Cutting calories key to weight loss

New Year’s Eve and all the indulgence are gone. The parties, the booze, the sweets and treats are done. The late night eating is done. The “Oh, I’ll just have these broken cookies” (broken cookies don’t count when tallying up calories — yeah, right) are done. But most importantly the excuses are done.... Read more →


Downtown spa offers vaginal steam baths

DOWNTOWN — Right now, in an upscale underground spa in Santa Monica, an ancient Korean ritual is taking place and women of all ethnicities are benefiting from this newly rekindled tradition — the vaginal steam bath. Yes, that’s right, ladies. The V-Steam (also called “chai-yok”) has been at the forefront of... Read more →


Drago not twice as nice

The best way to get a response to an article is to say something is the “best,” or create a list of the “best,” like the best Italian restaurant, or the best hamburger. Those two always seem to get a rise out of folks. So when I wrote that Locanda del Lago is perhaps the best Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, I was... Read more →


Living long, healthy lives without breaking the bank

How do you live to be a 103, look like you’re 75 and still have your wits about you? I want to know. So I’ve been asking the only person I know who fits this description. She is a feisty 103-year-old woman who happens to reside where I work, in a rehab hospital. She looks to be about 75. She puts on a suit every day. She does her... Read more →


What’s more important in a romance, actions or words?

Dear New Shrink, My boyfriend and I are extremely close. We have been together for a year, and since the beginning, he has always been emotionally available through his actions, how he treats me, etc. However, I can never get him to express his feelings. He talks about fear of attachment, and says he never wants to be dependent on someone, or... Read more →


Dressing for success

Dear New Shrink, For many years I have worked in an office where a specific dress code has not been enforced. I have enjoyed this environment and have taken advantage of the flexibility by dressing casually. However, I recently had dinner with a friend of mine who mentioned that I might not be reaching my full potential with my firm because... Read more →


Resolutions: Resolve to take baby steps

Dear New Shrink, You won’t believe this, but my husband and I actually got into an argument over New Year’s resolutions. It’s nothing serious, mostly silly but I thought I would ask your opinion on it. I won’t say whom, but one of us thinks that resolutions are nonsense and the other thinks that they are important... Read more →


10 steps to finding career success in 2011

The end of the year is the perfect time to begin thinking about what’s important to you and what you want to focus on over the coming year. Whether you are looking for a new career or looking for ways to secure or advance your current one, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that 2011 is your year of career... Read more →


Finding the best burger in Santa Monica

Years ago “American” fast food meant hamburgers, maybe fried chicken. Now it means pizza and tacos, those real “American” foods. But hamburgers are still very popular, and served in a lot of restaurants. So it’s not an easy task to ferret out the very best in any area, and only a highly paid, dedicated reporter... Read more →


Brother from a different mother?

Dear New Shrink, I have two children and I love them both. But they are as different as different can be. One is in the business world — financial banking — and the other is a therapist, like you, but her credentials are somewhat different. In any event, both are smart, accomplished and have always been thoughtful. Since my... Read more →


Pacific Park expected to sell for $34M

SM PIER — Popular Santa Monica attraction Pacific Park is set to be sold for $34 million, with final approval of the sale expected to come during tonight’s City Council meeting, a staff report stated. If the council approves the sale, City Manager Rod Gould would be authorized to complete the deal. Santa Monica Amusements, the... Read more →


Bilal: an authentic dining experience

When my wife and I went into the AT&T store in Santa Monica to complain about their service, I guess we were a bit too emphatic. The salesperson called the manager. But the manager turned out to be a nice guy, if impotent to solve the problem. He was clearly from some foreign place, so, as is my custom, I asked him where, and he said... Read more →

Book Review

‘Spoken from the Heart’

Strong women are what we need today. It takes a strong woman to stand beside a man who has the nations in his hands. It has been a tradition for wives of American presidents to write memoirs, it seems. Laura Bush, who is a very private person, has done so. In 1949 it was Eleanor Roosevelt who wrote “This I Remember.” As far back... Read more →