Dylan Andre establishes musical presence on the beach

THE BEACH —  Dylan Andre can be seen on the beaches connecting Venice and Santa Monica together with a small speaker system by his shoes, a median-sized acoustic guitar around his shoulders and a song in his heart waiting to burst into the tall microphone by his innocent face. He plays in front of countless crowds of beach goers passing... Read more →



Aussie pie shop opens on Main Street

MAIN STREET — A new restaurant on Main Street hopes to bring a cuisine from the other side of the world a little closer for hungry customers. Aussie Pie Kitchen, which held its grand opening on Wednesday, specializes in the sort of savory pies more commonly seen in Australia and other commonwealth countries like South Africa or New... Read more →

Culture Watch

Fish from the sky

CULTURE WATCH — A fish falls from the sky and a story told across multiple generations begins. “When The Rain Stops Falling” is the latest offering by City Garage, written by award-winning Australian playwright Andrew Bovell. It's compelling theatre with an engaging plot and not a typical City Garage production. City Garage often... Read more →


A “Decent” Life, According To Heinrich Himmler

By Cynthia Citron As a young man, he was convinced that nobody liked him. But by the time he was in his early 20s Heinrich Himmler had become the Chief Sycophant of the most popular man in Germany: Adolf Hitler. There he was, always at Hitler's right elbow and just a step behind. You might say he was Hitler's Dick Cheney. And he no longer... Read more →


The Woman Who Would Be King

Before she was erased from history, Hatshepsut had been both queen and king of Egypt. Hat-who? Was what? We've heard of pharaohs and Cleopatra but who was Hatshepsut, how could she be both king and queen of Egypt? These questions are addressed by Santa Monica-based author and Egyptologist Kara Cooney in her new book “The Woman Who Would... Read more →

Tour de Feast

Pizza pondered

TOUR DE FEAST — A pizza oven forged from the sands of Mt. Vesuvius, hand pressed in Salerno, shipped to Los Angeles, and hoisted via crane into it's second floor home, is more than just a wood burning behemoth, it's also a spare-no-expense approach to making Neapolitan pizza. Along with a cheese connection with Angelo and Franco, artisan... Read more →


Westside Food Bank organizes 24th Hunger Walk

OCEAN PARK — Brussels sprouts are in season every fall, and an annual event is also sprouting this October — growing support for hunger awareness. Registration for Westside Food Bank's 24th annual 5K Hunger Walk is underway, with organizers hoping to raise $100,000 this year to help feed those in need. The non-competitive walk kicks... Read more →

Play Time

Who Let the Clerks Out?

PLAY TIME — You may not be dazzled and it may leave you frazzled. It's Tom Stoppard's boisterous 1981 farce “On the Razzle”, which documents the adventures of two unsophisticated shop assistants “on the town” in 19th century Vienna. The original play, written in 1842 by Austrian playwright Johann Nestroy, was titled “Einen Jux... Read more →

Culture Watch

October, rock-tober, doc-tober

CULTURE WATCH — Do a good deed while groovin’ to pop music from all eras. “Pop for Docs!” will offer an evening reviewing popular music from the 30’s to the present, including original work by show producer and lead musician/singer Steve Stajich.  All proceeds of the event will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, the... Read more →



New law requires buffer between bikes and cars

CITYWIDE — A new law requiring a three foot buffer zone between cars and bicycles is now in effect statewide and local officials said they are using the law as a chance to educate residents on safe road use. Governor Brown signed AB1371 into law on Sept. 23. It requires drivers to maintain three feet of separation from bicycles and if... Read more →

Culture Watch

Mommies, Mummies, M & M’s

  Hossein Khosrojerdi, “Seeing and Not Seeing” Mommies, Mummies, M&Ms   Japan has created “robots with a heart” to keep the elderly company.  Perhaps this is what inspired playwright Jordan Harrison to write “Marjorie Prime,” a play about memory, loss and love – sort of, because what’s missing is... Read more →