed in tutus and tiaras. You might call her a woof in chic clothing. Frederick, who has starred in four of playwright and filmmaker Henry Jaglom’s romantic comedies (“Hollywood Dreams,” “Irene in Time,”... Read more →


Memorial Day memories of a father I never knew

Dear New Shrink, This Memorial Day weekend has been overwhelmingly emotional for me. I cannot stop thinking about my father that I never even met. He left to serve his country when my mother was pregnant with me and he died in duty when I was less than a year old. He only saw me, held me once and obviously I don’t really remember... Read more →


A wheel of a deal

SM PIER — Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier donated a piece of its original, world-famous Ferris wheel — one of the two center hub signs — to the Santa Monica History Museum, officials with the amusement park announced Thursday. “We wanted to present the Santa Monica History Museum with something extraordinary... Read more →


Benny’s Tacos is mucho gringo

GENERAL COMMENT: In my way of looking at life, there are two kinds of taco joints, authentic and gringo. The best of the authentic ones usually have a regional aspect, and some special feature that draws in the Latino crowd. Benny’s is the other kind — a gringo joint. But that’s not necessarily bad. WHERE: 427 Lincoln... Read more →


Formalizing your departure

Dear New Shrink, I accepted a new job opportunity and will soon be leaving my current organization. I have been told that I need to write a letter of resignation. What should this letter include and how should I write it? Thank you for your help. Signed, Writing Goodbye Dear Goodbye, Once you’ve made the decision to take a new... Read more →


A malingering husband with feathers

“Memory is the only thing that grief can call its own,” Sean O’Casey wrote, and there is grief and memory enough to go around in his classic play “Juno and the Paycock,” now being performed at the Odyssey Theatre in West Los Angeles. Set in Dublin in 1922, the play is rife with the troubles of the time: the... Read more →


Cats aren’t the only ones craving good seafood

When I was last in the Big Apple, three of the four high-end restaurants in Midtown where I ate specialized in seafood, the current restaurant craze. The first, Milos, where you can pick out your own fish from an ice table, is very reminiscent of restaurants in China, although there you can choose a snake. We also went to La Marea and Le... Read more →


The Market opens to large crowd

SM PLACE — Foodies on the hunt for freshness flocked to Santa Monica Place on Friday for the grand opening of the remodeled shopping center’s latest attraction, The Market, a 45,000-square-foot section of the third floor dining deck that features artisanal treats and a top-notch cooking school. A miniature version of San... Read more →


Feeling good, looking good

It’s getting hot outside, folks, and you know what that means … we’re all going to be wearing shorts soon. Today, at Burn Fitness, it seemed like everyone was wearing shorts — everyone except for me. Yes, I lost 30 pounds on and through the tireless efforts of my awesome trainer, Keith Sims, but just... Read more →


Don’t worry, be happy

Dear New Shrink, I have a problem. When I get extremely close to certain people, I am sometimes overcome with a sense of fear that something awful has happened to them if I have not heard from them when expected. This happened sometimes with my mom when I was younger, and now it is happening again with my boyfriend. I know this might stem... Read more →


Lago, Valentino are true Italian

DOWNTOWN — Santa Monicans who love authentic Italian food do not have to travel to Tuscany to get it. It turns out there are two quality restaurants right here, according to the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West. The nonprofit, formed in the late 1980s to promote and foster economic and trade relations between Italy and the West... Read more →


Library Alehouse the place to be for beer week

MAIN STREET — In my imbibing infancy, I found Budweiser to be palatable, enjoyed the crisp burn of the High Life and chugged with happiness ice cold Coors Light at many USC tailgate parties. But then I stumbled upon craft brews — in particular IPAs — and my drinking days have never been the same. No longer could my taste... Read more →


Take my job, please

Dear New Shrink, I recently received a job offer to join a new company. I am really excited about this new opportunity, however, I am nervous about letting my current boss know that I am leaving. I have established a strong relationship with her and want to maintain the relationship. Specifically, I want to share with her that although I was... Read more →