Walking a fine line between healthy and bland flavors

Just off the Venice boardwalk, in a neighborhood where most eateries serve hot dogs and greasy pizza, Seed is an anomaly. This macrobiotic, vegan and mostly organic restaurant serves meals that revolve around gently cooked whole grains and vegetables supplemented by beans, tofu, tempeh and seitan for protein and fermented foods for better... Read more →

Mommie Brain

Coping with separation anxiety

So I am sitting outside my son’s new preschool waiting for him. I have been waiting for my son for years, sitting in waiting rooms as he finishes therapy. But this is different. This is school. When I left him this morning, he clung to my leg asking, or rather pleading, “Mommie stay?” I said goodbye and then spied through... Read more →

Community Profiles

A WRABBLE-rouser

For Elisa Terry, life has always been about staying active. As the daughter of parents who studied recreation in college, Terry remembers spending family time at local tracks and parks and walking with her dad through her hometown of Huntington Beach. But somewhere down the line, lifestyles began to change. As the program director for... Read more →


The Alexandria Cafe

GENERAL COMMENT: All over the world hungry pedestrians stop for a bite on the street and order a pita bread stuffed with meat, lettuce, sauce and chopped tomato. It’s a unifying force in the Mediterranean. It’s called by many names, but it doesn’t vary much. Now you too can have it right on Broadway in Santa Monica. WHERE:... Read more →


You get what you pay for

“Mediterranean diet healthier, not cheaper,” according to University of California San Francisco researchers. What a surprise to learn that it is “cheaper” to eat more fat and sugar-laden processed foods than it is to eat unprocessed whole foods. The operative word here is “cheaper.” I was taught that... Read more →


Casual cafe at the heart of the arts

By Jennifer Meier Special to the Daily Press Always mellow, rarely crowded, the Bergamot Café is a hidden lunch destination in a peaceful outdoor setting surrounded by art galleries at the Bergamot Station Arts Center. The café is not fancy — orders are taken at a counter and served on paper plates — and neither... Read more →


Choosing what’s right for you

Dear New Shrink, My sister and brother are both UC students and I expected that I would also get into a UC, too. Even though we have about the same GPA and SAT scores, I am attending a local college instead. Everyone has been telling me that perhaps this is a blessing in disguise because otherwise I would’ve just followed my... Read more →


Everyone has a favorite

The sky is blue, the plate is white, I wonder what I’ll have tonight? I am at one of my favorite restaurants right now. It is called Il Forno Trattoria. I have been going to this restaurant since I was born, and I absolutely love it, and everybody who works there including the owner, Joseph Suceveann, the manager, Soren Costache, and my... Read more →

Community Profiles

Taking the plunge

DOWNTOWN — Jana Strain can thank Shamu for helping her become one of the rising stars in the extreme sport of freediving. It was during a visit to the animal park Sea World over a year ago that Strain, 27, was inspired to become a dolphin trainer. Already a scuba diving instructor who traveled across the globe, Strain, who moved to Los... Read more →


Tap the fat out of your life

Are you unsuccessful at losing weight? What if I told you it’s all in your head? Really. Research from UT Southwestern Medical Centre in Dallas has shown that certain foods work with your brain to sabotage your efforts. The researchers found that specific fats, once ingested, make a beeline for the brain. Upon arriving at the brain,... Read more →